Rest in Egypt with young children –
– Main rules in the hotel and plane

If there is a small child in the family, then this is not a reason to abandon travel. Of course, holidays together with children have its own features. In this article we will tell about what rules you need to stick during the trip with children to Egypt. We want to immediately clarify that in this article we will talk about children under 3 years old.

The main rule

In Egypt, it sounds like this: "all your take with you". This applies primarily, and we will talk about it in detail below. Diapers and other hygiene items should also be taken with them. There is no guarantee that there will be shops next to your hotel.

How to eat a child in Egypt

The answer to this question is very simple – only by those children’s nutrition, which you will bring in your baggage. With the local Egyptian food, even adult people need to be careful, and we are not recommended to give it to children. Read our article "How not to choose in Egypt", there we discussed this topic in detail.

Little child’s diet for a day weighs about 1 kilogram. If you fly on tour for 7 days, then all its food is 7 kilograms. In the luggage you can pass 20 or 23 kilograms per adult passenger. Agree, allocate for a child 7 kilograms in baggage – a small fee for his health.

By the way, this weight can be seriously reduced. When you take with you baby food, it is most often packed in glass jars. It makes no sense to carry the glass floor in Egypt, and it is better to use other types of packaging.

Fruit purees are often sold in a soft package (see. Photo). So they weigh less, occupy a smaller volume in the luggage suitcase and, most importantly, do not break. Vegetable mashed potatoes in the soft packaging are less common, and these to search (see. Photo).

The worst thing is the case with meat puree, which in a soft package we have never seen. Only one brand "Tyoma" produces meat purees in tin banks (see. Photo). Tin can in any case better than glass – it is slightly less weighs and does not break.

Dry porridge – perfect baby food for travel, but here there is a nuance. Dry porridges are packaged in packages, and these packages are packaged in large cardboard boxes (see. Photo). These boxes occupy a lot of space and contain air to 50%. The conclusion is obvious – take the package, leave the box.

Dairy products

Milk is very important for the proper development of the children’s body. We do not recommend deprivation of children of dairy products even for a week.

Unfortunately, in Egypt will have to forget about children’s kefir and cottage cheese in pure form. These are perishable products, and already bring them to Egypt – a big problem.

Of course, you can take them. To do this, buy a refrigerator bag, fill it with ice. Flight to Egypt from Moscow is not such a long – only about 4 hours. Write cold stock.

Question in another – and where to store this curd and kefir? Your room will have a refrigerator, but where guarantees that it will work normally? In Egypt in hotels Chronic problems with refrigerators.

It is better to use alternative dairy products. If your child drinks milk, then it can be taken in a dry form or "long-playing" (see. Photo). If you love cottage cheese, now in stores are sold mixtures of mashed potatoes and cottage cheese (see. Photo). You can also buy a mixture puree with cream (see. Photo).

And the best idea is a dairy dry porridge (see. Photo). They weigh little and occupy a small volume. In addition, they are not broken and do not proceed, no matter how disgusting did not appeal with your suitcase at airports.

Water and pools

For children, all the water is the same, and they do not know this rule. Most often, children are trying to drink tap water during swimming or washing.

Much worse if the child will drink water from the pool. In Egypt, still everywhere use chlorine to disinfect water in the pools. Do not see what water does not smell chlorine, its content in the pools of Egyptian hotels is always high.

If somewhere next to the pool smells with chlorine, then take away the child from there. Do not forget that in the First World War, chlorine was used as a poisonous weapon. The smell from the pool is not dangerous for an adult, but the child can harm.

Important question – what kind of water to give children to drink? We always recommend giving only boring water and necessarily boiled. No guarantee that there will be a kettle in your room. Therefore, we recommend taking a boiler. A small boiler weighs about 100 grams and is not more expensive than 200 rubles (see. Photo). Boiler in the photo We bought in the store Auchan for just 60 rubles.

Sun and weather

Children’s skin is more sensitive to the sun, than adult. In addition, if the child gets a burn, traces can stay for life.

Therefore, the cream of the Sun is sure to take with you to Egypt and do not forget to use it all. The protective factor SPF in children’s creams varies from 30 to 60. We recommend using the cream with SPF 60 from May to September inclusive. In April, May, October and November, you can use funds from 50 SPF. In winter, you can do 30 SPF.

Do not forget about the danger of solar and thermal blows. In a bright time, the child should always be in the headdress.

In the first few days of rest, it is possible to be in the sun only a few hours. Other time, try to be in the shadows always when it is possible.

Antiseptic napkins

You must always have with you and wipe everything to what children are going to touch. Of course, it is difficult for children to keep track, but try to do this. Many parents do not give this value, and in vain. In Egypt, a completely different set of microorganisms in the environment. The child’s immunity has not yet formed and maybe not ready for them.

Aid kit

On the set of drugs in the first-aid kit, we will not give the recommendation. This is a topic for medical sites, and the site JJ-Tours.RU tourist orientation.

In the airplane

Perhaps the biggest fears are related to the flight. Will the baby cry the whole flight? Is it necessary to move the journey? Will it sleep in the plane?

Children carry the flight normally, but be prepared to sleep your child will not be completely. This is the worst case, and to this you need to seriously prepare.

Child needs to entertain. And here parents will have to work hard. Here you can not get anywhere.

Rest in Egypt with young children - the main rules in the hotel and the plane

Funny, but in the plane the best pair is a child + smoker. It’s not a joke, it really is so. Checked repeatedly. The child needs entertainment, and the smokers need to be distracted from the thrust to nicotine. No other couple of people in the plane does not spend time so mutually useful.

Most children love all new. It is not even much important that it is, most importantly, a new and yet unexplored. In the salon of the airliner you need to take not your favorite toys, and anyone else-known child objects.

Recipe simple – on the eve of the trip go to a large supermarket and buy everything cheap there, with which the child can theoretically play. These items should be large enough to make your child who cannot take them in your mouth. Also, they should be durable so that the child can not bite off the piece and try to swallow.

New molds for sandbox, rubble cube or snake-designer. See and look for any suitable subject. Before the flight, do not forget to take these items into manual.

Already in the plane you gradually take these items. You can say "open your trumps".

In this way, people successfully fly to China, where to fly twice farther than Egypt. The method is true and proven.

And do not forget

Such a strong decline change is stress for a child. Be sure to take with you anyway. It can be favorite dolls, cars or teddy bear. So the child will be much more comfortable, and he will spend his holidays "on the top five".

It is worth thinking about the following idea

If you bought a ticket, then you will definitely issue insurance. First, she will be with a franchise. Secondly, it will be the cheapest insurance of all possible. Read more about this in our article "Insurance in Egypt".

Good idea – to buy specially for the child expensive insurance with an extended coverage of insurance claims and without a franchise.

If you have your own tips, leave comments below. We will be glad to any add-on in this article. Children is our future.

Have a good holiday, and read our other articles about Egypt (Links below).

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Very useful article

We fly regularly, but every time in the new composition and therefore a little nervous, I can’t handle it on the topic or not with all uncomfortable moments :))). This time we fly in this composition: husband, my mom, I am at the 25th week of pregnancy and five children (age, 14, 9, 6, 2 and year).

My advice is for those who fly for the first time this: you need to fly in the morning, and not at night (otherwise adults and children will be "broken" and naughty on the plane), download your favorite cartoons on the USB flash drive, movie, games and fully charge gadgets).I always take a snack with myself, and the kids in the thermos of boiling water for a mixture and warm, delicious tea, water in small bottles, small new toys, too, take, but cartoons in flight save for longer in time and do not occupy a lot of place in hand baggles. Small pillows and fleece blankets. Replaceable shoes and clothing (with winter on summer) and five large trees for winter clothes and shoes. Necessarily a large double comfortable stroller (on it and tired children and manual laying to the ladder is convenient).

Be sure to have a suitcake a first-aid kit (but something from the drugs I take with myself in an airplane: Hümer, Espumizan, Smekt, Otipax, Eye homeopathic drops), Wet wipes, diapers. On clothes, I can never stop when I add suitcases and therefore always scolding myself that I scored four times more than worn (this time I will try to do everything right) – this is when you take only those things that we all wear, you should not take the fact that did not wear, and in the dressing room found and thought that it could come in handy.

Rest in Egypt with young children - the main rules in the hotel and the plane

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