Rest in Greece – Rules and limitations of the season of 2021

Since May 14, Greece cancels the limit on the entry for Russians in 4,000 people weekly and will take tourists without restrictions – subject to anticoidal requirements for arriving…

From February 2021, the Russian Federation has resumed flights with Greece and gradually softens other preventive restrictions.

To cross the Greek border, you will need (to choose from):

  1. Certificate of vaccination from coronavirus in full (including vaccine «Satellite-V») in English;
  2. Confirmation of the negative result of PCR testing on the Cake.

The issues of expanding air traffic and the launch of charters between Russia and Greece continue to be discussed – To this end, the Greek Minister of Tourism Haris Teoharis flew to Moscow (Harry Theoharis).

In Greece, a program is now carried out by a mass vaccination of the country’s tourist workers, which is planned to be completed by the beginning of the summer season.

Entering having certificates of vaccination or PCR testing should be prepared for a selective additional study on the CAID by the express method directly at the airport. At the same time, it is not necessary to be in a 24-hour quarantine, because new laboratory tests allow you to get the result quickly and on the spot.

In the case of a positive emergency result or treatment from Covid right on vacation, Greece authorities take on all the expenses on the treatment of the disease.

Important! The presence of a medstrashovka covering treatment from coronavirus, necessarily.

For entry to Greece, visa (Schengen) is still needed, documents for which can be submitted 6 months before the date of the trip.


All hotels are observed antique preventive rules.

Among them:

  • Protective screens on reception racks;
  • Rest in Greece - Rules and limitations of the season of 2021
  • The presence of antiseptic in public areas;
  • compliance with social distances;
  • sanitary disinfection of common objects and surfaces;
  • The increased interval between the departure and the arrival of the guests (for careful disinfection and cleaning of the number);
  • removal from the numbers of unnecessary decorative design objects and other items that are not necessary;
  • Individual packaging of any orders in the rooms, as well as the consoles for air conditioners and TV.

Holidays on the beach and near the pool

On the beaches and near the pools wearing mask optional. Sun loungers are located in accordance with the social distance, and the number of people simultaneously swimming in the pool should not exceed the norms in the same 5 kV. M. Perhaps the availability of hotel beach towels. After the guest’s care with a sun bed or a lounge chandeller, disinfection is required.

Visiting closed pools is prohibited.

Services on site

Individual massages, hairdresser services, classes in the simulator room, saunas, visits to hamamov and hydromassage.

Closed playgrounds until you function.

Unlike last season, hotel guests can put a meal and take drinks on their own, without mandatory assistance of restaurant workers. At the same time, the guest is obliged to disinfect the hands, put on gloves, mask, and after overlapping dishes, throw away gloves into a special confectioner.

Drinks and products in bars and buffets must be served in individual dishes, and the tables are protected by a one-time tablecloth.

Restaurant working hours will be extended to avoid simultaneous accumulation of a large number of guests.

Ordering excursions or visits to sights can be done online.

Protocol provided for sick caps during rest

After discovering the diseased coronavirus, the hotel transmits information to the local headquarters to combat the disease. The patient is translated into the room for serving quarantine or in a observation hotel. In case of complex disease, hospitalization is provided.

On the territory of each hotel you can pay for Coronavirus testing.

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