Rest in July 2021, where to go in July to the sea or on a tour?

July accounts for the holiday season, but prices for holidays in July 2020 are even a bit lower than in August, and the weather is a little less hot and stuffy – both at sea resorts and in the centers of sightseeing tourism. In essence, July – Perfect month for all types of recreation and travel.

So, in July, the Mediterranean Sea is absolutely precisely warmed at all resorts – In Spain, Tunisia, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece. Almost guaranteed and the Black Sea, at least – In the second half of July. Accordingly, it is possible to travel to the resorts of Bulgaria or Romania without concerns, as well as to our Crimea, the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory (Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik and T.NS.), and in Abkhazia.

On the excursion directions, our tourists in July most often choose combined programs that combine the cognitive part with rest on the sea. And it is completely logical, because the weather contributes to. Where to go in July 2021? Choose one of the European capitals – Athens, Paris, London, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Rome and Venice, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, or Tallinn, Riga or Vilnius. Alternative option – Excursions in Russia – Moscow, Petersburg, Crimea. Sochi, Golden Ring, Karelia, Altai, Baikal or Kamchatka.

By the way, bus excursions combined with beach holidays can be recommended a great alternative – Sea cruises. They are held both in the Mediterranean (with a visit to many historical cities of the Mediterranean countries) and in Northern Europe, including the famous Norwegian fjords. At the same time, for Russian tourists there is one convenient «trim»: To part of the cruises can be joined in the port of St. Petersburg, and therefore, for a similar type of travel, there is no need for an expensive flight abroad, and at the same time you can admire and the northern capital!

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So where to go in July?

July – the midst of the summer season. All take leave, children on vacation. Rest opportunities during this period are endless.

Beach holiday in July

In the middle of the summer, all beach resorts of the world will open their doors in front of you, so the choice depends entirely on you, and not from weather conditions. Despite loading hotels and high season, Bulgaria turned out to be among the most budget options. She’s so and manit tourists swim in the warm Black Sea. This period of ripening of fruit trees, the counters is also filled with watermelons, plums and apples. In the south of the country reigns real heat with an air temperature of 35 degrees, so fans of coolness should think about the northern coast.

Not far and greece. Air can be heated to 40 degrees. Salvation from the heat will be the sea and light breeze. No matter how paradoxically, in the south of the country in the field of Macedonia is much cooler. All thanks to mountainous terrain. The most comfortable weather is on the islands. Sea winds do not allow land to heat. In any case, from eleven in the morning and up to four in the evening on the beach without a protective cream and hats, it is better not to appear.

Cyprus vouchers are also relatively inexpensive compared to other resorts. The peculiarity is that the amplitude between day and night temperatures is very insignificant. Therefore, we advise you choose hotels with good air conditioning. Such hot countries should avoid people with cardiovascular diseases or with very young children.

Tours in July in Russia

Russia is gaining momentum and more and more popular with both domestic tourists and foreign. To the question, where it is better to go to the midst of the summer, the answer will be simple: on the Black and Azov Sea, which has already had enough to warm up under the rays of the racing sun. Not losing time, book tours to Gelendzhik. Heat here is just unbearable. In the same Tuapse climate is much softer. Average daytime temperature reaches 27 degrees. Light winds can soften the situation. In Anapa, a bunch of entertainment is waiting for you: riding bananas, jumping into water, extreme slides and immersion in the underwater world. This is a real carefree pastime. Every visitors here will immediately celebrate the staying number of tourists. For this reason, accommodation must be taken in advance. In addition to the beaches, you can visit therapeutic mineral waters. Nightlife here does not stand still.

In July, there is a peak of a resort holiday in Abkhazia, when the weather becomes truly hot and summer. The warmest temperature is installed in Gagra. Will be somewhat cooler in Sukhum and Pitsunde. Going to these edges, it is worth being ready for crowded beaches. Rains in this period practically no. From the heat you can hide in the mountain gorges.

A favorable trip will be wrapped by a trip for Summer Baikal or Karelia. Caucasus will delight therapeutic mud and mineral waters. On Kamchatka you are waiting for an excursion to volcanoes, alive sources and local small, but picturesque villages. Traveling through the expanses of our immense country is currently competition to Western countries.

Exotic countries in July

Mauritius – Great place, full exotic. Despite the high cost of the resort, the island remains a fairly popular destination. And it is not surprising: the slim sand covers the beaches, and an amazing beauty underwater world will allow to plunge into the thickness of the water and work out fascinating fishing. Often, couples come here to get married. July weather is not much different from the spring. The temperature of water and air is still preserved at 25 degrees. In the northern and western side, the climate is somewhat arid.

Thoughts about Mexico pushing joy, feeling of freedom. Mexican forests – tropical thick thickets, kitchen – mixing flavors, beaches – paradise. It is worth considering that the second month of summer turns around for the local residents of the rains, although the sun warms the air to 35 – 40 degrees. Humidity sometimes reaches 100%, so it is worth thinking about several times before going for the purchase of tickets. Brazil – this is where a real concentrated exotic. Amazonian jungle, golden beaches, saturated fragrant coffee, endless waterfalls of waterfalls – this is what truly entails a curious tourist. Brazilian cuisine – something incredible.

Recently, tourism has been developing in India in India, and many people go to rest in these exotic corners in streams. In the summer, the cost of tickets is cheaper, and at the same time resting is becoming less. Perfect combination. During this period, the Southern Musson, the May heat, no longer dominate on local beaches. Gradually growing the amount of precipitation. Since India is located immediately in several climatic belts, the weather may vary depending on the location of the resort, so you carefully choose a place for swimming and sunbathing.

Rest in July 2021 Where to go to relax in July to the sea or on a tour of the turpro

Excursion tours in July

In the middle of summer, all Europe warms up and gives tourists beautiful weather. Huge crowds traveler from all corners of light rushing to get on the excursions, it is worth being to this ready. By July, a comfortable living conditions are established in Finland. During this period, the country is influenced by the warm flow of the Golf Stream, so the cold weather is not exactly worth. The most popular view of the rest – fishing on local lakes. Helsinki is located the largest water park on the territory of all over Northern Europe.

Nature lovers will be happy to spend time in Norway. Excursion will enjoy the types of fjords and mountain floors. From July to August, the highest temperature and longest days. But, it is worth being ready for cloudy days. It is worth visiting the Museum of Viking Ships or Museum of Navigation. The capital of Denmark – Copenhagen is one of the most important cultural European centers. The National Museum of the country accurately deserves attention. If you wish to visit more new seats in a short time, use bus tours.

An excellent idea will be combined tours, allowing to learn the area of ​​the area and soak on the azure shores. Such an opportunity opens to us Spain with its centuries-old history. July here is the hottest month with water temperature up to 25 degrees. Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville will give wonders of local architecture. Not bad alternative will be Italy.

Festivals in July

Summer is the time to carry out all sorts of festivals and holidays. The wave of colorful carnivals and processions rushes throughout Europe. The largest number of festivals is held in Austria, where concerts of classical music are especially popular. At the end of July, the Festival of Artists, Cinema, Fleet passes in Brazil. St. Antonio’s Day and Brides Festival celebrate in Spain.

Germany is also famous for its marchs. Local residents start July from a parade of love, and then start the famous "Cologne lights". On the territory of France, an equally impressive spectacle unfolds, which is only worth the Breton festivals, designed to revive Celtic culture. In July Days, be sure to visit the street theaters festival. What a holiday without bright Brazilian carnavals? In the central streets of the city there are semi-nailed girls in shiny scenery and feathers. None photo can pass all emotions!

Holidays in July with children

Children finished their academic year and continue to enjoy vacation. July is the time to send a child to foreign camps, which are the countless set. Thus, the baby will be able to join someone else’s culture and plunge into the language environment. Wonderful choice will be Malta. Here you can relax both a child and his parents. Cote d’Azur and Sandy beaches will allow plenty of getting up and getting a golden tan. Language courses designed for different age-related categories will allow you to pull out the level of owning a foreign language.

Weather in July in Germany – the warmest. The child will be able to travel according to the old castles. Beach holidays with children can be perfectly held in Turkey, Egypt or Bulgaria. Family vacation will be wrapped in a great pastime on water rides, slides, playgrounds. Many restaurants and cafes have a special children’s menu. Not a bad choice of interest camps can be found in the cities of Austria, Slovakia or Slovenia. But it is not always possible to go abroad for various reasons, so many give preference to domestic resorts. Attention deserves the Black Sea coast.

Cruises in July

Tired of lying on the beaches? I want more romance? In this case, you are offered to your attention Sea and river cruises, during which you can see several countries, cities, as well as to see the beauty of nature floating past. Cruise liner will bring summer coolness and freshness. Tours are popular for Scandinavia and Baltic States. Most diverse routes, in travel agency you can choose the most convenient program.

Less costly, but not less exciting – river cruises that can be organized both abroad and by our native expanses. If you go to the river journey through the Danube or Rhina in July, you can discern directly from the side as locals on the shore celebrate the next festival with lights and torches.

Activities in July

Active rest will never cease to enjoy popular, even in summer hot. Special demand uses hiking or horseback riding in the mountains. An unforgettable journey will be the rise in Nepal Mountain. This is a spiritual Asian center, many are going here to re-gain themselves, admire the mountain slopes, to visit the ancient temples and member. Sports lovers will be able to do tracking and rafting. In a small state, eight are collected, one of the highest peaks of the world, including Everest. Not everyone can evaluate this place for advantage, because without training it will not be easy to move, and breathe at a minimum height of 100 meters above sea level. Prices for excursions in the mountains are quite democratic, but to fly for this long.

Steep mountain ascension will offer Sweden and Switzerland. Russia also has no little caves and rocks where you can experience yourself. On the Commander Islands, almost untouched nature has been preserved. Nature lovers will be delighted with hiking in Karelian Taiga and her stormy rivers.

Rest in July 2021 Where to go to relax in July to the sea or on a tour of the turpro

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