Rest in Greece yourself – where and how best to go?

In this country, you need to enjoy the beauty of nature, antiquities, warm sea, extraordinary wine, appetizing dishes of national cuisine … An independent holiday in Greece will allow you to try all the delights of life, spend time exciting and unforgettable.

How to get to Greece: all the ways

Problems, how to visit Greece, no, because this direction is extremely popular with tourists. Distance between Moscow and Athens – only 3000 km. You can choose one of several ways:

  • Airfare – There are flights from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Perm, Kazan, Krasnodar. The cost of a ticket on average – 12,000 rubles, also the flights are also provided to Athens, but immediately to the islands, without docked. In winter, tickets will cost cheaper – from 3 200 rubles, flight time – 3 hours;
  • Bus – less popular way, the cost of the trip begins from 6,000 rubles, travel time is more than two days;
  • By train – Moscow-Sofia (Bulgaria), direct flights to Greece (Bulgaria), direct flights to Greece, are required. But on the way you can see such European cities as Kiev, Lviv, Bucharest, Pleven;
  • On personal transport – There are several travel routes. The most popular road through Minsk, Lviv, the territory of Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia. Also tourists go through Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria. The trip will take 2 days 7 hours if you go continuously.

Of course, the best way to visit Greece is a plane – this budget option will allow after 3 hours after departure to see Athens.

The best holiday in Greece – what resort to choose?

Going to Greece, you should choose a resort where you can have an unforgettable time. The best places for recreation are:

Rest in Greece yourself - where and how best to go
  • Athens – The capital of Greece is charming in detail. In addition to the ancient Parfenon and Acropolis, there are modern attractions, fashionable hotels, luxury restaurants and beaches with snow-white sand. Athens – Paradise for a demanding tourist, here you can relax alone, with friends and children;
  • Heraklion – City with an interesting story in the center of Crete. There are many bars, discos, and the slopes of the mountains are adjacent to the purest beaches. Heraklion chooses young people and fans of nightlife;
  • Rethymno – Another Cretan resort, famous by the beaches. Here you can enjoy silence, take a break from the fuss, and if you want to cheered up – visit Heraklion next door;
  • Chania – The town in Venetian style, where there is a Laguna Balos Laguna. In this paradise, many hotels, souvenir shops and shops, but also the prices of rest above;
  • Rhodes – The best holiday in Greece passes on this island, where the entertainment will find every traveler. Vintage streets, beautiful beaches, developed infrastructure – Rhodes attracts travelers from around the world. Here speak English well, and some – even in Russian.

In addition, it is worth visiting Corfu – North Island of Greece, visit the resort of Loutraki, enjoy the calm sea in Athos or Cassandra.

Where to stay in Greece?

Deciding on vacation in Greece on their own, you will have to pick up a hotel or other housing for overnight stays. It would be foolish to spend the whole holiday in the four walls, so the hotel is the part of the budget where you can save a little. For a holiday in Greece, you need to consider:

  • Hotels and hotels – The most comfortable option, the best is considered to be the institutions of class L (five stars). Such hotels have their own beach, a restaurant, a private bath and other amenities. But the price of living is high – from 6,000 rubles per night;
  • Private rooms – Popular in Greece option, the prices for them are slightly lower than in hotels, the modest premises and apartments with a luxurious decoration are presented. But the private bath is a rarity;
  • Villas and long term rental – If you arrived at least a month, you can rent a villa or apartment at a more attractive price. Typically, rates begin from 15 thousand rubles per month, and spacious apartments will cost 35,000;
  • Hostels – these institutions are largely inferior to European hostels, here Neubrano, in the room – 5-6 beds, and after 23:00 they do not allow anyone – you need to come in advance. Hostels in Greece are becoming less and less while they are preserved in Athens, Corfu, Rhodes.

Also, the monasteries and campgrounds will also be a good option for stopping – in terms of the number of amenities, they, of course, are inferior to hotels, but if the tourist is unpretentious and traveling lights, he will all like it. The cost of the night in the campsite – from 300 rubles, in the monasteries are allowed for free, but only in a shitty form and light.

Rest in Greece Alone – Tips and Security

Although Greece is a European country with a low crime, in the resorts should be alert, since pocket thieves and fraudsters are still industrial. So that an independent rest has not become a catastrophe, you need:

  • Change money only in official exchangers and banks – ask you to write how much you get for a specific amount when exchanging to avoid hidden commissions;
  • Use the services of official carriers and taxis – Tariffs must be clear, and the meter is included. Trust strangers should not be trusted;
  • Check the checks in restaurants and bars, especially if you order a lot of dishes – waiters may indicate something superfluous. Pay better in cash so that the credit card is not carried out from the field of your vision;
  • Store the valuables in the safe, Do not leave them on the beach unattended, do not keep the open balcony door in the room. Do not take a large amount of money and documents on the beach.

Given that in Greece there is a high flow of migrants, it is necessary to carefully approach the issue of security, especially in places of cluster of people. You also do not need to drink water from the crane. Dress code for walking does not exist, but in the temples need to dress more modest.

Greece is an amazing country where you can find any entertainment. Beaches, sea, bars and restaurants, incredible cuisine and monuments of antiquity – it will not be boring here. And if you go on an independent trip, prepare for the trip carefully, do not forget to take a camera with you to capture the fairy-tale page of life.

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