Rest in Egypt 2020

But from time to time there is an inseparable desire to push all things and (again!) Buy the first tour of Egypt. I always comfortably in this country, regardless of the number of stars at the hotel. A 4-year-old history and real estimation of today, Eastern leisure and the dimension with technocratic rhythm, incomprehensible way. Here the air is filled with the sun, the smell of hot sand and spices. Here depreciates fuss, and thoughts soothe.
And even malicious crown virus did not prevent me from visiting Egypt this year.
Buy vouchers to Egypt from Moscow at a good price and with good conditions does not constitute problems, especially now, during a pandemic. People are afraid to drive around, many have changed financial opportunities. But I reasoned like this: because immediate work is associated with communication with a large number of people, then maybe it will be safer in the journey (including the foregoing).

How I spent rest in Egypt in 2020

Cutt, of course, put an imprint on our life, made his own adjustments and rest.
All changes are noticeable at the landing. It was necessary to make a certificate about the lack of symptoms of COVID-19 in the last two weeks and fill out a questionnaire of the tourist. By the way, it is assumed that if you get sick in the hotel, then the state of Egypt takes the costs of treatment.
The plane did not offer food, drinks – in plastic glasses, snacks – in packages. The aircraft is filled with half, taking into account the requirements of the safe distances. In the cabin, throughout the flight, it was not allowed to remove the masks. I recommend to get a mask with a valve for this case, it’s easier to breathe in it.


This time I went to the Tamra Beach Sharm resort (Sharm El Sheikh district), on the shores of Tiran, connecting the Bay of Aqaba with the Red Sea. Located a resort at a distance of 7.4 km from Sharm-Eshech Airport, 21 km from Naama Bay Bay, 27 km from the Old Town. Total airport to hotel 14 minutes drive without traffic jams.
The cost of the all-inclusive vouchers for two for 7 nights – 186,511 thousand. rubles.
The price of the vouchers included a standard set: Flight there and back, accommodation 7 nights; 3 meals a day, transfers, medical insurance. (The formula "All Included can be viewed here")

Wi-Fi is available, but weak – I knew it already by experience, so I bought a local SIM card immediately by arrival.
Rooms are beautiful, 55 m², with bathtub, shower, two large beds and a sofa in a recreation area, a large balcony.

Recreation innovations in Egypt 2020 at the hotel

Our things have been processed twice before we are located by numbers. The first time at the airport, the second &# 8211; At the entrance to the hotel. Carefully treated with chlorine solution. In this regard, I regretted that I didn’t "dressed" my suitcase in the cellophane wrapper.
Things are entering the administrative rack employees, and tourists pass through a special frame (temperature control and disinfection). Masks and gloves are distributed to everyone. The markup of a safe distance is applied to the floor. At every turn – bottles with antiseptic.
People are quite a bit. So little that lose the point of warning about the observance of the distance. However, mask mode is observed, all the surfaces and handrails are wiped out every two hours, sun loungers are processed. After eviction, the entire number is also processed and no one is populated during the day.
In our hotel Tamra Beach Sharm Sovid disease has not yet been fixed.

The hotel is located on the shore of the strait. The territory is green, well-groomed, all in roses, shrubs and palm trees – very cozy. Pools I did not bother to calculate, but several of them, four or five. True, I do not quite understand their necessity if the wonderful waters of the Strait.
To the sea of ​​just meters 150-200. Having pleased a wide coastline. In the morning, the water is pretty cool, with 11.00 and until the evening &# 8211; Already warm. The sea looks very beautiful. Dark on the horizon, transparently blue closer to the shore, with clean fine sand.
Well, coral reefs with a diversity of aquatic living nature – an unforgettable spectacle. For diving, a special pier. Here you can rent masks. Korahi must either drive with them, or have to be bought for $ 4-5.


The resort Tamra Beach Sharm is undoubtedly one of the best in my "Egyptian" experience. Even the coronavirus features of recreation in Egypt 2020 could not spoil the impressions.
From entertainment – evening show, sports, you can order excursions, shopping. There is a nightclub, a picnic area is offered.
This time I was driving to relax my soul and body, so excursions and gym immediately struck out. But I was happy to ride pneumatic chambers, Diving and even learned to shoot from Luke. Archery – cool occupation, made you feel at first a clumsy woodcase (while I studied), then with a taught elf (when I am a little mastered the technique).

The cost of some types of entertainment:

  • Immersion with a balloon costs $ 20;
  • Riding on pneumatic chambers – $ 10;
  • onion shooting lesson – $ 7;
  • Safari on quad bikes – $ 50;
  • Sea walk on the yacht – 70-80 $.
Rest in Egypt 2020

Torg is always appropriate and everywhere, if you do not want to pay in three roads.

How has the food in the hotel’s restaurant in 2020

At the entrance to the restaurant, the temperature is measured, and the hands are processed by an antiseptic – it is necessary. Tables are accommodated at a distance of 2 m.
Agree, rest in Egypt, it is not only excursions and sunny beaches, it’s also a delicious, diverse meal. In our restaurant, the chef was an Italian, and guests of the hotel were satisfied and grateful to him.
The first thing you pay attention to &# 8211; All dishes are beyond glass. Restaurant staff. You can only specify that put on a plate.
The range is small, unlike past years, but sufficient to satisfy the need for food and get pleasure from this process. Yes, to endure food from the restaurant, in T.C. and fruit can not.
Local cuisine really liked Mulukia – a delicious meat and sesame leaves dish. Not bad Also Ful and Kushari from legumes. Unusual Egyptian yellow tea from a fenugreeka little like tea, as for me, he is closer to the soup. But thirst quenches well, nutritious and, they say, quite useful.
Located cafe and small restaurants you could buy:

  • Cappuccino in a disposable cup – 1.$ 7;
  • Fruits – mango, grenades, dates – 1-2 $ / kg;
  • Shrimps on the grid (portion) – $ 3;
  • Stew vegetables – 1 $ and pr..

That is, food is inexpensive. I was definitely not hungry, but unnecessary kilograms, as it happened before, did not score.

Several useful tips

The best time of year to relax in Egypt

Of course, if you love the scorching sun, then summer is your time. Those who prefer a more moderate temperature like me, I recommend for a trip the second half of autumn, winter and early spring, especially since:

  • During this period, the influx of tourists is smaller (although, with the current pandemic of them and in the summer a little);
  • accommodation is worth, on average, 2 times cheaper, as, however, most of the services;
  • Winter winds make it possible to actively work windsurfing;
  • And you do not threaten burns!

For clarity, I bring the average monthly chart of temperatures of the most popular cities for tourism:

To successfully buy a tour to Egypt, you need to choose a reliable operator

Yes, today (crisis, "crown") of a reliable tour operator still need to search. What can advise?

  • Rule first: Do not contact small travel firms that resell services. Sustainable and unsterobably large tour operators who are protected from financial strikes. Go to the Tour Operator Association site (Attor) and browse the list of companies. They should be about 30.
  • Rule second: Do not chase for cheap. Especially when discounts or hot tours in Egypt are offered for half a year before the trip.
  • Rule Third: If in a tourist agency for a long time, prices for trips to Egypt hold on a noticeable low level (percentage of 30 lower than that of competitors), it should be alerted – something is wrong.

I chose the correct operator &# 8211; TEZ Tour and the best time to relax – the end of October.

If you read my recordings, you liked it, and you also decided to visit Egypt, use convenient and reliable services:

For example, my car rental offers its customers cars of various classes on favorable conditions. All cars provided are in excellent condition.If you are traveling with children, an additionally from the car rental can be requested booster, a children’s chair and even cradle.

Rest in Egypt 2020

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