Rest in Laos: what to wait for what to prepare?

Mountain peaks shrouded with fog, jungle, abounding by unprecedented birds and animals, Mysterious Buddhist culture and special mentality make Laos attractive for tourists. And it doesn’t matter why there is more people: to good service and comfort or long walking walks on unknown trails with a backpack behind the shoulders. Here everyone will find what he is more like.

Memo to tourist

Journey to Laos is better not planning from October to May, because this period is called "wet" and the chances of getting into the midst of the rainy season are very high. Of course, the rain, which goes on the whole day is a big rarity, mainly shower for several hours a day, and this is already enough to "subscribe" the mood. As a rule, Phongsali Province assumes the blow of the elements of the first, which is explained by its geographical position.Exactly such weather conditions you can see in the capital of Thailand-Bangkok.If you plan to visit these two travels in Southeast Asia, consider this circumstance.

If the tourist does not plan a long trip and is able to meet in 15 days, then the visa will not need a visa, and everything that needs to enter the country is to present a passport, whose validity of which by the time the journey should be at least six months. A stamp is put in the passport, and its absence is strictly punishable by local legislation. If a person goes to a "protracted" journey, he must take care of a visa, for what you need to contact the Lao Consulate. Question price – 30 dollars.

By the way, about money. All "domestic" financial transactions are carried out in national currency, which is called Kip (1 dollar equal to 9800 kips), but for tourists, in places of their mass accumulation are made some relaxation, and you can pay for services and goods by American dollars, Thai Batami, yuan, Cambodian and Vietnamese currency. Kip is not a SD, so you do not need to change dollars to local currency in large quantities, because the return exchange is very unprofitable.

Transport network

Going on a travel around the country, you should be prepared for the fact that the distance of a hundred kilometers may have to overcome several hours, because the consequences of war and the mountain landscape make it difficult to move significantly, but this is not a reason for refusing to travel to Laos. Transport here is, and the most different:

  • 1. Automobile.

If there is a WU international sample, then the car can be rented and move on it. True, it should be noted that the movement here is right-sided, and the rules of DD are violated very often due to poor control over their execution.

  • 2. Bus.

The fleet of such vehicles is growing, and their technical condition has recently improved heavily. Therefore, moving on buses is now in priority for tourists.

  • 3. Water transport.

The most relevant from November to March, when the rivers are full of water, but if the water level is small, it is impossible to hire a boat or even more so use the ferry services.

  • 4. Tuk Tuki.
Rest in Laos what to wait for what to prepare

Very colorful type of transport that Rickshaw. Little advice: the price should be negotiated in advance – to avoid misunderstandings.

  • 5. Taxi.

His services are relevant only in Vientiane.

  • 6. Sontau.

These are a truck with a body in which the passenger seating shops are located in two rows. Sontau is especially common in the northern part of Laos and are designed to drive through primer.

What to see?

Lack of luxury with interest is compensated by local natural beauty and unique cultural and historical objects to which Laos is rich. His culture is quite distinctive, although there was a long time under the influence of the cultures of Vietnam and Taiwan, which manifested not only in sculpture, music and theater, but also in national cuisine.

As for attractions, the tourists are of particular interest:

  • 1. Buddha Park with supposedly ancient sculptures.

In fact, it is a successful stylization under the old days, because the park is open only half a century ago.

  • 2. Valley Kuvshin.

This is a rather interesting object, where several thousand stone vessels of the unknown destination are located on a solid area.

  • 3. Caves Pak OU.

Here you can find about four thousand statues of Buddha, who brought pilgrims. By the way, you can only get to this object by water.

  • 4. Potusai.

This is a triumphal arch, erected in honor of the heroes who died in the war. The presence of a viewing platform and a good location makes the Pouches of the pilgrimage site of tourists.

  • 5. Temples of Pha Thahat-Luang and Wat Sisquet.

Real architectural monuments that are symbols of Laos.

  • 6. Mekong River and Tat Kuang Si Waterfall.

Picturesque green shores, "cool" fishing, traveling on the National Suddy – all this and much more can give the most unforgettable impressions.

Rest in Laos what to wait for what to prepare

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