Rest in January 2020, where to go in January to the sea or on an excursion?

Our tourists already on the New Year holidays are most often going to relax either on the warm sea abroad, or on the ski resorts of Austria, Andorra, Bulgaria and Russia. Recently, excursion trips in Russia were becoming increasingly popular: in St. Petersburg, in the Golden Ring, to Moscow, as well as to the Olympic capital of our country – Sochi.

As for the beach holiday in January 2022, the resorts of Egypt as the most affordable are the most affordable at prices and travel time. More expensive, but better are hotels of the UAE. From long-distance directions for January it is worth highlighting Thailand and India (Goa resort) as the most massive, and Maldives, Seychelles, Dominican Republic – how «Exotic» And the most expensive and elite.

It is also worth adding that tours in January for the new year and the New Year holidays are considered the most expensive, t.To. this is «high» The season, however, in the second half of January, prices for tours are usually significantly falling, and a large number of special offers appears. Therefore, the question where to go in January 2020,

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So where to go in January and for the new year?

January – great time for rest, if only because this month comes New Year and Christmas holidays and school holidays. These circumstances become a good reason for a trip to the warm edges, on the sea or ski resorts, and the whole family. You can not be afraid of cold weather, in the western and southern part of Europe you can choose not bad sightseeing tours. Do not forget that in the period of growth in demand, prices for vouchers also increase significantly. About the flight and the choice of the country should think in advance.

Selection of the beach resort for the New Year and for recreation in January

Russian tourists do not change themselves and continue to fill in Egypt hotels. But, before choosing this country for the January holiday, it is worth remembering that rest can be overshadowed by cool. The Red Sea at the beginning of the year does not have time to warm up to the desired temperature and swimming in its waters may not be quite comfortable. But you can go into informative trips. Pyramid Giza and Sinai enjoy special demand. But, the main advantage of the trip to Egypt is relatively not expensive cost and the service "all inclusive", which entails tourists.

Lovers of recreation in Israel, Tunisia or Morocco will be disappeared, because January does not complain of their guests with exhausting heat. Snow here, of course, no, but the air temperature does not have a solar bath and water procedures. Therefore, these countries are better to save until spring. If you do not wait to get into your favorite edges, as an option can be tested by excursions or wellness procedures on the shores of the Dead Sea.

You can spend great time on the territory of the Canary Islands. Beach holiday here – the usual business. Despite the fact that in the midst of January and the weather is not entirely July, Tenerif and Grand Canaria will offer swimming in the blue waters of the ocean, whose temperature is rarely lowered below 20 degrees. There are practically no rainy here, and the infrastructure is very developed. What is not a paradise for the amateur of the sun and the beaches? For one thing, you can visit the sights of the island and walk through the local streets, enjoying nature.

Another favorite Russian tourist place – United Arab Emirates. The middle January temperature reaches a mark at 23 – 25 degrees, and water warms up to 19 degrees. Of course, such weather may not like everyone, because it is not ideal for a beach holiday. Therefore, many are sent to this shopping country.

In another part of Asia, the beaches begin to wake up the winter hibernation. This is, first of all about Thailand. Almost the perfect atmosphere reigns here. The rainy season remained far behind, and the sun warms the air and the sea on average up to 25 degrees. Hotels will be offered rooms and apartments for every taste and wallet. Many thin.tsu on the resorts of Pattaya and Phuket. Those who love more relaxed rest and appeal we advise you will go to Chang or Samui. In the paradise tropics you can rent bungalows for a low fee. The undoubted plus rest in this country – the scope and exotic of local New Year celebrations.

Exotic countries for recreation for the New Year and in January

Many tourists hurry to leave the churred cold and have become already ordinary landscapes. The choice of many falls on exotic countries, tropics, whose nature is sharply different from our. Hurry to warn that rest on Bali Islands can be overwhelmed with precipitation, just approached the rainy season. If it does not scare, you can safely acquire a ticket to these edges. The temperature is very warm, with a mark of 31 degrees, and water warms up to 28 degrees. Better come in the first half of the month. Maldives are ready for a year round to please their visitors by beaches with snow-white sand and warm water. The sun warms the air to almost 30 degrees. So you can safely collect suitcases and leave your country for the sake of Island paradise.

Those who are looking for beautiful landscapes are worth going to the Seychelles. First of all, you will be surprised by local cliffs of bizarre, as well as palm trees with Coco nuts, and, of course, the biggest turtles. Since the wet season falls for the period from December to April, it is worth taking care of warm clothes. In January there are strong shower, which are constantly replaced by the hot sun. The middle January temperature is 29 degrees.

More than a successful idea will be a trip to the hot beaches of Goa. Here you will definitely be saved from the cold and snow. January – the best time to relax at local resorts. 8 hours of flight and you will find yourself in an exotic fairy tale. The precipitation at the beginning of the year here is almost completely excluded, the humidity level stabilizes, the thermometer’s column is at a mark of 30 degrees during the day, and in the evening and at night strives for 20 degrees, so warm things still have to capture. If we get tired of a banal stay on the beach, you can always ride a banana, aquoto-coliky or dive into the underwater world with aqualung. New Year Local residents celebrate fun and colorful, and vouchers in these edges are quite affordable. In the winter months, especially in January, Malaysia reigns a very comfortable and soft temperature due to the equatorial climate. Water warms up to almost 30 degrees, which is more than comfortable for the adoption of water procedures. The sun warms the air to the temperature above 30 degrees.

Latin American exotic lovers can relax in Cuba. In the middle of winter, there is a dry season, with low levels of humidity and not very hot weather. Local beaches stretched to fifty kilometers along the country’s coast, which allows you to entertain yourself not only with bathing and sunbathing, but also underwater fishing or hunting. Your catch can be prepared directly on snow-white sandy beaches. Many hotels offer all inclusive service. In Mexico, also in the middle of winter is held warm weather. In some places, the thermometer column exceeded 30 degrees. Water temperature is just perfect – 25 degrees.

Fans of beaches will appreciate Brazil’s coast. But it is worth being ready for impressive prices for trips, because this country is very far from Russia.

Ski resorts in January and New Year

Not everyone loves a passive vacation on the sea coast. Many prefer to go to the mountains and engage in active kinds of winter sports. Variants of mass. You can buy a ticket to Alpine or Scandinavian resorts, as well as on the Carpathians, Pyrenees or Mounts of Scandinavia.

Rest in January 2022 Where to go to relax in January to the sea or on a tour of the turpro

The most popular location are Alpine Mountains, offering skiing or snowboarding skiing. Ski resorts took the territory of the four countries at once. At the same time, each of them offers its own type of resort both by the cost and by the categories of tracks. You can choose a youth option or family, more calm and measured. During this period, the beginning of the active season comes here, which is always full of people on the slopes, and the prices correspond to their maximum standards. If you want not only enough to roll, but also fun, youthfully spend rest, at your service Ishgl in Austria. Every evening bars and discos are ready to open their doors in front of you.

On the contrary, the resorts of Dolomites in Italy will help to retire in the family atmosphere. Not only the Alps enjoy mad demand. Not a bad alternative to Pyrenees in Andorra and Spain. By the way, shopping lovers will be happy to visit Andorra, because skiing here perfectly combines with shopping. There are two zones here, which combined several resorts in themselves.

And in Spain, some peaks exceed a height of 3 thousand meters above sea level. If it is not hunting to leave for a long time and far from native edges can be visited Slovakia, Poland or the Czech Republic. Of course, not bad competition will be the mountain slopes of the Caucasus, the Southern and Middle Urals, as well as Altai.

Excursion tours for the new year and in January

Excursion tours do not lose their popularity and during the winter holidays. This is an excellent opportunity to change the Russian cold to the moderately warm climate of the eastern, Western and Central countries of Europe. More comfortable weather stands in the south of Europe. For example, in Italy. In January, the average daytime temperature reaches a mark of 10 – 15 degrees. You can visit not only excursions, but also various bright events dedicated to New Year holidays.

Greece will delight you with a cloudless sky, the warm sea and the hot Mediterranean sun. Spend your impressions may rain and slush. Air warms up to 10 degrees of heat. During this period in the cities of the country, a wave of celebrations and holidays, which Greeks celebrate with a scope. More cool weather reigns in Austria, Germany, France. But here spend no less exciting excursions. Do not forget about many Czech castles, as well as about the UK Palaces.

Kenya promises exciting safari trips. You can live live lions, antelope, leopards, giraffes and other local inhabitants. On the shores of Lake, the Great Valley are calm, pink flamingos. By the way, it is January that is recognized as the best months to study the life of the animal world.

Will not be bad to go to the United Arab Emirates. You will be offered exciting trips to National Parks, where many interesting and wonderful plants are growing. The most courageous can get on the excursion in the depths of the meeting with real sharks. For informative tours is suitable for Myanm. Comfortable temperature will make it easy to inspect the main attractions with a rich historical heritage.

Holidays in Russia in January and New Year

Excellent can be relaxed and in our endless country. The main plus of recreation in Russia is a relatively affordable price and no visa. First of all, you can go to learn the cities of the Golden Ring. Special attention should be paid to the Suzdal temples and sights of Yaroslavl.

And how much interesting in St. Petersburg and Moscow. A small number of cities can boast so much the number of museums and exhibitions. Mountain peak conquers will be surprised by the number of winter resorts.

Purchase vouchers to the resorts in Sochi or Altai. Special popularity enjoyed houses and cottages in the central part of Russia. From all over the country, our compatriots come here for a calm ride skiing, fry meat and relax with a cup of hot tea before the fireplace.

Festivals and holidays in January

The first numbers of January is pretty contradictory. The fact is that everything seems to celebrate the New Year, and most shops and restaurants are closed. Despite this, it is still worth going to other countries. All nations celebrate these days with a scope, with lights and fireworks. All the same before you go anywhere, you should clarify the work schedules of many establishments.

Epiphany is a traditional holiday that all European Catholic countries celebrate. If you believe the legends, in January, the Magi came to the newborn Christ. This celebration will appreciate the children. During the streets, disguised heroes are roaming, which and then scatter candy and sweets on the city streets. Especially this festival is honored in Spain or Italy. Balloons are usually associated with the summer period, but in Austria in the middle of winter there is a festival in honor of them. Fates open everywhere, salutes are noisy and people walk.

United Kingdom is famous for Celtic festivals and holidays in honor of the Vikings. Many theatrical ideas based on folk fairy tales, as well as rock bands will wait for you in these parts. January – Ideal time to find out how many nations celebrate entry into the new year.

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