Holidays in Dubai in COVID times: how it goes, that you can and that can not

From mid-September, direct flights to Emirates resumed, and a steady flow of Russian tourists took place there. What conditions need to be observed for entry into the UAE and what can be done in Dubai – Read in this material.

In late September, early October from Moscow to Dubai aircraft fly four times a week. Two flights are carried out «Aeroflot» and the same airline «Emirates». Airfare is very high. For example, Aeroflot Prices for flights of the beginning of October will start with 85 thousand. USD, But booking on the second half of the month will be released already in 49 thousand. USD

How to prepare for traveling to the Emirates

In addition to collecting a suitcase, in the era of coronaccrisis – Traveler will have to take care of a number of medical formalities. First of all, no later than 96 hours before departure PCR check. The certificate of a negative result must be in English and necessarily in print. Without this document, the tourist will not miss the United Arab Emirates.

Secondly, you need to arrange Medical insurance coated costs at least 150 thousand. Euro, which includes the possibility of treatment from coronavirus. Such a document may be included in the cost of a ticket, also the medstrash automatically provides the airline «Emirates», If the tourist flies to her flight. If you go to the UAE independently and in addition to the flight «Aeroflot», then insurance will have to do.

Thirdly, you need to install special on smartphone application «COVID-19 DXB» and fill Health Declaration. Its form can be downloaded, for example, from here, independently print and fill in advance. Also, a similar form is issued at the airport at the front desk, and this data can be entered there on the aircraft. Similar manipulation must be made with the form of the consent of the tourist to the installation in the smartphone of the application «COVID-19 DXB». It is used by the authorities of the Emirates for epidemiological accounting of guests entering the country. You can download the form from here, after which you will need to install the specified application on the smartphone, and register in it.

How to keep coronavirus security in the UAE

To do this, it suffices to follow the security measures established by the authorities of the Emirates. Key of them: widespread wearing masks, compliance with social distances and temperature measurements on the demand of the controlling authorities. Coronavirus Restrictions in Emirates – pretty tough, but they gave their fruits. During a pandemic by 9.6 million. The country’s population was held 9 million. Tests on COVID-19. It provided almost one hundred percent identification (and subsequent treatment) of carriers of infection. As a result, the UAE is considered one of the safest states in the world in terms of risk to catch coronavirus.

Rest in Dubai during COVID times how it goes, which is possible and what can not

When selecting the placement location, you should pay attention to the hotel certificate «Dubai Assured». His assignment to the hotel or the restaurant suggests that anti-virus security measures are fully observed in the institution. Currently, more than a thousand UAE recreation facilities can boast such a document.

Where to relax and have fun in Dubai

If you answer this question in a nutshell, then – Almost everywhere. The fact is that the level of infection with coronavirus in the country is so insignificant that the authorities have already allowed the work of almost all entertainment establishments. Unlike Russia or European countries, here (of course, in compliance with security measures) take customers with pools, water parks, shopping parks, not to mention restaurants and museums.

Most of them are already functioning, the rest – Open literally the other day. For example, since September 23, one thematic parks of the famous complex earned «Dubai Parks and Resorts», From October 1, tourists will begin to take a unique floating hotel «Queen Elizabeth 2». And on October 5, after the reconstruction, one of the largest zoos in the world will open its doors «Dubai Safari», where more than 3 thousand. Valid animals and birds.

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