Rest in Kiev: What to see and where to stay in tourist?

Go to Kiev Ideally in the winter months, to spend a couple of days in this city, and then go to the ski resorts of Transcarpathia. Than not saturated and active rest? However, in the summer here is cool, you can organize a weekend tour &# 8211; Given the small distance from Russian cities, it does not need a lot of time. And yes, on the way it is necessary to call out in other interesting megacities to see the real Ukrainian life.

How to get to Kiev?

Tourists from Russia does not arise problems with travel route planning &# 8211; The only difficulties may occur when crossing the border in men of working age. If there are relatives in Ukraine, it is desirable get an invitation from them and show it at customs &# 8211; In other cases, travel can be closed at least, tourists have repeatedly encountered and shared in their reviews.

How to get to Kiev from Moscow?

Come to Kiev from Moscow will succeed in several ways &# 8211; Tourist independently chooses the most comfortable and available option:

  • bus &# 8211; On the way about 15-16 hours, the ticket costs from 1 200 rubles., run more often at night, although there are day flights, it is an optimal and inexpensive option;
  • airplane &# 8211; There are no direct flights, but you can fly with a change, for example, in Minsk, conveniently, if you plan to visit two cities at once, prices &# 8211; in the region of 6 thousand. USD
  • electrician &# 8211; depart from the Kiev station, on the way for no more than 13 hours, a second-class place will cost 4 500 rubles., Behind the coupe and sv will have to pay 2 and 3 times more expensive, respectively;
  • Personal car &# 8211; Distance 860-910 km., You can go through M-3 through Kaluga and Bryansk (less busy track) or M-2 through Tula and Eagle (more cars). On my way &# 8211; about 10 hours if without stopping.

Several trains and buses are sent to Kiev from Moscow daily &# 8211; You can choose morning, daytime, evening flights, as it will beight.

How to get to Kiev from St. Petersburg?

Residents of the Northern Capital are also often traveling to a sightseeing holiday in Kiev &# 8211; Transport connection between the two cities is well established, although they will have to overcome the greater distance than from Moscow. There are several options to choose from:

  • bus &# 8211; Flights a bit, the route takes about 20 hours, tickets are located from 3 500 rubles., overcome such a distance in rather uncomfortable chairs is difficult;
  • train &# 8211; runs only on even days, tickets are worth from 6,000 rubles., On the way 22 hours, depart from the Vitebsky station;
  • airplane &# 8211; Here you will also need transplants, for example, in Minsk, tickets will cost 7,000 rubles., but do not lose much time on the road.
  • Rest in Kiev What to see and stay in tourist
  • Personal car &# 8211; Distance 1 200 km., need to go through Pskov, Vitebsk, Gomel, Chernigov, that is, you will have to drive to Belarus. On my way &# 8211; a little more than 15 hours.

From other cities of Russia to get to Kiev is also not a problem &# 8211; From the cities of the Central Federal District will have to go through Moscow, from the southern regions &# 8211; more conveniently through the Crimea, but in Ukraine will have to overcome more distance.

Sights of Kiev &# 8211; The selection of the best places

I could not not share with my readers a list of the best attractions, which should certainly be seen in Kiev. This city was once the center of Kievan Rus, and many monuments of that epoch were preserved to this day &# 8211; Believe me, there is something to see. In the top 10 attractions of Kiev entered:

  1. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra &# 8211; The Cathedral is included in the UNESCO list, temples, caves, museum, spiritual seminary are located on the territory;
  2. St. Vladimir’s Cathedral &# 8211; Another Orthodox shrine and a monument of ancient architecture. Internal frescoes are of particular interest;
  3. Sophia Cathedral &# 8211; This is a temple-museum with difficult fate, Outdoor Yaroslav Wise. The construction was repeatedly plundered by enemies;
  4. Nikolaev Church &# 8211; The Catholic Church is distinguished unusual for the Slavs appearance, built in the style of European Gothic;
  5. Andreevsk Church &# 8211; Externally, it is very similar to the main attraction of Smolensk, is one of the most beautiful churches of the Ukrainian capital;
  6. Richard Castle &# 8211; Lion Heart &# 8211; In fact, the founder is unknown, but the building is distinguished by bad glory and often changes the owners;
  7. House with Chimeras &# 8211; very colorful mansion built in the 20th century. It looks epic, decorated with sculptures of mythical beings and animals;
  8. Khreshchatyk Street &# 8211; This is something like Arbat in Moscow, tourist street with a bunch of shops, boutiques, cafes;
  9. Maidan &# 8211; Analogue of Red Square, a huge monument is installed in the center, against which travelers take pictures;
  10. Mariinsky Palace &# 8211; Beautiful architectural monument, popular in the August of the Russian Empire.

Also in Kiev you can visit the Golden Gate, Motherland Monument, Babi Yar, Hydropark (if you travel in the summer), Botanical Garden of Grishko and other interesting places if free time remains.

Best hotels in Kiev &# 8211; Where to stay tourists?

Of course, understanding what is the best hotel, everyone is different. For some "best" – means the cheapest, for others – must with the presence of own infrastructure and an excellent spacious room overlooking the Central Street of Kiev. But, I think, many will agree that the hotel in which the value of the price and quality is the most optimal, too, by right, can be considered the best.

Today, hotels in Kiev are located in each area, but most of all their concentration increases towards the center. If you arrived in a tourist trip and planning all the sights of Kiev in a few days, then, of course, it is better to pick up the hotel closer to the center, for example:

  • European Hotel;
  • Hotel Premier;
  • Hotel Kiev;
  • Hotel" Tourist;
  • Maison Blanche Kyiv.

Prices start from 2,000 rubles. If you are in the capital of affairs, came to visit or on any other question that does not oblige you to live in the center and you, on the contrary, anyway, where to accommodate, you can choose excellent hotels that are located in remote or beds. But it should be borne in mind that if you are not by car, then you must select a hotel in such a way that in walking distance from you there was a public transport stop, and better – metro station. But here you can find a good room cheaper 1 500 rubles.

How to choose a hotel in Kiev?

What to pay attention to choose a really better hotel in Kiev? In fact, there will be no special advice here, everything is rather standard for any region &# 8211; Whether the solar resorts of Vietnam or picturesque streets of Paris.

First, it is Room quality. Review photos, read reviews. It is important that the furniture is high-quality, convenient, and the room has everything you need. At the same time, pay attention to the total area of ​​the room. It is also worth remembering that Service for the institution also has great importance. In good hotels, you will not turn away, will always be happy to help, give everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Consider, Are the hotel staff speak Russian &# 8211; it is not critical, as the Russians can understand the Ukrainian language and without translators, but it will still be a plus. Please note that Ukraine has hotels that booked over the Cheap Basic Tariff &# 8211; At the same time tourist Documents are not provided. Convenient if you don’t need a check.

Traveling to Kiev &# 8211; This unique opportunity to explore the vintage sights of the times of Kiev Rus. Here are a lot of monuments of history, religious structures, picturesque parks. The service is also well developed, the problems where to have dinner and stop, will not.

Pick up, inexpensive tours will help you operators:

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Rest in Kiev What to see and stay in tourist

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