Rest in Indonesia – where and when it is better to go?

Holidays in a tropical country promises to be beautiful at any time of the year. True, tourists are popular with just summer – when not too hot, humidity lowered. In winter, it is often rained, although the situation is directly opposed to the northern Islands.

From May to September, it is customary to call a high season, at this time of the year the price of housing is rising, it becomes closely because of the influx of travelers, but to relax – the most comfortable.

  • May – The thermometer confidently shows 32 ° C, although the heat is felt slightly, no stuffiness, saves a light breeze from the sea. At night cool – about 24, and in water – 26 degrees;
  • June – The first summer month in Indonesia is good for recreation with children. Day + 31 ° C, at night – 23, in water – still 26. You can swim and sunbathe throughout the day;
  • July – the heat falls on half graduates, but tourists are put up to the order of magnitude. Day + 30.3 °, at night – 23, in water – at least 25. Rains are still a big rarity;
  • August – the autumn approximation is not yet felt, the travelers are not declared, the thermometer stably shows + 30.5 °, at night – 23, in the sea – about 25;
  • September – This month on a par with May is considered a velvet season when not too hot. Day + 31,5 °, at night – 23, in water – 25 °.

In general, the weather in Indonesian resorts is distinguished by stability, it can be noted that the thermometer readings are held at one level – in the range of 30-32 degrees of heat.

Low season in Indonesia and rest in winter

During the rains of tourists, it becomes slightly smaller, although few are ready to give up a visit to the paradise islands when snow is on the homeland and frosts. Indonesia in winter is rare shower and short-term rains in the evening and at night. Although there are annoying exceptions that even the most beautiful rest can be sang.

  • October – air temperature is + 32.5 °, at night – about 24, and in water – 25 degrees;
  • Rest in Indonesia - where and when it is better to go
  • November – Roasting does not become hot, although tourists celebrate foolotes and increased humidity. During the day – 32 °, at night – up to 24, in the sea – 26 degrees;
  • December – no different from the last autumn month, although the rains go more often, and the precipitation falls more;
  • January – Thermometer shows 31 °, at night lowers up to +23, in the water is still +26. Month attracts lovers of an exotic new year to come to Indonesia. Classic vacation in January is a massive event and thousands of travelers from around the world;
  • February – the approach of summer is still difficult to notice, but the amount of precipitation is significantly reduced. Day +31, at night – up to 23, and in water a little more than 26 degrees. Compared to the January holidays, rest in Indonesia in February is less popular and will be calm;
  • March – rains are rarely rarely, the air temperature is + 32 °, at night decreases to 23, everything is still +26 in water;
  • April – The dry season practically comes into their rights, during the day +32, at night +23.5, in the sea – about 26 degrees.

In winter, it is better to give up diving, hiking in the mountains and plan a trip to the airport in advance, as transport problems are possible. At night, it is better to devote time to sleep than walking on the beaches.

Indonesian resorts for winter holidays

Fabulous Indonesian Islands are associated with a luxurious and serene vacation surrounded by palm trees, sands of the beaches and the purest water of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. For winter travel suitable:

  • Bali – The most popular resort with developed infrastructure, abundance of fashionable hotels and exotic nature. If you go to Indonesia to rest in January, the island of Bali is the first thing that comes to mind, although prices here are very high;
  • Java – Paradise for an inquisitive traveler, while in the central part of the country there are rains, warm and sunny. Tourists are attracted by the Borobodour Temple, Vulcan Merarali and other attractions;
  • Sumatra – Suitable for first-class holidays with children. The abundance of wildlife parks allows you to see and even "chat" with orangutans, enjoy the beauty of lakes, crater volcanoes and impassable forests;
  • Komodo Island – will delight adolescents and kids with real dinosaurs, because it is here that the varana lives, whose sizes exceed 5 meters;
  • Bintan – Paradise for women who want to stay in Indonesia in February. There are many expensive SPA hotels, beauty salons, presented courses for treatment and rejuvenation.

However, winter Indonesia is represented by other resorts. Tourists willingly go to Jakarta, Kuta, Densar and Sanur, where it is no less comfortable to relax.

5 reasons to go to Indonesia

Paradise Indonesian Islands are good and in summer, and in winter, because this country is famous for its unique exotic nature, an abundance of attractions, developed infrastructure and a focus on tourists. Why is it worth choosing Indonesia for the upcoming vacation?The picturesque nature of manitis and fascinates with its beauty. Volcano Krakataau, hundreds of waterfalls, small islands and lakes, famous national parks in the lampung, the abundance of representatives of flora and fauna … Rest promises to be interesting;

Active life – So, Bali is famous for its surfing schools and stunning nightlife, which will boil all night long. It happens right on the ocean coast;

  • Paradine Beaches with White Sand

– Pure water, the surroundings of palm trees, jungle and waterfalls can be driving even demanding criticism. The beaches of the island of Lombok, Bali and Vacatobi seemingly from advertising Bounty – fascinate at first sight;

  • Religious attractions

– Indonesian vintage temples – a storehouse of knowledge and impressions that have survived for thousands of years. The temple of Uluwatu, Gin de Yuan, Moir Jambi complex, uses popularity;

  • Developed air communication with Russia

– The Indonesian company Garuda Following this year, became the best in the world ranking of carriers, according to tourists, most of which remained fairly service and maintenance. This means that it is not necessary to experience inconvenience during the flight and after the trip will not have.

In addition, there is no visa to relax in Indonesia, which is a significant plus. Vacation conducted on the paradise islands promises to be unique, rich and unforgettable. No matter, you go here in winter or in summer, with friends, alone or with children – the time will be perfectly due to the amazing nature, architectural attractions, luxury hotels, national cuisine and purest beaches.

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