Days 9 and 10: Rest in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes

In this report we will tell immediately about two days of our trip in Europe by car. On the ninth day, we were going to go to the pool – from our campsite to the city only 80km one way, so it was expected to see not only the famous ancient amphitheater, but also to admire the Lim Chanal on the way. But the wild heat confused all our plans, and we decided to stay in a campsite to buy in the sea and relax a little before the second part of our journey.

We drove: 450km

Passed: 10km

In general, as you already understood, the whole ninth day we moved through a strictly specified trajectory: Tent – Sea – Pool – Cafe – Tent – Sea – Pool – Cafe. We are not big sea lovers – we just just look at him and all the longing, accumulated during the winter months in Moscow immediately passes. In addition, entrance to the water in our campsite was very unsuccessful: a steep descent and sharp stones. In general, we went to the beach to lie down under the pines (they grow right here on the beach), read and admire the sea. But we went to the pool, there the water was pretty cool, people are not very much – in general, what you need.

Beach in Croatian Camping

Swimming pool and cafes in Campingin Park Umag

Do not leave things on the sun beds, otherwise they will be skids!

In such a rest mode, we can be very long, so the next day went early in the morning Plitvian lakes. We have long dreamed of visiting Plvitza, and dreams need to be performed, otherwise why waste time dreaming. The distance from Umag to Plitvice Lakes is only 250-300km, and even if you do not rush anywhere, then in 4 hours you will calmly reach the car until the most beautiful place in Croatia.

For those who travel without a car, there are three options to get to Plitvice Lakes: buy a tour in the city, try to get public transport and rent a car. We are for the last option, especially since now you can Rent a car anywhere in the world for quite a little money. For example, the car in Umage will cost you from € 100 for Renault Twingo on mechanics, more "serious" option, Volkswagen Polo on the machine will cost from € 125 in two days. If you are a few adults, it is very profitable, plus you do not depend on the crowd and decide how much time to watch the lakes, and how much to spend on lunch.

Road to Plitvice Lakes

We left around noon, and already in 16 hours bought tickets and started an inspection of the National Park. The road in Plitvice is very picturesque, you drive through the mountains, go on cliffs, and around incredible beauty. Sometimes there are quite unusual pictures. For example, an abandoned railway station or the Orthodox Church.

Station Latin 30 km from Plitvice

Dilapidated Church in Croatia

Park "Plitvice Lakes" works from 7 am to 20:30 (ceases to walk in the territory). Despite the fact that we arrived only at 16:00, we had more than 4 more.5 hours for inspection. We did not plan it in advance, it just happened, but turned out to be one of the most successful luck.

When we read reviews about the park, almost all tourists complained about a large number of people, and that in order to take a picture alone on the background of the waterfall, you need to wait for your turn 20 minutes. Morally we were ready for such a turn of events, but it turned out that all people come in the morning, but in the evening their number is reduced to a minimum.

Paid parking on Plitvice Lakes

We go to the park, and the whole crowd goes to meet us

We rose to the upper point of the route on the Plitvians on a small road trip, and then began the descent down to lakes. Such tourists as we were just a couple of dozen, and they quickly ran ahead of us, so we could enjoy the beauties of Plitvice Lakes almost alone.

Water is so transparent that it can be seen for a lot of meters ahead

Waterfalls in Plitvice

Rest in Croatia, from Umagi to Plitvice Lakes

Bench for meditation

We were so fascinated by the contemplation of the surrounding beauty that they were almost late for the last boat, which was supposed to send us through the lake back to the entrance to the park. In the evening, we turned out to be the only passengers, and in the afternoon, they can be spent on waiting for several hours. So we advise you to come in the afternoon, when tourists are already smaller, but then you will not be able to go through several routes for one visit. We barely managed to pass only one. &# 128578;

For us arrived "Personal" boat

On Plitvice lakes we had booked Hotel Lake House for € 40 per day, but we had so many forces, emotions, and pity for the "lost" on the beach on the beach day that we decided that it was still early to sleep (on the clock there were about 21) and went to Zadar, previously canceled Hotel reservation.

From Plitvice Lakes to the task only 150km, so by midnight we were here, but sleep is still in any eye – apparently, we slept perfectly for a whole day of rest in campsite. Therefore, we did not come up with better than to go further into Dubrovnik, and already there in the morning to look for a place to sleep. &# 128578; But this is another story about which in the next report, but for now, the brief conclusions of two days.

Conclusions of the ninth and tenth day

We and beach holidays are little compatible, already on the second day it becomes bored and give impressions. Although sometimes, of course, it is possible and be on the beach. If you are in Croatia, you must have to visit Plitvice lakes, and it is better to spend a couple of days on them. Cheap hotels here, of course, a little, but you can find.

Hotels on Plitivice Lakes

Personally, we really liked a walk in the park in the afternoon. First, almost there were almost no tourists, secondly, it was not so hot and quite comfortable for a walk. Then we still had no baby, so it was convenient for a walk, but if you have a stroller with you, then it is better to leave it in the car – you will often go down and climb, and it’s very uncomfortable to do it with a stroller, as the paths are very narrow – where Learning two people disagree, there will be a problem with a carriage. Next time we will stay here with overnight to go in the early morning to go to watch waterfalls – they say it is very beautiful!

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