Rest in Gelendzhik in summer 2020: prices, tourists, restrictions

Anna traveled to rest in Gelendzhik in the summer of 2020 after removing restrictions due to a pandemic. I wanted to go to Tunisia, but did not work. How now has been resting in the Russian south – prices, sea, beach, living conditions, entertainment and about innovations at the airport, you will learn from her story.

As an economical and prudent traveler, this year I decided to buy a ticket to the sea in advance, so in January I booked a tour to Tunisia for two with the son of 14 years through the tour operator "Pegas Touristik" tour operator. However, the pandemic made its own adjustments to our rest.

Tunisia was banned, and the money allocated for vacation, Pegasus. And they were not going to give them. At first I tried to transfer money to another tribute – at least in Sochi, even in the Crimea. The amount is rather big – 70,000 rubles. But Pegasus rejected 15 of my applications and, ultimately, suggested paying extra 20,000 rubles for a week round on the Russian coast. I refused.

Choosing a place and the road to Gelendzhik

We live in Orel. We do not have airports, only railway communication.

First of all, I opened the Aviasales website and looked at the cost of flights from Moscow for two there and back to different points of the Black Sea. The Gelendzhik defeated – a little less than 15,000 rubles for tickets (the train would be approximately as well).

From the eagle to Moscow there is a night train, with a discount for schoolchildren. Bought tickets on Russian Railways. Pleasantly pleased aeroexpress, which lowered the fare until 300 rubles (2 years ago there was 500 rubles).

Departure from Domodedovo at 11:15. Everything would be anything but the number of people at the airport just broke.

Strollers, children on suitcases, large companies, pensioners, just a couple – what social distance could we talk about? But everywhere hang plates about prevention measures. There were no free chairs in the waiting room – all the barrels were expected to each other on each other.

For some reason, selectively passengers were forced to wear masks and gloves.

Flight to Sochi did not let off without gloves. No – go buy, it doesn’t matter much – you are on crutches, with a child whether there is a law. By the way, everywhere there are automata, Set of gloves with mask costs 100 rubles (separate gloves can not buy). Passengers in Gelendzhik are not that gloves, even the masks did not check.

Separately, I want to note that now there are no plaids in airplanes.

Well, that I dropped two thin blankets in the backpack. They really saw me throughout the way: in the train to cover, cover in the plane, and we are easy to wear with you in case of cold.

Where we lived

I was looking for a place near the sea and, at the same time, close to public transport. That in the Gelendzhik itself is very dirty sea, I heard. Therefore, focused on the suburbs.

Staged the system of six handshakes. My mother’s girlfriend moved to Gelendzhik and this year decided to open his guest house. Because of the conditions created, they managed to separate only a couple of rooms and were ready to pass them on "their own" in order to somehow begin to defeat the construction.

The house is really not ready for the flow of tourists – in the courtyard of the construction trash, there are flaws for repair. Apparently, this option was just waiting for us. I managed to rent a room for two (shower, toilet, small fridge, wardrobe, table and air conditioning) for 1000 rubles per day. For the end of July and early August, it is very and very cheap. Especially considering the fact that everyone hurried to our Russian south due to closed borders.

We settled in the blue bay area: 3 stops to the sea (15 min on foot there and 40 minutes back, because in the mountain), 40 seconds before the bus stop.

The Blue Bay is considered a suburb of Gelendzhik, in fact – this is a village that is separated from the city of the airport.

At the airport we met the owner of the guest house and after 15 minutes we were already in the room. Accepted a shower, change clothes and ran to the sea. You can go on the beach by bus, but we went on foot.

The first thing that rushes into the eyes is a very clean and warm sea. Transparent water can be seen all pebbles and fish.

On the embankment in the gelage

There are a lot of people, but I can not say that they are more than usual at this time. Came early – there is a place. By 10 am, free space will have to search.

Now on the beach there are no sellers of boiled corn, patchlava, churchhel and sweet tubes, as well as selfos and all kinds of homemade alcohol and baking. I never learned whether they were banned for this year or the blue bay too uncomplicated place.

This is such a kayf lying on the beach without foreign obsessive marketing. And, again, a good plus, the food does not come by itself, it is necessary to go behind it, and it is too lazy to walk – it means there are no extra expenses.

About food

Krasnodar edge stuffed with network supermarkets. Between the sea and our housing is a big five. Dry breakfasts, all for sandwiches and milk we bought it here. Prices as in the middle lane of Russia, and the familiar food for us.

I categorically refused. Go for 8 days and spend some of your holidays on standing at the stove is not for me. In addition, those who have teenage children will understand me – they constantly want to eat. Therefore, we installed strict routine: breakfast in the room, dinner in the dining room after the beach and dinner in Gelendzhik itself. For the night so be – tea with a snack. Dolls – Melon or Watermelon.

Prices in dining room acceptable:

  • Soup – from 65 rubles
  • Cutlets or chops – about 60 to 120 rubles
  • Garnish – 50-80 rub
  • Middle check – 400-500 rub

August 1, all dishes rose in price by 20-40 rubles. Since this is the only dining room in the area, we patiently accepted this fact. All you need to somehow beat off your money for a period of three months.

How to diversify holidays in Gelendzhik

My son and I got a little tradition. After lunch in the dining room we had free time – 2 hours. At 15:18 we sat down on a bus that was driving us on the embankment Gelendzhik (20-40 minutes of the route depending on the route). A little further from the stop "Central Market" is McDonalds.

There is no good coffee in the Bay Bay. Only 3 in 1 or soluble. McDonalds is the only place where there is good coffee and observe sanitary and hygienic standards.

Inside are allowed only when the place is released. You can only sit down for specially designated tables 1.5 m from each other. All staff in gloves and masks, constantly wipe something: door handles, tables, chairs, floor. In all other places, the prevention of coronavirus is observed conditionally.

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Cableway view

Rest in Gelendzhik in summer 2020 prices, tourists, restrictions

In McDonalds, I took coffee and cherry patty, son – Cola and Burger. It was our afternoon. After him, we went to a small journey: rode on the embankment on electrical sinks (7.5 rubles per minute) and bicycles (95 rubles per 40 min), Lasili on the rope park (350-650 rubles depending on the complexity of the track), went to the cable road or went to the water park.

Every day of rest was not like another. Let a small but true vacation.

For kids

Son with a huge delight recalls the water park "Golden Bay". He is one of the largest in Russia – with a huge amount of slides, rides, trampolines, pools and cafes.

Price – 1800 rub for entrance from person. No matter, you came for 3 hours or gonna spend there all day. Inside the price of food and drinks Translated – a bottle of water 0.5 from 150 rubles. Of the advantages – large sports pools, sun beds enough, tents to create a shadow. On the ticket you can take a bottle of water for free. Sockets for charging the phone anywhere except toilet no.

Many people, turns for water, onto the slides and even in the pool on diving bedside tables. If you have a child – I recommend this place. Take a snack with me – no one checks out there, and I want it from the amount of energy spent.

Entertainment in the mountains

The most memorable event was the visit of the cable car in the Olympus Park.

Blue bay offers an organized trip for 1400 rubles. Do not go. Bus ticket to the central market costs 23 rubles. There is also a free bus with a sign "Park Olympus", which pleases you to the park itself.

Entrance ticket – 900 rubles. On it, you can visit the contact zoo, climb along the cable car, make a circle on the ferris wheel on top of the mountain and descend back.

Contact Zoo in Gelendzhik

On the same bus (last flight at 20:00) return back.

At 20:00 at the top begins an entertainment show with beer, contests and jokes. This is for those who want.

In the contact zoo you can buy a cup with carrots (50 rubles) to feed rabbits, raccoons, goats and other animals.

From the cable car I took the spirit – I’m afraid of the height to death. One way to drive about 15 minutes. Sometimes she stops, and you hang in the air. We were lucky – there was no such force majeure. At the bottom you can see slippers, caps. Therefore, wear sneakers, remove the hats and keep your mobile phones stronger.

When you choose rest in Russia, you need to understand all the pros and cons of our resorts. I would skeptically reacted to such a trip a year ago. However, everything turned out to be better than I thought – the sea is warm and clean, entertainment is enough, a convenient transport message. They would still learn more coffee and will be a paradise for workaholic on vacation. And Tunisia apparently waiting for me in the future.

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