Rest in Israel

In Israel, there are several resorts with their way. Let’s tell about everyone.

  • Jerusalem &# 8211; Capital with a rich history.

Representatives of different denominations, lovers of history and archeology arrive every day to the Holy City. Signs of Jerusalem &# 8211; Temple of the Coffin of the Lord and Wall.

  • Tel Aviv &# 8211; Entertainment and cultural capital.

The city stands on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Here are excellent multi-kilometer beaches with youth parties, colorful markets, boutiques, art galleries. Come here to be in advanced party.

  • Two popular Mediterranean resort: Herzliya and Netanya.

They are distinguished by a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Netanyan is more oriented on family holidays, prices are moderate here.

Most beaches in Israel municipal, but clean and comfortable.

Eilat &# 8211; Resort on the hot coast of the Red Sea, love divers. Their main goal &# 8211; reserve ; Coral shore ;. In addition, it is worth a visit to the camel Farm, the Ornithological Center and Dolphin Reef &# 8211; The reserve, with the inhabitants of which you can swim.

Resorts of the Dead Sea are focused on improving. The main multidisciplinary health resorts and hotels are located in the village of Ein-Bobek and in the most pure city on the land of Arad. Arad removed 25 km from the coast to the Mountains, but its advantages &# 8211; Lower prices and developed infrastructure.

When fly?High season in Israel

High season in Israel &# 8211; Our offseason. For excursions, the best time &# 8211; From February to May, when everything blooms and not hot. In Israel, rest on the sea is perfect in autumn. In the Red Sea, you can swim all year round, even in the winter the temperature in Eilate is comfortable for sunbathing, and rains &# 8211; rarity. In the summer, the flow of tourists subsides from behind the unbearable heat.

The average monthly temperature during the day / night

What to see?Excursions in Israel

Wherever you stop, a rich excursion program is available. We advise you to travel to the company of an experienced guide. If the excursions are not included in the tour price, will not work in finding a private Russian-speaking guide with the author’s program.

Top excursions in Israel

  • Jerusalem, the city of three religions. Bethlehem. Jordan River;
  • Rest in Israel
  • Tel Aviv, Jaffa;
  • Jordan, Peter;
  • Dead Sea + Spa;
  • Massada Fortress;
  • National parks.

The average cost of excursions &# 8211; 45-80 $ per person.

Rousseau-tourist in Israel

Russian tourists do not need an Israeli visa to enter the country up to 90 days. This, as well as regular flights and Russian-speaking staff, largely simplifies the organization of travel to Israel. Russians love this area on May holidays no less than Turkey.

You can fly away both from both capitals and from regions direct flight or with one transplant, for example, in Istanbul. A ticket one way from Moscow to Tel Aviv costs from 6000 rubles. From St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg &# 8211; from 7000 rubles. The cheapest month for travel &# 8211; November.

If you &# 8211; Scheduresters and travel around the country, to spend the night in the hostel in 1500 rubles., Room for two with breakfast in the hotel 3 *** costs from 6500 rubles.

Batch tourism in the country flourishes. Sightseeing, beach, wellness tours from 2 days. The cost of tours from Moscow &# 8211; from $ 3500, from regions &# 8211; from 3800 $. Prices are on family with a child with a 2-week accommodation with food breakfast dinner. The most economical resort – Netanya.

Features of rest in Israel: work of transport and public institutions

Israel &# 8211; Country with its standards, tourist should familiarize themselves with them.

  • Sabit (from the evening of Friday in the evening of Saturday) and public institutions and municipal transportation do not work on holidays.
  • In the days of fasting, stores cover shelves with prohibited products.
  • On Fridays, shops belonging to Muslims, on Sundays &# 8211; Christians.
  • Country Monetary Unit – Shekel (ILS). 1 ils = 17 RUB, 1 USD = 3.57 ILS. Exchange currency in bank and exchangers. In tourist destinations we receive USD, but ILS gives.

Transport in Israel, Independent Traveling around the country

If you travel around the country yourself, the best version of movement &# 8211; train. Picturesque road, comfortable wagons, convenient schedule. Check out the routes and prices on the carrier / RU.

Most economical and convenient urban transport &# 8211; Buses and route taxis ; Sherry ;. The cost of one trip in public transport &# 8211; 6.9 ils. For one trip on a taxi will have to pay at least 40 ISL. Active tourists available bike. Rent a two-wheeled horse &# 8211; 17 ISL per day. However, bicycle rental is organized for movement to the destination, and not carefree skating: the bike must be parked on special parking every 30 minutes.

Shopping in Israel

Shopping in Israel is very loved, so the sphere of trade is well developed. In addition to large shopping centers, commercial streets with boutiques of local designers, interior salons, flea and grocery markets are widely represented. Even a walk in the market, for example, in Tel Aviv Carmel, will bring aesthetic pleasure.

What to bring from Israel?

  • Cosmetics with Minerals of the Dead Sea;
  • gold jewelry;
  • dishes from silver;
  • Designer things;
  • antiques;
  • Wines and spices.

Kitchen in Israel

Feature of traditional cuisine &# 8211; division into kosher and not kosher. In the kosher kitchen under the ban of pork, seafood (except fish) and meat with blood. In tourist sites, institutions are focused on visitors. To try traditional food, it is worth turning deep into the streets.

Popular streetfood &# 8211; Falafel with hummus (pellet with nuts and vegetables). In addition to the falaphs are common cafes-bistro, bars. In one of them, for example, in Tel Aviv Xoho, you can order breakfast, lemonade, tea, smoothie and watch the local youth. About prices: coffee &# 8211; 13 ILS, Falafel &# 8211; 11 ILS, Business Lunch &# 8211; 30 ILS, dinner in the restaurant &# 8211; 50-100 ILS per person.

Israel everyone is good: rest on the sea, extension of the horizon, cultural enrichment, enjoying nature. We seem to have guessed that you were outlined for the nearest vacation!

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