Rest in Israel 2020 &# 8211; Personal experience independent travel

What are the main nuances want to note for those who are planning a trip to Israel? First, going to Israel, try to collect the maximum number of confirmations of the tourist purpose (armor, payment, return ticket, vouchers for excursions). Secondly, I recommend reading the Forum "Israeli holiday" http: // / news there is a lot of useful information for travelers in Israel. Thirdly, the country is dear, so be ready for this financially ready, t.To. Rest in total savings does not bring pleasure. Excursions better to take in advance, t.To the customs Vouchers who will give a tour operator will be additional evidence that you are traveling with a tourist purpose.

What to see in Jerusalem?

If you are in Jerusalem, that is, several places that I would recommend to see yourself (about those that recommend looking with the guide, I will tell later):

  1. The first thing in Jerusalem deserves attention is Mahane Yehuda Market. Place is very colorful and contrast. During the day, local sellers are awaiting you with a huge selection of souvenirs, fruits, vegetables and the like, and in the evening, when the tents are closed, many street musicians, actors appear.. In fact, the market becomes a pleasure zone with music and theatrical performances! Contrast cannot be noticed, so I recommend to go there and day, and in the evening, so that there was an opportunity to see the market on both sides.
  2. Place №2 – district Mea Shearim. Great option for those who would like to look at the life of real orthodox Jews. At the entrance you will see a sign on which a request is written to look modest and behave quiet. Must be visited for those who want to see real Israel, and not tourist.
  3. And, of course, No. 3 is Old city, by which it is very interesting to take a walk, examining buildings and people. Such walks I arranged in almost every city of Israel, in which it was, because it is so possible to explore the unknown places for tourists, find inconspicuous, but atmospheric streets and courtyards, get acquainted with people.

Of course, this is not a complete list of places that I recommend to visit, I will say more &# 8211; it’s just a drop in the sea, but still, if limited in time, as I, it is, first of all, go here.

Cafe in Jerusalem &# 8211; Where to eat delicious?

I, like everything, wondered where to eat delicious? (and even better to find good coffee!) I climbed the answer to "TripAdvisor" and found everything he was looking for! Here is my own rating:

  • "URBUN CAFE" – it’s straight salvation! Some of the most delicious buns with cinnamon in my life! It is important and the price in the cafe was moderate, and the atmosphere is very homely and cozy. Cafe-Boake is not far from the market of Mahane Yehuda, so any tourist is easily accessible. Greeting Josh’s owner surprised, he treated me as a truly welcome guest, which, of course, is very nice. I recommend everyone who is looking for good service and delicious coffee with a bun!
  • Delicious cuisine is waiting for tourists in "Nordic Cafe". Located near the Old Town, I went walking minutes 15. I tried a warm salad with chicken and fruit cocktail – I can recommend! (The only minus, after a cold fruit cocktail got sick, but it is not wine cafe)) service in Nordica is normal, I did not notice anything remarkable. Communicated politely, there was no negative, like Wow effect. Nevertheless, I believe that the most important thing is the level of kitchen, so I recommend.

Generally my advice &# 8211; Do not chase on fashionable restaurants where all pathetic &# 8211; In Israel, you do not need to bet on such places. Look for small atmospheric catering establishments located on distance from tourist areas &# 8211; you can save and delicious to eat.

Where to stay in Jerusalem?

In Jerusalem we were 4 days, chose "AGRIPAS BOUTIQUE HOTEL", how is our temporary house. Paid immediately through "Buking", because on the border it confirmed our tourist intentions. The number has cost 670 euros, breakfast is included in the price. In principle, the place is not bad, the staff speaks Russian, all friendly. Nevertheless, they also noticed. We in the room was a landmark mattress, that, of course, it was upset, it’s not quite comfortable to sleep on it. Breakfast is monotonous, no meat or fish dishes, everything is most modest.

Upset the absence of a hair dryer, and for some reason the towels were one person, went to ask for additional. Noise isolation is absent, so you can hear how a neighbor coughs or washes in the toilet! From the advantages of the hotel – this is the price and location. We will no longer return, in the future we will consider other options.

Excursions in Jerusalem &# 8211; Where to order?

With an excursion in Jerusalem, we were completely unclear, so much more old city liked us when independent inspection. We went with the company "Atlantis" on the excursion "City of three religions", but in the end I learned for some reason about 2 religions. Basically, the guide spoke about Christianity, Judaism touched a little, but not a word about Muslims! Asked a logical question "why so?"But did not get the answer, we only snapped.

The longest stop – the store souvenirs, prices in which are several times higher than that of other souvenir benches. We stood 40 minutes and just waited until the guide decides that we were time to move on.
The story of the guide about the sights was dry, no interesting stories or legends, dry facts, as in Wikipedia, lacked only footnotes "Press Ctrl to follow the link"))
The guide did not think about the group at all, on the street heat +40, and Rin (guide) decides that her story we will listen to the sun, but it doesn’t move on 5-7 meters aside where there is a shadow. We have a cry of crying for about 15 minutes, we were constantly customized, Eternal hurry is a nightmare. The woman in the years complained that I was driving for the wall of crying to pray and leave a note, and in the end she had more time on souvenirs than on the legendary religious attraction.

We were still lucky that we lived in the "Agripas Boutique Hotel", which is within walking distance from the Old Town and there was no need to go on the bus. A young couple who was with us on the excursion, I hear our outrage, they told, as they also traveled for almost 3 hours, waited for one tourists, landed others, and there were only open windows from the air conditioner. On the street on which almost +40)) glory to God, this fate has passed us. We were very pleased that the tour quickly and imperceptibly passed, thanks to which we spent not much time on it (about 2.5 hours).

Holidays on the Dead Sea &# 8211; Real Experience Tips

Before visiting the Dead Sea, I did not know that there are strict rules of behavior on the water. About the very excursion will tell a little later, now it is about the sea! The Dead Sea is known for its salt concentration, so that people can simply lie on the surface as on the sofa. But few people know that when bathing in this sea, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the rules, and not as usual, if there is a sign "bother forbidden", then it means that you can, but carefully)) Here are some key rules:

  • First, in the Dead Sea You can not swim long. Swims for 15-20 minutes in 3 closures, if you swim longer, then it is already going to harm your body.
  • Secondly, in the sea categorically It is forbidden to dive, Because if such concentrated water falls on the mucous membrane, it will not be just very painful, but also you may need medical care. If you still laughed water, then you need to immediately Contact rescuers, T.To everything can end it very crying.
  • Thirdly, You can not get into the water. The reasons are all the same, you can fall and the water will fall into the eye / nose / mouth, in this case your holiday will end not riddling. And when running into the water, there is a chance that the splashes will fall in other people, then they will have to seege
  • Rest in Israel 2020; Personal experience independent travel
  • With children on the Dead Sea generally need to be 100 times cautious if the child swallows water, then this Maybe deathly! Yes, and, as we understood, with children up to 10-12 years old, it is generally better not to swim in mm, for a children’s body is a big load.
  • After bathing must be carefully redeem, Otherwise you can get a salt burn. Shower cabins are almost everywhere on the beach, so it’s better to swim right away, and not run to the hotel, which is "near".
  • Be sure to drink more than 2 liters of water. The air at the resorts of the Dead Sea is very dry and the body quickly loses water.

Therapeutic dirt is definitely a very popular type of recovery. We saw a lot of people on the beach that stood up with the legs to the head)) But asking questions to the guide, we learned that they also need to be careful, they can bring both benefit and harm. Well, if you really do everything as correct as possible, you need a doctor consultation before visiting such places so that you are sure that such a rest will bring rehabilitation. The doctor, after passing all the necessary analyzes, can advise and tell how best to spend time in water, and which parts of the body are to smear mud.

Tel Aviv &# 8211; Where to stay on holiday?

After Jerusalem, we went to Tel Aviv, wherever without him! It’s easy enough to get, you can call a taxi, but the price will be from 300 to 350 shekels (75-90 euros), or go by bus that costs 18 shekels (about 5 euros). We chose, of course, the second option) buses travel from the Central Bus Station of Jerusalem to the Tel Aviv central bus station, the path takes about an hour. The main thing is to go in the morning, in the evening everywhere plugs and the road can take 2, and 3 hours. Buses ride quite often, we waited just about 15 minutes. It is important to remember that the buses do not go to the sabab. In advance on Bucking we booked a hotel "DIZENGOFF AVENUE BOUTIQUE HOTEL". This hotel is also 3 stars, like the previous one in Jerusalem, but this time the rooms and staff pleased:

  • The first is number itself, which is not only cozy, but also practical! The room was a kitchenette, a kettle and all the necessary accessories for breakfast or night snack)) Full dinner, a clear case, we didn’t even try to cook)
  • Second – staff! Very thorough room cleaning, regular change towels, adding cosmetics. There is a Russian-speaking manager at the reception, so it was always possible to find out how quickly will be reached before one or another, or ask to call a taxi. All friendly and friend.
  • Third plus – location! Nearby there are several beaches, to the nearest go about 10 minutes. Also, there are many bars, cafes and shops (about which I will definitely tell), so there are no problems with choosing a breakfast room or dinner.
  • Room price For Tel Aviv, the average, with great desire can be found and cheaper, but after Jerusalem we wanted something comfortable. For 5 nights, we paid about 800 euros.

I recommend a hotel with confidence, we really liked it, so the next time we will not even have a question, where to stop.

Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Tel Aviv &# 8211; where to go?

First of all, after studying the number, we went to look for where to eat) near our hotel there was a whole bunch of institutions, so I will tell you about those in which we managed to visit:

  • Hummus Kiki – This is an excellent establishment with delicious kitchen and friendly staff. The menu was only in Hebrew, but the staff speaks English. Hummus they have excellent! Also tried Falafel and Shakshuk, they were satisfied. For two good dinner of about 150 shekels (40 euros).
  • La-mer – a very beautiful place! Located on the shore, the kind of exciting! Nice kitchen, delicious fish and fresh. It is better to come for dinner, especially beautiful at sunset, excellent for dates and romantic evenings. But they have some kind of Bzik on the tips, recalculate everything to a penny to clearly 10% you left. It seemed to us a bit strange. For two left about 250 spans.
  • Lala land – perfect place! Go a little longer than before the previous restaurant, but we liked the service more. Delicious seafood, good wine selection. Tables are on the beach, you can enjoy the beauty around. I did not notice such a biased attitude towards teas, although it can simply left a sufficient amount))
  • Bar Spicehaus – awesome cocktails! Indeed, very tasty copyright cocktails. Really liked the interior and atmosphere in the bar. There are happy hours in which a pleasant discount is given (from 18:00 to 20:00). We liked everything, I recommend!

I can not name prices in the cafe and Bars Tel Aviv low, but also overestimated &# 8211; No, it is a medium level that fully meets the quality and service, serve guests calmly, without delight, but.

Excursion in Israel "Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Safari" &# 8211; review

Also, in Tel Aviv, we had an excursion from Israel with pleasure, which was called "Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Safari". Excursion was not cheap, but we liked! The excursion was individual, so we ourselves decided, where and how much time I spend, and the guide was focused on our questions and tried to tell what they would interest us. Ilya’s guide liked, the guy talks with enthusiasm, very friendly and conscious. Also, I liked the quality of the car, it was very comfortable to go + air conditioning in the Israeli heat – this is a special kayf.

Part of the tour of Tel Aviv did not bring anything straight to Wow, but it was interesting to listen to the legends about the port and take a walk in the flea market. But most of all of us, of course, impressed Safari. Saw a huge variety of animals. It is very joyful that they are not in close cells and look well and satisfy. Separately pleased that the guide was aware of animal species and could tell interesting facts about one or another view. The excursion took the whole day, took us from the hotel, to her and brought back, there was no need to get to some kind of collection points and the like.

Cons excursions – price! We paid $ 350 for two. It seems to me that for such an excursion it is a very overestimated price tag, although an individual excursion is an order of magnitude more comfortable group.
Water your wallet allows you to spend this amount without prejudice – I recommend, if you understand that it is expensive and then save on something, it is better to take a group excursion from another company.

Excursion to Tel Aviv "Masada and the Dead Sea" &# 8211; review

The tour "Masada and the Dead Sea" from "Rubin Tourism" I proclaimed the most successful for our vacation)) Although we have chosen a few in advance the point of departure, because it would be more convenient to order from Jerusalem, it would be closer than from Tel Aviv, Nevertheless, it did not affect our impressions. Took us from the hotel that convenient. The road was comfortable, was air conditioning and a guide that the whole road was told by interesting facts and legends, explained that we were driving and answered all the questions of the group. Considering our previous experience in a group excursion, it was doubling) before the excursion we were warned that it was necessary to have a lot of water and hats, although this is a board in general to visit Israel))

Top we rose on the funicular, which pleased, I would not want to walk on such a heat. From the Palace of Herod opening very beautiful panoramas on Jewish desert. Honestly already the spirit captures. The palace himself was also nothing, it was interesting to listen to stories about him, about all storage facilities and a bath, but most of all, of course, I was impressed by the story about the night before the seizure, when the selected soldiers had to kill all his associates and loved ones so that they did not become slaves. Already goosebumps on the skin ran during the story of this story, I was very impressed! There are crazy views from everywhere, I just want to stand and absorb all this, enjoy what you see in reality! But it is worth considering that there is really even hotter than in the rest of Israel.

I have already written about visiting the Dead Sea, but I would like to add that this is perhaps an amateur, because I, having learned about the strict rules and dangers that this water bears, not particularly wanted to swim in it. I dare to plunge, but I could not relax, I constantly thought that now the water would fall into the eyes or mouth and then there will be a lot of problems)) but a group of such problems did not have any problems and they got sickly with a calm soul, they recruited dirt and salt and seem to be absolutely not worried about the risks. Well, it tastes and color, as they say..)

Tel Aviv &# 8211; Attractions worth seeing

  • Tel Aviv Embankment. Definitely worth a visit, because even in the Sabbath there you can find many institutions that work. Embankment exciting place for both daytime visits and evening walk. In the morning, day there you can relax on the beach, go shopping or sit in the cafe, and in the evening visit the bar or a nightclub, which is there many.
  • Park Yarkon. The park is huge, so we rented bicycles for convenience. It is very interesting to observe the segment where the river flows into the sea. River can rent catamaran or a small boat. Also, there are several paid gardens on the territory, we did not visit them, because the park itself is big and quite interesting. Great place if you are tired of the Tel Aviv bustle, you can relax and walk in silence. We really enjoyed.
  • Neva Zedek district. Old Quarter Tel Aviv with cozy narrow streets, many sculptures, houses in different architectural styles and a lot of cute cafes. Very many unusual shops and galleries. Pretty expensive quarter, but walk there interesting! In walking distance there is a carmel market, on which it is also nice to walk, buy fruits or other snacks. The only thing that did not like is a crazy number of tourists, but it will not hide anywhere.

In general, in Tel Aviv, you can just walk, enjoying original species and changing landscapes &# 8211; optionally separately look for some kind of sights of Israel, they are here right at every step.

Results of traveling in Israel

    , But dear. We highly recommend even once in my life, even unbelievers, t.To myself, Israel is very interesting.

  1. Hot, very hot. It is always necessary to have water with you, a headdress and to smear with protection with protection.
  2. There are many opportunities to save. For example, live in a hostel and take the batches of excursions that cost much cheaper. In the market cheaper than in the supermarket, but you need to bargain.
  3. Tel Aviv is a city of a party and movement, it is necessary to go there for those who want to lie on the beach in the morning, and in the evening go into a gap in some of the bars.
  4. You do not have a linguistic barrier, many people speak Russian.
  5. There you can go and need to go with children! But you should not take them to the Dead Sea, it is risky.

I will be glad to discuss our mistakes when planning and places that you should see next time) If my review with personal travel experience in Israel will be useful for someone, I will be happy &# 8211; The country is excellent, although it has distinctive features from those resorts that previously managed to visit.

During the trip, it is very convenient to move around the resort on the car.

For example, my car rental offers its customers cars of various classes on favorable conditions. All cars provided are in excellent condition. If you are traveling with children, an additionally from the car rental can be requested booster, a children’s chair and even cradle.

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