Holidays in Malaysia from A to Z: Guide to the heart of Southeast Asia

There is a commodity expression: ; Singapore – place where money makes. Thailand is a place where they spend them, and Malaysia is a place where they live ;. And indeed, all the conditions for a comfortable life are created here: prestigious universities, huge modern shopping centers, endless evergreen parks and other benefits of civilization. A feature of the country is an incredibly pedestrous national composition, on two square meters of street space, you can easily communicate up to five different nationalities, but the dominant are Malays, Hindus and Chinese.

Kuala Lumpur &# 8211; Rest for excursion lovers

The main city of the country – Kuala Lumpur, prosperous, modern capital and the largest megalopolis. This is the city of skyscrapers and ultramodern highlights, closely intertwined with antique colonial-style buildings. Walking through the capital’s streets, do not cease to be surprised at the bizarre combination of antiquity and modernity of urban landscapes drowning in the greenery of trees and shrubs.

Kuala Lumpur offers its guests a rich cultural program, good does not have a shortage of attractions. First of all, tourists arrived in Kuala Lumpur go to the inspection of the main metropolitan attraction – world famous twin towers Petronas. The spectacle is really impressive, especially if you come in the evening, when millions of lights highlight these majestic skyscrapers, the height of which is 452 meters. Petronas towers occupy the fourth place in the world in the height of the structure. In the evenings, at the foot of the towers, you can observe an entertaining show of singing fountains covered by all the colors of the rainbow.

China Town &# 8211; Quarter with a special atmosphere

Also, the independent attractions of the capital of Malaysia is the Ethnic Chinese Quarter China Town. This is the area where it will be possible to experience what Asia is and what it is eaten with. In this colorful place can be:

  • Find a turtle soup;
  • Try Chinese sweets;
  • evaluate the taste of fried chestnuts;
  • chew a dried lizard, probably there are lovers!

There are many shops with millions of tea varieties, pharmacies of Chinese traditional medicine, porcelain, spices, spices and healing herbs.

Sultan Abdul-Samad Palace

Sultan Abdul-Samad Palace, this is another place, mandatory for visiting, is located on Independence Square. Awesome architectural creation, built in the Moorish style, fascinates with its beauty, especially in the evening, when the lights illumination lights light up.

Rest in Malaysia from A to I a guide to the heart of Southeast Asia

Best time to visit &# 8211; The end of summer, as August 31, there is a unique festive parade in honor of the National Day. In the New Year, lush walks are arranged in the palace, which attracts a lot of curious tourists. Near the attraction, literally 600 meters away, there is another interesting object Kuala Lumpur &# 8211; Mosque Jamek.

Caves Batu in Malaysia

15 km from the center of Kuala Lumpur, there is another curious place that deserves the attention of the tourist. Caves Batu – a badge where the pilgrimage of hundreds of thousands of Indians is held annually. The complex of cave hills, carefully protected by hundreds of local macaques, rightfully deserves to be seen. Getting enough simple:

  • by bus From Puduraya Bus Terminal station &# 8211; It goes about 45 minutes.;
  • Metro before Putra Terminal and then &# 8211; By taxi, I advise you to immediately agree with the driver about the way back, it will be cheaper.

Also take care of comfortable clothes and shoes &# 8211; We’ll have to walk, so to speak, in rough terrain. Replaceable clothes will not be superfluous, by the way, I do not recommend buying flowers at the entrance to the caves, prices are too high, and bouquets are collected for pilgrims.

When it is better to go to rest in Malaysia?

High season lasts in Malaysia all year round &# 8211; Here 12 months a year is hot, and the weather differs only by the amount of precipitation, due to the equatorial climate. Best months for rest &# 8211; March and October, although in general the entire summer period is comfortable for tourists.

In winter, from November to February, it rains in Malaysia, the sediments fall daily, but it does not spoil the stay, as the day is usually sunny, and bad weather is played in the evening. True, it becomes harder to transfer heat because of high humidity.

Malaysia for tourists &# 8211; Useful advice

So, if you are going to go to Malaysia in the near future, my tips 100% will be useful, because I just recently returned from this country, and was not the first time there. What you need to know about travel?

  1. Inside the country is best move by plane &# 8211; Prices for air travel Democratic, but buses and trains on the level of comfort leave to desire the best. The main thing &# 8211; Book tickets in advance, they quickly offer them.
  2. Without a local SIM card can not do &# 8211; You can buy at the airport, so you can save in touch. Traffic is enough to call a taxi, use maps and applications to communicate with relatives.
  3. Be modest &# 8211; Malaysia is a Muslim country, Therefore, dress restrained, carry a handkerchief with you if you plan to visit holy places. Otherwise you may not even be used to the cathedrals.
  4. Use Free public transport &# 8211; In Kuala Lumpur and Penang, pink buses on the most attractive places for tourists. You do not need to pay for tickets &# 8211; All Dar.
  5. Take care of finance &# 8211; Immediately say, In Malaysia, it is unprofitable to pay a card, Better to bring cash. Also be sure to stock small bills, do not change dollars at airports, the course is terrible.

By the way, spend time on shopping in Kuala Lumpur I do not advise &# 8211; There is nothing interesting here, it is better to visit another excursion, sit in the cafe, enjoying national delicacies, or visit the parks, admiring the motley birds and flowers.

Malaysia is a special state that does not like its Asian brothers. Friendly people, clean streets, rich cultural heritage, all this makes many people come back here again and again. Colorful sights, chic excursion program, beautiful beach holidays and beauty of nature &# 8211; Malaysia is something to surprise foreign guests.

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