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… We recently returned from the "warm northern" country of Iceland. Celebrated there New Year with friends. Impressions in five days – mass! Local climate is very brown. The struggle of warm southern air flows over a golfustrim with cold polar masses causes strong winds. I do not like the wind, and ********** constantly and sometimes with rain, when an umbrella becomes a useless subject, and only save rascoats with hoods and overalls. And – nothing, we perceived it as local exoticism and did not be upset. Our Guide Tanya provided all four such clothes from their family stocks, and we looked like astronauts, and landscapes often resembled cosmic. Temperature ********** from 1 to 8 degrees of heat, and medium in winter – 0. At 11 o’clock it began to be brightened, and at 16 – tortower, but at night in the city beautifully, all windows are decorated with multi-colored New Year’s lights, they are not fond of curtains, so it was interesting to pry in the windows. Houses, mostly two-story, multicolored, as in the fairy tales Andersen and in many, as they say, Nordic countries.
We were lucky, on this tour, besides us, four people were not found, and we were acquainted with the country a good girl Tanya, 27 years old, from Talinn, on her "Opel". Tanya received legal education in his homeland, but for more than five years he lives in Reykjavik and in two years will receive the citizenship of Iceland. Works while in a cafe, but learns to guide. So the guide is a beginner, but in demand, because Russian-speaking guides there are a bit, and tourists from Russia come to each year. In addition to us in Iceland at the same time there were still 90!! Our compatriots – one group on two buses (horror to get into such a group!).
Iceland is a country about which it is difficult to tell, completely – exclamation marks, it is better to consider photos. We visited the Valley of Geysers (Geyser – Icelandic Word), looked in Zhero Volcano (True, in the dark, – and there – the lake), they stood on the fault of two tectonic plates – North American and European, admired waterfalls, was especially good on the edges , very powerful waterfall. They tried to leave their traces on the black volcanic sands on the southern Cape Vic, but they were washed off a huge white foamy wave.
I once went snow, we were very happy, went around the canyon, where the first in the world was going!! Parliament (in 930). For the collection of parliament, a very picturesque place was chosen, in nature, right in the canyon, from where a wonderful view of the valley. In addition to us, there was no one in this amazing place, snow fell, we enjoyed snow-covered landscapes, crossed on the walking rivers with transparent deep water, and the wind like a verse. By evening, it was raining and all the snow, as a hand washed, alas!
I had to ride for the first time in life on horses on a lava field. The adventure turned out to be a cheerful attraction in difficult weather conditions – the wind, rain, and even something like a hail. None of us fell, only wet, as always, at least we were given protective clothing, helmets and boots.
Special happiness in this exotic country was after all nashards to plunge into a warm (37-41 degrees) Thermal pool. He was not far from our hotel, and we gladly visited him every day. In the pool under the open all winds, a few baths with different water temperature, a jacuzzi, a hydrogen sulfide bath (they say useful for light sick and leather), water fun hill, just a 50-meter pool. It was very cool to spend there and another! One of the favorite entertainment of local residents and tourists.
A separate trip was in a blue lagoon – this is a volcanic origin of a natural lake with healing water of a milky blue color. Water in the lake cools the water of a geyser with a temperature of about 240 degrees, so it is different temperatures in different places. Very mysterious and amazing place.
Local people love cars, restaurants, books, their thermal pools.

Walking almost do not go, love to spend leisure with friends in restaurants, because of their windy weather (prices for Allegol and cigarettes are very high, so the authorities are struggling with the bad habits of their people). For life expectancy, the country is in the first place, next to Japan, and in crime, on the contrary, on one of the last. Water drink straight from under the tap, it is tasty!, Hot water in homes and heating too natural origin. Could grow different fruits and vegetables in greenhouses and grown, but not so much, due to lack of land itself – soil.
New Year we met with local residents with a huge fire on the ocean, there were several such in the city, and all the inhabitants at about 20 o’clock were familiar with these bonfires and began shelling with Petardians. This is a miracle, but no one has suffered, on children there were glasses. We met "my" new year by the fire (we had "it"), and the local one – on the way, returned to your hotel from the restaurant and watched around the perimeter of the city of numerous salutes, fell without a break and very ** ***************** Meeting on the program entered the dinner in the restaurant, tasty and not abundant. All our compatriots there were celebrated New Year.
Local cuisine deserves all sorts of praise, lamb and fish they are preparing masterfully. In small restaurants in home-friendly, interiors and staff – appropriate. Tanya advised to bring us home around the lamb chicken in red wine in a vacuum package, we did, and pleased our relatives with a wonderful dish from the overseas country.
We would recommend to include Iceland in the list of alleged routes. Go better in the summer. It seems to us that you should like it, and you will make your cool pictures. Tourists say, for a whole day, guarding the geyser to make a successful photo, and the picturesque places there are pretty. It is better not to get tied to one hotel, but to navigate the island to see more interesting.

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