Rest in February 2022, where to go in February to the sea or on a tour?

February in tourism is considered «Low» Season: On the one hand, most tourists who have the opportunity to relax in winter did it during the New Year holidays, on the other hand – Beach holidays in February 2022 in such popular countries as Egypt, Israel and the UAE can no longer guarantee good weather, which forces many to postpone their vacation until spring. However, it was in February that it is possible to save well on vacation, because it is this month at most destinations the lowest prices. It concerns this not only a beach holiday on the sea, but also ski tours.

Excursion travels in February – the most desirable for true gourmet of this kind of rest, because only in February you can avoid a large crowd of tourists, fuss and crowns, which will allow you to touch the historic sights to truly and feel unity with antiquity. At the same time, the weather in February in Mediterranean countries is more often solar than rainy, which means – Locked to this kind of travel!

Where to go in February 2020? If we are talking about Europe – then to any country with an ancient history – take a rental machine, create a tourist attractions on the tourist attractions, and enjoy antiquities one on one. For example, you can drive around the entire peloponnence in Greece for 3-4 days and the southern part of the country, including Delphi and Athens themselves. For 3-4 days you can travel all Scotland or Switzerland. And in a week – to visit all the most religious attractions of Southern Spain.

From excursion trips, it is also worth highlighting all sorts of carnivals that most often come in exactly February. First of all, it is the famous carnival in Venice, Cologne and Carnival in Brazil. However, the last for Russian tourists is too roads due to a long flight.

Where to go and where to relax in different seasons and months of the year?

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So where to go in February?

February is far from the most popular month for traveling to other countries, because New Year’s holidays and school holidays stayed behind, and the summer is not going to come. But you should not despair, because crowds of annoying tourists managed to leave the beaches, and the prices in the last winter month are very economical. Some tourists go to the study of Asia, others travel to European countries.

Beach holiday in February

Snow and Cold February drives inhabitants of our countries in hot edges, by the sea or ocean. If you decide to go to Thailand it is thorough to think about the region that visit. After all, the weather will directly depend on the country’s area. Experts advise you to purchase trips to southeastern regions or near the underlying islands. A wonderful choice will be Pattaya or Chang. Not bad alternative will be Phuket, Selfie or Phi Phi. During this period, there are not so many precipitation, the sea is calm and warm, and the sun has time to warm up air to 26 degrees. At night, the thermometer column does not fall below 20 degrees.

United Arab Emirates also do not cease to learn tourists with their slender climate. It is believed that the most successful time for tourism in the country lasts from October to May. Modern holidays in luxury hotels with developed infrastructure will offer you the capital – Abu Dhabi. You can go to Sharjah. There are many parks and greenery in the city. You can swim in the blue lagoon. February weather will delight warm temperatures with a mark of 25 degrees, while water warms up to 18 degrees. In the field of Persian Gulf, the wind can often dominate, and sometimes short-term rains are held, so capture a couple of warm things for evening walks.

An excellent choice will be the Maldives. Thanks to the tropical climates, the temperature keeps at 25 degrees even at night. The temperature of the water is kept at the same level. Islands are famous for their atolls, each resort is an individual world, with snow-white beaches and transparent water.

The fiscal option will be the tour to Egypt. For local edges the weather is considered pretty cool. Speaking of climate, you should rely on luck. Despite the fact that the water in the sea is not the warmest in the year, the Russians are gladly bathed here.

The Canary Islands, in particular Tenerife, are also attractive to relax. Eternal Spring Island will delight guests with soft temperatures of 20 degrees. The most ideal place to do not come up with those who do not tolerate the exhausting heat. Emotions are provided: walks along the coasts, swimming in the ocean, volcanoes and exotic nature.

Exotic countries for traveling in February

There will be no comparable exotic rest to you in Cuba. The average annual temperature reaches the mark above 25 degrees and February is no exception. Local beaches are ready to celebrate new guests for almost all year round. Not only beautiful beaches and Cuba infrastructure is ready to offer you, but also interesting excursions and their rich history. The Caribbean is simply not able to leave indifferent anyone. The sun glows the air to 30 degrees. In addition to the beach holiday, Dominican Republic is able to give you an unforgettable emotion of their carnival processions. Puerto Plata and Samana are favorite resorts for tourists.

In February, Mexico offers hot, sunny, dry weather. In the southern part of the country, the air warms up to 30 degrees, water is not much cooler. Of course, the weather in different regions of the country may differ. The cost of tours to these countries may vary. Hotels will be offered accommodation on any wallet. More exotices than in the Maldives it is almost impossible to get. Coral beaches and blue sea than not paradise? Huge the number of underwater beaches, coral reefs, rich tropical vegetation and the identity of the villages of the local people waiting for you.

Rest in February 2022 Where to go to relax in February to the sea or on a tour of the Turpro

Choosing Vietnam, be vigilant! Vacation can be torn to the cloudy sea, rare rains and wind. If these factors do not stop you, boldly acquire vouchers to the edge data. February prices for rest are not very expensive, and the air temperature is 30 degrees during the day and 24 – at night. If you are interested in diving or surfing, you can buy tickets to Fanthiet or Fu Cook Island.

India – The birthplace of Buddhist temples of an ancient culture. Surprisingly, the trips to the southern part of the country are somewhat cheaper than in North. Youth better to draw your gaze to the north of the country, and if you want to relax your family, then, perhaps, go to the south. You will be in excess to get a good service, white sand and kilometer beaches.

If you are not afraid to take a chance, take a ticket to Bali. If you are lucky, you can quickly enjoy beautiful beaches, and if not, then rest will turn to you with rains and winds. Ecological, clean corner of our world – Cambodia is increasingly gaining popularity among the Russian people. Local hoteliers do not regret money on the development of their service. There is no place for smoking pipes, only clean air, sea and beaches. The weather gives the real heat – thirty – 35 degrees. Light rains still sometimes happen, but they only carry saving coolness in themselves.

Festivals and holidays in February

February is considered a month of love and many romantic couples seek to get and decorate Valentine’s Day with thematic festivals. Belgium on the whole coil begins to celebrate Carnival. One of the most colorful holidays of the world takes place in the city of Binsha. On the first day you can watch the parade in carnival costumes, then you go through the days of youth and cooking. On all the streets of the city there are tables, try a variety of pancakes with delicious fillings can be right outdoors. On the last day of the festival, the city is filled with fabulous heroes, which are accepted to throw oranges.

Almost 500 thousand tourists from all sides of the world come to Brazil to one of the most famous festivals of the world. Everyone seems to be crazy, there are songs from everywhere, people on the streets dance samba and drink wine. For carnival masks, no one recognizes you in the face and you can walk like a soul, no one can condemn you for mad dances and unkind kisses.

Meanwhile in Germany, namely in Cologne celebrates the festival in honor of a woman. Beautiful half of humanity on this day without thinking cuts off ties to any man passing near the Town Hall. At the end of the month, festivities begin in honor of the beautiful Venetian festival. Venice and so year-round is full of people, and during this period it is just overflowing that it seems the city is about to burst. Before the main event of the year, a competition is held for the most beautiful and elegant girl. On the main square open the festival. Initially, a parade with carnival masks and costumes. The next day is marked by a carnival diet, which is traditionally produced by stretched rope. Iron bird foreshadows going towards regatta. On the main channel you will already be expecting to be destroyed in the thematic outfits of gondoliers, ready to ride you by narrow streets. Every day events, fireworks, salutes are held every day, and all residents and tourists try to surpass a friend’s rugs in brightness of their costume.

Only noise will be smoking on Cuba cigarettes, because at the end of winter there is a cigarette festival. Who only does not take part in this procession. For tourists, cognitive excursions for plantations. There is an opportunity to participate and win in the competition, get valuable prizes and even acquire something valuable at auction.

Japan tries to keep up and holds holiday flowers in honor of orchids. Tokyo filled with flowers, spectacle in truth exciting. It is believed that it is very profitable to take part in the show, because the winner is awarded with a worthy cash prize and besides, he will receive honor from the audience and respect. The new lunar year in this country is celebrated by the festival and nudity, which has a long history. Nude is hidden only a garded bandage and in such a form the locals are sutured to sake, take an active part in the lotteries that determine «Divine man». And here the most interesting begins. As soon as the same man is defined, thousands of hands will reach him to touch him, because according to beliefs, body contact with the elected promotion.

Ski resorts in February

In February, in many European resorts, it becomes much calmer and quieter, because holidays and holidays have long been behind. Prices for some resorts are already beginning to fall, which can not but rejoice tourists. But in France, on the contrary, you can expect the influx of tourists, as school holidays begin here. Winter sports are not conceivable without key alpine resorts.

Austria will meet you with snowy peaks and well-kept tracks. Feature – The presence of a variety of Ladsaft, where you can get both classic leisure and more extreme, for example, snowboarding, mountaineering or trekking. Especially good February Switzerland. Winter hurries to please you with frosts, it already feels the end of the season. In the last winter month, snowfall and northern winds are dominant here, and the sky is covered with frowns and gray clouds. But on ski resorts still lies perfect snow cover. Day the temperature does not fall below -3 degrees. On the highlands, the thermometer column falls for several degrees below. Be sure to purchase thermal underwear and other warm things, since it’s still not too warm. Tourists always attracted the resorts of France: Kurskhavel, Chamonix or La Plan. Infrastructure is well developed, and the tracks are provided for a different level of preparation. In addition, in February, there are attractive weather conditions here, the temperature ranges from zero to -6 degrees. At such resorts, you can please yourself not only by skiing, but also saunas, swimming pools, horse riding and sleigh.

You can go to Italy. Holidays on the mountain vertices can be combined with hikes in shopping and excursions on the historic parts of the country. You can purchase vouchers and other European countries. For example, the resort of Ore is located in Scandinavia, and in the neighboring Finland there is not one center for skiing. Norway in terms of skiing fame brought Lillehammer.

If you are too lazy to issue documents for visas, you can simply go to the Caucasus, visit the Red Polyana, Dombay or Elbrus. If you want to break out the country and at the same time save, a more budget option will be a trip to Bulgaria.

In any case, February – Amazing month, which will give you both beach holidays on the sea coast and luxurious skiing tours with good snow cover. This is a month of romance, which is able to give a vacation outside the country without a large influx of tourists.

Rest in February 2022 Where to go to relax in February to the sea or on a tour of the Turpro

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