Holidays in Dominican Republic: What you need to know the tourist

In recent years, the flow of tourists from all over the world in the Dominican Republic has increased significantly. Moreover, for Russians, a visa is not required to this country, it is only necessary to purchase a tourist card for $ 10. You can do this in the machine in the passport control zone, and in advance at the tour operator or in the Dominican Embassy (consulate).

The popularity of this area is easy to explain the fact that this island state combines the most beautiful white sand beaches and the beauty of the original nature with a completely ill-like beauty of modern megacities. And the Dominican Republic has a very interesting and eventful history, starting from arrival here Christopher Columbus in 1492.

In the country is allowed Free weapon, And the majority wears a gun as a kind of "accessory", just it is fashionable.

In fact, the locals are very friendly, that’s just very much waving their hands during a conversation. When meeting them It is customary to share business cards, And, in addition to personal, Dominican will still give you a few business cards of their friends.

In almost all Dominican hotels work principle "ALL INCLUSIVE", including alcohol local production. Many have protected areas where the park is broken, the beach is equipped with all the necessary attributes, some contain a school on their territory to teach diving and Surfing. Swim in places that are not intended for this is categorically prohibited due to the strong ocean currents, the abundance of underwater rocks and marine predators. Safe is the swimming on the beaches, which are separated from the sea of ​​a strip of coral reefs.

Wander around the city alone or even small groups can be dangerous – you will look like a lot of prey for robbers, especially in narrow empty alleys. So, if you did not serve in the "special forces", do not risk and write down for paid excursions with a guide.

If you planned to rent a passenger car, then know that Russian driver’s licenses in the Dominican Republic are not valid, You need to worry about getting international rights in advance.

Water from the tap is better not to drink, safer to buy bottles. Also, the food should not be purchased in local markets and street merchants – there is a certain risk to pick up a gastric infection.

Rest in Dominican Republic What you need to know the tourist

The subtropical climate of the island conditionally has Two seasons: Dry and rainy. If shorter, then when we have summer – they have rains, we have winter – they have a dry season. It is recommended to relax in the period from October to May, and at any other month the temperature does not fall below the mark of 26 degrees, and the rains go although strong but short-term. The sun, by the way, fries quite strongly, so do not neglect the protective cream, if you do not want to burn.

In the republic, the standard of measures and weights has not yet been adopted, so there is some confusion than can take advantage of unclean traders. No less confusion is going on in the system addressing houses. However, if any trouble occurs, you can contact the tourist police.

In the Dominican Republic, the voltage in electrical networks is 110 volts, and all the outlets are made in American. Purchase adapters.

There are no special requirements for clothes, you can wear what you are comfortable. But, of course, if you gathered in a restaurant, keep the usual rules for such places and do not be offended that you were not missing in shorts and T-shirt. Waiters are customary to leave tip, size 8 – 10% of the invoice amount.

National Dominican Kitchen formed from the merger of Spanish, French, African and Indian Culinary Traditions. Fish and seafood are practically not used, though around the sea. Popular meat and vegetables dishes, with spices: pork, chicken with beans or fried bananas. And, of course, a lot of exotic fruits for us, and coffee grown on local plantations.

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