Rest in Egypt

Russian tourists chose the resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. And there, and there you can choose hotels on any budget and taste. But every destination has its own features.

  • Hurghada

First Egyptian resort with an old hotel foundation. On the coastline there are hotels of different star. Accommodation in them, as well as prices for entertainment and products, below, rather than in a fashionable charm. Choose those after renovation. The resort is famous for sandy beaches with gentle entrance to the sea, which is convenient for relaxing with kids.

  • Sharm el-Sheikh

Young resort. Here everything is focused on tourists. If you are looking for a luxury hotel, you can poke your finger on any of those on the first line. Out of water &# 8211; With pontoons. Many excursions available from Charm. Direction will like active tourists, luxury and comfort lovers.

You are not a lover of huge hotels and noisy entertainment? Take a closer to El Guna and Safagi. These are quiet resorts with small hotels in the middle of quiet lagoon and secluded bays.

How to get to Egypt

Recently, you could fly to Egypt from many Russian cities with a charter flight. Today such luxury is not available. But the fans of the desert and the Red Sea does not stop. Operators sell vouchers to Egypt on the system All inclusive with departure from Moscow regular flight to Cairo. Time in flight &# 8211; 4.5 hours.

Rest in Egypt

From Cairo Airport to the resort you will be delivered by land transport (extra time on 4-7 hours) or inland flight (flight &# 8211; 1,5 hour). Offers Tours &# 8211; on any wallet. So, for example, a packet on 14 June nights in a four-star hotel or an economical five in Hurghad will cost a family with a child &# 8211; from 1800 American dollars.

Rest without a voucher

Batch trips to Egypt for all inclusive with the cancellation of charters lost its attraction. The number of independent tourists has increased. Tighten flights at competitive prices to Cairo on the generator sites. If you take care of the November holidays, fly to Egypt and return to 20,000 rubles. with man.

Search for accommodation Convenient through hotels booking services, Koi now has many: Boking, Roomguru, Ostrovok and others. Very often, hotels offer stocks for which you can save in accommodation. For example, Family Room in Hurghadsky Hilton Resort ***** with three-time diet will cost $ 900 per week. And if you take breakfast only &# 8211; $ 420. Promotional tourists will find options and for $ 100.

Great to save and feel the rhythm of local life, removing apartments on airbnb.Com. The average price of one bedroom apartments in resort cities &# 8211; 30-40 $. In order not to get won with independent booking, pay attention to the latest reviews and rating of housing.

Removing the apartments, take care of food will have to be independently. Good prices in supermarkets and markets are not high. Fruits and vegetables &# 8211; from $ 0.2, milk &# 8211; 0.5-1 $, meat &# 8211; 4-8 $. The average account in cafes and restaurants is also quite adequate. The most economical option &# 8211; Order Complex lunch (Meals): on salad, soup, hot, dessert and drink Enough 1.5-3 $.

How to get to Egypt and do not try national cuisine? Here

Test restaurants on tourists reviews:

  • Cairo &# 8211; ABU TAREK KOSHARY (here you will learn what cashary is and with what it eat), Esplanade Cafe Restaurant (if you want to breakfast tightly);
  • Hurghada &# 8211; Hefny Food! (excellent seafood), Moby Dick (corona dish &# 8211; Camel steak), The Grill (national flavor);
  • Sharm el-Sheikh Fares Seafood (for sea shoes here), El Masrien Grill Restaurant (meat according to traditional recipes), Tam Tam Restaurant.
  • Cairo &# 8211; With a visit to the ancient pyramids. A trip to Egypt would not be complete if you do not see with my own eyes the sphinx. Cairo is equivalent to the coast resorts. Excursion takes almost a day. Price &# 8211; $ 80.
  • Christian shrines. Monasteries St. Paul and St. Anthony is available for visiting from Hurghada (OK. 300 km), Monastery of St. Catherine &# 8211; from blue (ok. 270 km from Sharma). Moosea mountain is also located 170 km from Charm, tourists rise to it to meet the dawn and get the atonement of sins. Excursion costs 40-60 $.
  • Color canyon &# 8211; Ride from Sharm el-Sheikh to the gorges created in the stones by nature forces and winds will be about 8 hours and $ 40.
  • Jerusalem &# 8211; For lovers gallop in Europe ; and Africa. Excursion to Christian shrines is available from any resort of Egypt, but closer and cheaper from Sharma.
  • Ride in the desert &# 8211; Also possible from all resorts. Jeep safari with a visit to the Bedouin settlement costs $ 30-45.

Going to any of the excursions or walk for the hotel walls, do not forget to take water, comfortable shoes, hats, sunscreens and documents.

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