Rest in Greece with children: Top 7 places where it is worth going

Greece is an excellent option for recreation with children at affordable prices.This country is characterized by a mild climate, abundance of parks and attractions, and flight to Greece does not tire even a restless child.

How to get to Greece with children?

Best way to get to Greece – buy a plane ticket. Several aircraft from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities fly to Athens daily. Aegean Airlines, Ellinair, Aeroflot offer their services. Flight time – 3.5-4 hours from the capital. You can choose a flight at the morning – 05:20 and be in Greece to 07:30, lunch, and also evening – up to 19:15.

The cost of the economy class ticket – from 3,400 rubles, in low season Tickets are cheaper. From St. Petersburg Flight to Greece takes 3 hours 45 minutes from Pulkovo. Tickets will cost 6,300 rubles. Flights are not only in Athens, but also immediately to the island – it will be more expensive, but an order of magnitude more convenient and faster than traveling with a transplant.

When it is better to go to Greece with a child?

Having decided to go to Greece with children, it is worth choosing a particularly careful time to travel. It is hard to carry the child to the heat that summer is a familiar phenomenon for the Greek Islands. Tourist feedback testify that the best months for visiting the local resorts are:

  • September – Ideally rest with his start until the middle of the month, when the stuff has already slept, but the sea remains fabulous warm;
  • June – It is better to go in the middle of the month when water in the sea warmed up, however, at this time a large number of tourists arrive at the resorts – it becomes closely;
  • October – The beginning of the month is often suitable for a comfortable stay, but you need to look at the weather forecast this year – sometimes it rains, and the thermometer column falls below the norm.

You can go to Greece and in the summer, but it will be quite hot, for a small child, such a vacation is definitely not suitable, but the teenagers will remain satisfied, because all the rides and entertainment of the country work in high season. But to consider to travel the end of May is not worth – the sea has not yet had time to warm up.

Best places in Greece for recreation with children

Greece with children – these are numerous entertainment, comfortable hotels, beaches with gentle entrance to the sea, welcoming attitude towards kids and a wonderful service. The child will not be bored: This country is in demand from our compatriots, so in hotels resting many children of any age. You can travel with a child to one of the fabulous resorts of Greece:

Rest in Greece with children Top 7 places to go
  1. The island of Crete – Ideal in the velvet season, when the sea is calm, a lot of fruit, the weather pleases with warm days. In Crete, you need to watch ancient city, Elafonisi Beach with Pink Sand. It is better to stay with a child in a town of Bali with a convenient sunset in the sea, or in Rethymnon, at the beach of Chania. A lot of entertainment and water parks can be found in Chersonissos;
  2. Cassandra – The resort is successfully located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, to the international airport will be able to get in an hour. Here are environmentally friendly beaches, chic fir, many shops and cafes;
  3. Sithonia – Suitable for a relaxing holiday away from the bustle. Picturesque landscapes and healing coniferies perfect for walking. Housing here is not cheap, but the service is beautiful, a lot of entertainment for children, secluded and clean beaches;
  4. Peloponnes – Greek Peninsula, where to relax well with adolescents, children who love history and adventure. Here are inquisitive travelers here to see the places of events of the ancient Greek epic and beautiful landscapes;
  5. Rhodes Island – To stop with children it is worth choosing the eastern part, where many excellent beaches. The child will be interested in visiting the aquarium and the valley of butterflies, there are dozens of hotels with slides and entertainment on the territory of the island;
  6. Kos Island – Suitable for a measured rest, is a pearl of Greece, appreciated for the purity, a calm atmosphere and comfortability of hotels. Here you can go even with infants;
  7. Corfu Island – The most beautiful island of the Ionian Sea. Turquoise sea, olive groves, fashionable apartments and impeccable kitchen in restaurants – all about Corfu. Children’s places like a common entrance to the sea and water entertainment.

You can also go to Greece with children and the island of Zakynthos, where beautiful lagows are adjacent to the magnificent scenery. Such a rest will definitely appreciate the children of older, but the kids will be unhappy – entertainment here a little.

Entertainment in Greece for children

Greece is famous for the abundance of parks and entertainment for children of all ages. The best objects that are exactly worth visiting are:

  • Dinosaurry Park in Crete – Here the child will get acquainted with the story, boots huge reptiles and fun time;
  • Museum of Natural History Crete – there are many interesting artifacts, including the skeletons of dinosaurs;
  • Park Labyrinth in Crete – Made from the boarded partitions, the length of the route is 1 km;
  • Tsilivi Water Park – Huge water park on the island Zakynthos, it is adjacent to another local water park Water Village;
  • Ascos Stone Park on Zakynthos – animals live in a natural medium;
  • Street knights on Rhodes – The stone corridor of their walls will immerse young dreamers in the atmosphere of knightly tournaments.

A lot of entertainment for children in Greece, there are dozens of water parks, amusement parks, zoos, museums. There are attractions that will be interesting and adults, and kids.

How to choose a hotel in Greece to stop with children?

Hotel search for a child with a child – an important stage of travel planning. Recreation establishment must meet several requirements:

  • Location – on the first line to walk to the beach occupied no more than 5 minutes. Ensure that there is no railways and motorways between the hotel and the sea, the hotel was not located on the hill – it is very uncomfortable;
  • Entertainment – It is necessary that the hotel suggests an abundance of entertainment for children. Well, if there are children’s pools, water slides, rides, animators;
  • Nutrition – Ideally, in the restaurant served a special menu for kids, fed a really tasty and useful food with an abundance of fruits;
  • Silence and comfort in the rooms – You need to choose a hotel with good sound insulation, giving preference to institutions away from the center of cities. The presence of bars, clubs and night discos in the hotel – a clear sign that with the child will be uncomfortable.

To choose a good hotel, study the reviews of other travelers – then the rest will certainly be fine. Villas and apartments for recreation with the child are also suitable, but there are no entertainment on their territory – before booking, find out if they are nearby.

Greece is an ideal country for an inexpensive, but comfortable and rich holiday with children of all ages. The abundance of attractions, historical attractions, mild climate, incredible nature, a short flight and purest beaches – weighty arguments in favor of local resorts. The main thing is to carefully plan the journey so that it is remembered and the child and adults.

Rest in Greece with children Top 7 places to go

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