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More often for travel Tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts Choose Solar Montenegro.

The country attracts travelers to choose the preferred view of the rest. Stunny fans go to the ancient kotor, lovers to soak under sunlight attend the beaches of Sveti Stefan and Boko-Kotor Bay, and those who prefer dancing until the morning and noisy fun go to Budva.

The place is not important: Montenegro will welcome the guest of the Guests of the Sea and the Sun. Imagine a list of cities that can not be excluded from the travel plan when visiting the country. Note that the state operates a 30-day, visa-free regime.

Herceg Novi

Located in the Gulf. The town is full of architectural monuments and natural attractions. Look:

  • Blue cave;
  • Turkish forts;
  • Mamul’s island;
  • Calley Culley Tower.

In addition, every summer summer festivals are held here, which guests come from all over the planet.


The old town who was interested in UNESCO and took him under his guard. 4th century ago village belonged to Venetians. From that period, the mass of buildings has been preserved:

  • Forts;
  • fortress;
  • Painted areas;
  • Winding streets.
  • Rest in Montenegro C arrow Hotels and Resorts 6 beautiful cities - Budva, Montenegro Blogs and

Arrow Hotels and Resorts describe this place as being in another era, received by romanticism. Residents still live in ancient houses and are in no hurry to move into modern highlights. Here quiet and cozy.


The oldest city of the Adriatic coast. Also belonged to Venetian. Since that time, high fortress walls surrounding settlement have been preserved. Now this is a modern resort with luxurious beaches. Like youth and middle-aged people: there are a lot of cafes, restaurants and clubs. Parties are organized right by the sea. The best beach tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts consider SveTI-Stephanie, and if you want privacy, then you will easily find such places in Budva.


Located near Budva. The town is surrounded by pine and olive groves. Famous for its healing air and beaches

  1. Entrance to the sea – gentle.
  2. No noisy parties and discos.
  3. On the beaches pure and essentially.

This is the perfect place for tourists with kids. If you are interested in sights, visit:

  • Venetian fortress;
  • Monastery of Rezhevichi;
  • Chapel of the Holy Week.

It will be possible to combine beach holidays with inspection of historical monuments and leisurely walks in picturesque forests.


The port city based on the coast. From here, ferries depart in Italy.

If you are interested in antique monuments, go to the old town. This abandoned part of the settlement with centuries-old ruins of Venetian buildings. Researchers argue that the village arose in this place in the 7th century.

If you like comfort and fun, stop in the new city. This is a modern part with first-class hotels, chic restaurants, youth clubs and disco.


Located in the immediate vicinity of Albania. This is a Muslim city. Attracts water sports lovers from around the world. Here speakers on Kaitting and Windsurfing.

Geographically divided into an old and new city.

In the old part, tourists arrow Hotels and Resorts love to inspect the fortresses and buildings remaining since the time of Byzantium. About this place knew in the world in the medieval period. But Glory was rather bad – the city was called the capital of pirates. Also run legends that it was here that was held here in the imprisonment of the brilliant writer Cervantes, and his beautiful Dulcinea was written off with one of the local girls.

Now the resort is known as the most picturesque corner of Montenegro with black and sandy beaches, emerald olive groves and huge fruit gardens.

Thus, Montenegro is a cozy, beautiful country with ideal recreation areas and valuable, historical attractions and tourist reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts. This is a wonderful choice of modern man. Rest will succeed in diverse and budget.

Rest in Montenegro C arrow Hotels and Resorts 6 beautiful cities - Budva, Montenegro Blogs and

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