Rest in Finland in the summer. Things to do?

You have long dreamed of going to Finland in the summer of the family and have already begun selection of recreation sites, you want to book a cozy cottage on the shore of a small lake in a picturesque place, submit documents for visas, have already found out all the subtleties of the border passage and now just wait for that hour when you are going and go to Finland. But what to do in place? Things to do? We will try to help tourists in this.

To begin with, we advise you to see a wonderful video to at least partly understand the Finnish family recreation atmaste on the lake. Rest in Finland in the summer is a family!


All Finnish guests begin their guests from the sauna. First, why so, it is clear and understandable because it is Finland!

This is not just a visit to the sauna, this is a whole Finnish ritual of preparation before you enter the sauna and after you come out of it.

Of course, everything seems to be so known. Who from Russian people was not in the sauna? There were almost everyone. Nevertheless, to be in Finland and not to go to the sauna can only a person who turned out to be in this country by mistake. Sauna is useful – everyone knows! However, that the process is interesting, be sure to take into account that about the Finnish sauna is always something to say or add to your already known.

We have already written on your portal about the history of the Finnish sauna and about some kind of precious Finnish attitude to their age-old tradition, about the Special Finnish national, as for the sauna. But let’s try to add something else.

So, Finnish sauna.

First of all, the process includes the preparation of a sauna. For the Finnish sauna, it is necessary to calculate the time – this is a proceeding process and relaxing, one hour is clearly not enough. We are, of course, we are talking about the sauna, which is on the shore of the lake and to the wood.

Drown a sauna in fuss and hastily – it’s better not to drown. Firewood is constantly laid until you feel that the heat is needed, which captures the Spirit. It will take no one hour. Be sure to someone more responsible from this company should deal with and follow the process.

Cooking and fresh birch brooms or dry broom put in hot water so that he reached the condition, was soft and ready for his desired purpose (if you didn’t think about broom, keep in mind that in Finland, a broom can be purchased in super – Market for 10 euro piece).

Before steaming you need to take a shower. You can go or immediately after the shower, or a little desoir.

Also at the end of this article we will give several Finnish rules for visiting the sauna.

And after the sauna, they are sitting on benches for a long time, drink soft drinks and admire the beauty of the surrounding nature. Here, how not to remember the old Finnish proverbs: "Before building a bath, and then throwing a house", "Sauna – Pharmacy Poor".

So, the whole day is given to the sauna, and do not regret it, the caution is worth it, add your child to the process, show how this is done, the children are glad of such joint activities.

After the sauna, it is good to arrange a tea party, admiring the big Finnish windows with pictures of nature. Sauna is health.


Second, without which the Finnish rest does not think, it is fishing!

It seems that everything is easy: I threw myself a fishing line, and fish caught. Yes not there was something! No wonder there is such a proverb that "without difficulty do not pull out and fish out of the pond". Fishing requires skills, patience, as well as certain knowledge. We recommend not to neglect the fishing calendar, and also recommend more carefully to choose bait and time of day for fishing. Every Finnish lake with his character, it must be adopted to adapt to it, find out the place. Early morning and evening at sunset – a famous time for good luck. Do not be lazy, wake up early and forth! Everything else, the morning paintings will also bring you joy and inspiration.

Berries and mushrooms.

Collecting forest berries and mushrooms – favorite case for most tourists if their rest coincided with having forest vitamins. What, what. And Finnish forests are full of berries! Well, the mushrooms grow, consider, everywhere. Moreover, they don’t really choose the finnov, everything is left to tourists. Apparently invisible in the mushroom year!

Berries are sleeping fast, cloudberry, blueberries Forest strawberry, blueberries, lingonberry – abundance in forests and swamps, on the shores of lakes and rivers. You can collect everyone without limitation.

And the collection of mushrooms, especially for children – a fascinating lesson and good knowledge. Parents are worth and read before it more about edible and inedible mushrooms, their properties and culinary recipes!

Hiking and walking.

Almost every cottage has bike owners who owners can offer their customers. Bicycle campaign on forest paths – excellent sports and educational activities.

You can make boat trips, there are boats with every cottage. Lakes are connected to other lakes rivers, drives. You can see a lot, especially since a huge number of different birds will nest on the shores of the Finnish lakes, you can meet the swans, and ducks, and geese. will be lucky, then watch how the otter is floating or drinks water on the shore of Lake Los.

Hiking are available to everyone, and how many they can tell! Before you come to one or another area, read about this edge, so as not to miss something interesting from its history or near sightseeing.

If your cottage is near the National Park – you are lucky, because in parks there are all conditions for hiking: special places for parking lots, scenic routes with mounted bridges, springs and much more. Walk along this park with family, to stay at the site of the parking lot and have a snack – well, who does not remember childhood? It is worth in to give and their children an unforgettable impression on such campaigns.

Rest in Finland in the summer. Things to do


Although your cottage is located on the lake, and there are many water around, but we want to ride on the hills.

Swim yourself in purest water and breathe fresh, saturated pine air. After all, your cottage is close to such a park?

Moon Park.

Be with children on vacation and do not go to the moon park? It usually enters plans first if a family with children, especially if such a moon park is also somewhere near. Finnish moon parks are reliable, have a lot of entertainment both for young children and for teenagers, and even that there is a soul, adults also rejoice there, like their children! The whole family is happy to spend the day there, where you can have a snack, and tasty Finnish ice cream taste!

The festival.

Summer Finnish city is always a festival or holiday, or exhibitions of old cars, or motorcycle racing, or sports children’s competitions. Summer celebrated days of cities and various tourist holidays or fairs are held. You just need to know when this holiday passes. These days, the city does not know, there are many people, trays everywhere and saturated programs, music sounds, concerts and dancing, including favorite Tango and Polka Finns.

Watch out for the Finnish event calendar. See how the Finns celebrate is very interesting.


If there are no holidays for the period of your holiday, do not miss the market. Finnish market is a completely different market. Even just to look and see already extremely interesting, and if you buy souvenir? Or taste fresh ripples, or even smoked salmon? As a rule, markets are in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays. Well, if you know where and when there is such a market! You will definitely like it. National flavor, national characters!


Cruise in Finland is not only the sea. Cruises come on lakes, because only one lake edge of Finland hundreds of different cruises. Cruises on a large Lake Saima and the Saimena pool, which covers dozens of cities and settlements of all Finnish Karelia, wonderful cruises for the purest lake Pyanne, Pelinen Cruises. And, of course, Baltic cruises. Well, why not add to your holiday in the cottage a couple of days a cruise around the sea? This makes many. See, for example, our report on the rest of the Moscow family in Finland. After all, we were offered to go on the sea. They remember these few days with a pleasant smile and warm memories.


What woman will keep from shopping, even if she and rests in "rural" country of Finland. However, when tourists come to shopping centers, they are only ahaut: branded things, high-quality clothing and decorations, perfumery – many shops and few people. Moreover, you can make purchases and issue discounts, and returned part of the cost!

We tried to help a little to decide on the choice of rest sites and useful time, but as far as not all! Finland is both wonderful zoos, and an open-air museums, and exhibitions of ancient crafts, and horse riding, and diving in the transparent lakes, and kayaks, and visiting the old parts of the cities of past centuries, and various safaris at different times of the year. It is marine beaches, and a lot of what can be seen, see and detect for yourself. Well, like a pleasant application, – Finnish national cuisine.

Rest in Finland in the summer. Things to do

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