Rest in French in Hotel Du Palais Imperial Resort Spa

Elegant castle on the shore of the Biscay Bay appeared in 1880 &# 8211; Napoleon III built it for his spouse and called it in her honor: "Villa Eugene". Empress every year spent here in the healing Atlantic climate all summer &# 8211; which certainly helped her stay one of the most beautiful women of his time. Make sure that anyone who arrived in Hotel Du Palais, which is now located in the palace walls.

Images of the Empress here everywhere, the plates in the Mishlensky restaurant La Villa Eugenie are decorated with its monogram, and its favorite dishes and desserts are still. To all this not so long ago added and health Center running one of the oldest cosmetic houses of France Guerlain, to which Eugene is always patronized.

But, oddly enough, the imperial suite is named after another empress &# 8211; Elizabeth Gabsburg (Sissi), which was here a frequent guest. In the room recreated luxury bohemian style.

Carrara Marble, Chinese Porcelain, Murano Glass, Damasky Silk, Sustal Gold, Stucco and Painting on Walls &# 8211; Provide here Sissi today, Surely it would be satisfied.

Three more historical suites wear the names of the royal regulars of the Palace &# 8211; King Belgium Leopold II, King of Spain Alfonso XIII and English king Edward VII &# 8211; and Furnished no less luxurious.

The rich style of the second empire can be traced in almost all hotel rooms, modern view has only located on a room at a later time. Penthouse Floor Rooms, Stylized cabins of the ocean liner: They are named after writers and artists, whose work was dedicated to the sea.

Recently in the hotel Opened beach "Imperial Club", at which there is a swimming pool with sea water. Very convenient for guests with children.

Two outdoor pools with sea water, fitness center, its beach. Near hotels &# 8211; Golf courses, courts, casino, thalassotherapy institute. The hotel organizes horseback riding, jeep safari on pyrenees, picnics, yacht riding, fishing, surfing.

Imperial Spa occupies as many as five levels in a separate hotel wing, where leads its own elevator. On the lower floor there is a huge pool with countertocks, two Hammam and saunas. Another level is assigned to the grand area of ​​relaxation with covered with sunlight terrace, Going to the sea: Here you can not only rest after the massage, but also drink herbal tisan and eat some kind of healthy lifestyle dessert.

The third floor of the hotel is occupied by the Unique Hair Beauty Institute Leonor Greyl under the control of the famous Spanish stylist Leonor Gray: At the same time with hairdressers here spend and SPA-procedures for hair. The level of the number four is entirely given to the deposit specialists Guerlain. And on the top floor there is a fitness center with superior equipment (for example, fashionable simulators POWER PLATE, whose action is based on fine vibration).

Also here Conduct yoga classes, Thai and Pilates.

Of course, there is all in the SPA Center menu GUERLAIN GUERLAIN PRODUCTION: "Imperial" massage, combining various techniques and having an incredible relaxing effect, care SOIN EXCEPTIONNEL Orchideee Imperial using a royal orchid extract, pulling the contours of the face and making the skin shining and tender, and many others.

But there are unique rituals, Created specifically for the hotel. For example, a special point aroma massage "Soma", from which your body acquires unprecedented ease. In the center there are many exotic procedures based on the ancient health techniques of different countries.

Japanese massage "Amma" relieves stress, Tibetan massage helps to find inner harmony, Korean relaxation removes energy blocks, Indian Ayurvedic procedures contribute to the removal of toxins, and the traditional Chinese massage "Tui-HA" has a tonic effect.

Rest in French in Hotel Du Palais Imperial Resort Spa

You can choose a SPA program offering a trip For all five floors of the center: They include hydrotherapy, facial and body procedures from Guerlain, hair care from Leonor Greyl, as well Personal training in the fitness center and Consultation of a personal nutrition.

The history of the brand GUERLAIN began in 1828 with a modest soap plant and a small perfume shop, which owned the founder of the Pierre François Pascal Gerlend. But it is his cologne of Imperial Napoleon III who presented his bride Evgenia to the wedding.

The Empress was delighted, and after her and all of Europe loved the spirits from Guerlain. Gradually The company began to expand production, And soon decorative cosmetics and facilities and body care were added to the flavors. And Guerlain managed to make several small revolutions in the cosmetic world. Such an inverted world innovation was, for example, the appearance of the line of anti-aging neurocosmetics HAPPYLOGY: its formula includes a special complex, stimulating the production of endorphins and stimulating the activity of skin cells.

Another noteworthy a lot of noise line &# 8211; Series of Issima products, Created on the basis of extracts of rare colors and an active calicine-S complex, a powerful means of protection against polluted environment and the destructive effect of free radicals.

Guests of Hotel Du Palais can use the following services One of the largest thalassotherapy center in France, which is located in a nearby building. This is one of the attractions of the resort. Here, for each guest, an individual program is drawn up, which procedures will include, it turns out after consulting a doctor on the first day of the center visit.

But the "topic" can be chosen in advance, the basic options are literally for all occasions: "To increase the body’s tone,", "Prevention of circulatory disorders in the legs", "Help in losing weight", "Antistress", "Beauty, presented by the sea".

For women who want restore the shape after childbirth, Hotel Du Palais offers a special course, it includes pearl baths, occupations of aquaeerobic with compulsory exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles, buttocks and feet, mud, pressotherapy and other postpartum rehabilitation methods.

Men are offered "Sea rain" procedure, including lymphatic laminating, hammam and sauna, as well as underwater shower.

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