Rest in Dubai is expensive? Or not?

Idea Write this article and show readers an objective reality has come after the recent publication of news under the heading "Dubai – the most expensive city in the world". News came from RIA Novosti agency, and then many media picked up. Such publications come out every year, and somehow already tired of this nonsense to read.

From this news it may seem that relaxing in Dubai and the UAE is an inaccessible luxury. In fact, rest in Dubai and other UAE emirates are quite affordable by price, and all these news are based on logical errors, incorrect ideas and reluctance of mountain journalists to think their heads.

Below we compare the figures, show the failure of such applications and give our readers some idea of ​​the price of recreation in the UAE and Dubai.

That tourists implies under the phrase "Recreation price"?

Before determining the price of rest in different cities, let’s clearly define this concept. That tourists usually imply:

First, prices for purely tourist services: airfare, hotel room, insurance.

Secondly, the cost of satisfying current needs: eat, drink, some smoke or drink.

Thirdly, transport prices, because to beaches and attractions you need to get there.

Fourth, prices for attractions and entertainment facilities.

We will compare

For comparison, we take four very popular among tourists of the city – Paris, Vienna, Prague, Dubai. And for comparison, take more Moscow to understand the difference between prices in our countries.

Flights and a room in the hotel

Paris Vein Prague Dubai Moscow
Flight from Moscow * 21 500 rubles 10 500 rubles 15 500 rubles 17 000 rubles
Hotel Room 3 Stars (with breakfast) ** 80-105 Euro 60-95 Euro 25-35 Euro 30-60 Euro 20-45 Euro
Hotel room 4 stars (with breakfast) ** 120-150 75-110 35-60 50-70 45-75

* Prices for tickets with departure and return in December 2019. In 2020, there is no such comparison opportunity for obvious reasons.

** The price range is taken from the list of the first 20 cheapest offers of the site Booking.Com. Prices taken only on full-fledged hotels, not considering apartments, hostels, apart-hotels, removable apartments.

Prices for food and drinks

For greater accuracy of information, we will take average prices according to NUMBEO.Com. This is a site where people from all over the world leave data about their spending and purchases. The site collects these data and forms the average prices for products and services in different countries and cities.

Paris Vein Prague Dubai Moscow
Snack in cafe 14 Euro 10 Euro 5.4 Euros 4.8 Euro 7.8 Euro
Dinner for two in the restaurant 55.5 48 30.5 29 32.8
Lunch at McDonalds * eight 7.5 5 4.8 4.6
Bottle of water 0,33l 1,98 2.5 0.9 0.28 0.56
Pepsi / Cola 0,33l 2 2 1,2 0.63 0.76

* Mean McMeal Lunch: Big Mac or Similar Burger, Potatoes and Drink.

Details about food prices in stores Read our article "Prices for products in the UAE".

Important note about restaurants and cafes. Many of our tourists are afraid of Indian or Levance cuisines. As a result, forced to go to European restaurants, which are rather expensive in the UAE. In addition, go to restaurants on tourist routes, which are clearly more expensive. Hence the false impression that expensive. Restaurants come in different price categories, and they need to compare them carefully.

A vivid example is TGI Fridays, which in the UAE is considered a high-price restaurant. Prices in Fridays in the UAE are two times higher than we. But if you go to the Indian restaurant on the outskirts of the city in Dubai and compare prices with Taj Mahal in Moscow, you will find that in the UAE prices are 3-4 times cheaper.

Precisely because of the complexity of estimates of restaurants and cafes, we focus on the statistics of NUMBEO, and not on your experience or experience of our readers. The wider statistics, the more realistic result.


Paris Vein Prague Dubai Moscow
Ride on the subway or bus * 1.9 Euro 2.4 Euro 1.23 Euro
(32 crowns) **
1.45 Euro
(6 dirhams) ***
0.72 Euro
(55 rubles)
Taxi trip 5 kilometers 9.35 10.9 4.24
(110 kroons)
(11.5 dirhams)
(250 rubles) ****

* For the subway of Paris and Vienna, prices for a ticket for one trip. For the metro Prague take a ticket for 90 minutes. For the Dubai Metro, the travel rate to the neighboring zone on the NOL SILVER card.

** Current Czech Crane Course See our Czech Crown page.

*** Current Dirham UAE Course See our Dirham UAE page.

**** Trip ‘cost from Yandex.Taxi.

Tickets for attractions

Here to make a comparison is difficult, because the sights are different. We will take the amount of prices for the 5 most famous sights in every city.

For Paris: Eiffel Tower (17 euros), Louvre Museum (16), Champs Elysees (free), Paris Disneyland (54), Versailles (15). TOTAL: 102 Euro.

For Vienna: Schönbrunn Palace (14.2 euros), Habsburg Treasury (12), St. Stephen’s Cathedral (free), Pratter Park (about 50), Vienna Town Hall (free). TOTAL: 76.2 euros.

For Prague: Charles Bridge (free), Prague Call (350 kroons), Prague Zoo (200 CZK), Prague Quarants (free), Karlstein castle (330 kroons). TOTAL: 880 CZK.

For Dubai: Burj Khalifa (125 Dirhams), Dubai Fountains (free), Dubai Mall (free), Wild Wadi Water Park (295 Dirhams), Golden Market (free). Do not be surprised by the frequent word "for free", in the UAE there is a lot of interesting things that you can see without money, read the list in our article "Free Attractions in the UAE". TOTAL: 420 UAE Dirhams.

For Moscow: Red Square (free), Tretyakov Gallery (500 rubles), Armory (700 rubles), Gorky Park (about 3000 rubles), Cathedral Church of Christ (free). TOTAL: 4200 rubles.

Rest in Dubai is expensive or not
Paris Vein Prague Dubai Moscow
Tickets for attractions 102 Euro 76.2 EURO 33.9 Euro
(880 CZK)
101.7 Euro
(420 dirhams)
55 Euro
(4200 rubles)

As can be seen from the table, Dubai still did not overtake Paris for the price of visiting interesting places. Dubai turned out to be on the 2nd place only due to a very high price in Wild Wadi water park. But in the UAE, in general, expensive tickets in the water parks, nothing can be done here.


As obvious from the tables, nothing ultra-dear in Dubai. In our ranking, he did not take 1st place for one criterion. And at prices for taxis and food turned out to be even cheaper than everyone, even cheaper Moscow.

Where did the statement come from that Dubai is the most expensive city?

The answer is obvious – from a logical error. All false statements come from logic errors.

In all articles about the high costs in the UAE, the figures are given. But this statistics does not speak directly: "In Dubai, high prices". Not at all! Statistics says: "The average traveler spends 537 dollars in Dubai, which is more than in any other country".

But if if people spend, it does not mean at all that in this country everything is expensive. On the contrary, low prices are the main motivator for a person spend, high prices – the main motivator close the wallet on the castle.

Where tourists spend money?

On shopping. Back in 2018, Dubai became the main "Shopping Mecca", overtaking London.

Here you go buy fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, tablets and smartphones. There is no NSP (sales tax) and VAT tax only 5% (in Russia since 2019 – 20%). A lot of tourists from Europe are going to shopping, and they go to the beach "for a tick".

And what for the ordinary Russian tourist?

For Russians, the UAE – the main direction of rest in winter, of course, have not yet opened flights to Egypt. Unfortunately for many Russians, there are no All Inclusive in the UAE, but it does not interfere with tourist flow every year. Since 2017, the UAE has canceled visas for citizens of Russia, which also seven interests in Dubai and the UAE, which we talked about the article "Visas in the UAE for Russians".

As for prices, they are quite affordable for Russians. The only, entertainment program needs to be planned carefully, as the prices are on entertainment in Dubai, much higher than Moscow. We wrote about this in the article "How much money to take in the UAE".

A pleasant stay in Dubai, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (Links below).

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In the UAE there is a system all inclusive, Emirate Fujairah

Alexander – Glavred site

Single hotels on the All Inclusive system. This is found in Fujaire, and Ras El Highma, and in Sharjah there is some kind of like. But in the UAE it is so expensive and so rarely that I can safely say that there is no full-fledged AI in the UAE.

Rest in Dubai is expensive or not

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