Rest in North Korea

North Korea is considered truly a unique communist country. Traveling to the country is filled with exotic.

The legal side of the state is not at all similar to our. All areas of activity, ranging from industry and ending with cars, belong not to the people, but by the state.

Rest in the republic is not so popular, as for example, in neighboring South Korea. But tourists are waiting there, there are no special restrictions upon entry.

Rest in North Korea

The people in the country are hardworking, all the achievements are the fruit of their centuries-old labor.

West an ancient history of Koreans, among attractions – Anakan Tomb, the Grave of King Tangan, the Royal Palace of Anghakun.

Today tourism in the DPRK is developing rapidly. Tours are saturated with various programs.

Each arriving is provided by an individual guide, Which will tell and show all the features of the country, the best monuments of architecture, vintage structures at the government level.

Tourists have their own program.

Where we go?

Mostly tourists go to the center of the country to the Eastern Sea, also in Pyongyang.

The zone of the North to tourists is not available.

To get to Mount Packtusan, you need to order a flight by plane, it is impossible to get ground.

In the DPRK, everything is organic, rivers, fields in rice. People hardly seeing, stubborn, most owns weapons.

The uniqueness of the state is its system of values, ideology, not similar to other countries. If you missed the Soviet past – then you in the DPRK.


The capital of the DPRK is located on the banks of the Tadongan River, lives in the spirit of the discipline of progress, the much different from neighboring cities of Asia.

The city is amazing, fountains everywhere cascades sweep up to 150 meters. These are the highest fountains in the world.

On the streets purely, there are no merchants, advertising boards, even cars and cyclists.

Nine Mountain Mountains Kuvolsan

In Kuvalsan, a visit to which is also included in the tour, the Tandogan River proceeds, the district is in the west of the state.

Famous by mountain peaks, picturesque valleys, cascades of waterfalls, pointed rocks.

These are a favorite place of tourists for hiking.

Near the main mountain range, there are still shrines, palaces, the fortress walls, erected at the Choson dynasty.

In the south of the republic in Samson, there is still a resort, called "Earth of Pleasure", also the Temple of Volubegs.

Sacred Places in Korea

Koreans honor holy places available in the country. Tourists have the opportunity to visit them located near the Mountains of Kymgansan, Packtusan Lakes heated by thermal hot springs.

Temperature of water +6 degrees Celsius, reservoir is considered the coldest on the planet.

North Korea is famous for mountain peaks, engaged up to 80% of the country.

The province of Canvon is famous for picturesque mountain panoramas, quaint cliffs. The gates formed from the stones, through which the waterfalls will overturn.

Such types of landscape are rare, they do not have this in the world.

In the region there are many lakes, mineral thermal sources, shrines Buddha, preserved with deep antiquity.

Issue tourist medical insurance

Tour tours and rest in the DPRK

It is better to visit the country in spring or autumn. In summer he is very humid, frequent rains.

The most popular vouchers to the country, beach tours are not very in demand, although to visit the yellow and Japanese Sea, probably, I want everyone.

Tours are offered by group and individual, business travel is possible, mapping route depending on individual preferences:

  • You can arrange a tour for a week from Moscow through Seoul, Key, Puasan, the cost ; 2200 $ .
  • Tour through Seoul and Incheon for a week 1550 $ .
  • On May holidays, you can take a tour from Moscow through Seoul for 850 $ .
  • Visit 3 kingdoms: Seoul, Muju and Pouasan for 8 days ; for 3313 $ .
  • Mega ; tour for 37 days, ranging from Shanghai to Kyoto and Nara, visit Seoul, Bali for 2 weeks per 2000 $ .
  • Milor ; tour March 8 for a week for 1060 Euro .

Organization of tourism in the DPRK

DPRK is unique, not comparable to other places on the planet.

Those who were born during the USSR from travel will be delighted, this will allow you to return to the past.

The laws and rules in the country are very different, the people hides. It is difficult to achieve any ; or information about the country of relevant residents.

Today tourism in the country is settled. The direction is popular among the Chinese, for South Korean citizens no need to enter the entrance.

Unlike China in the country a lot of cheap goods, for what many Chinese are actually riding.

The tour includes standard programs, a prerequisite ; A visit to Pyongyang for several days, also in other places in the country.

Also you will be in the mausoleum of the leader Kim Il San, on the trophy ship Pueblo. Features of the Republic – Mountains, when leaseing an aircraft, you can visit Mount Packtu, Mechan.

Nature is amazing, many places that are not touched by a person.

Palace and Waterfall in North Korea

Life in the country is calm and measured. No crime thanks to the political system and ideology of the country based on the ideas of Chukhche.

Travel features in the republic

At the entrance to the country, tourists have limitations, and tour operators immediately warn about it:

  • Do not enter into a dialogue with local residents;
  • It is impossible to abandon the route for exemplary places, visiting the natural cultural monuments, the sports palaces;
  • You can not upload photos to the Internet;
  • bad responding about the country in media;
  • communicate with the media by transferring information about the republic. View attractions, exposures of museums tourists guaranteed.

The cost of travel

All tours to the country are quite expensive.

The lion’s share of the cost of the voucher will have to give for flight.

For accommodation in a 2 star hotel will have to give $ 100 . It is very expensive because 4 stars hotels, and there are few them there, do not pull, but mostly ride has hot water.

Although there are interruptions in Pyongyang, for example, in the metro electricity simply save, when it is not necessary to move to the touch.

The luxury is considered hot water, so the prices for tours are so high.

When buying a tour will have to pay 60 Euro for a visa , Cost of the tour for the week on average- 1400 Euro , This amount included Medstrashovka, accommodation in the hotel, excursions, transfers, museum trips.

If you need a luxury number, you have to give a day 250-300 Euro .

Hotels in North Korea

Rest in North Korea

Hotels provided an unusual design of the form of a pointed rock or a tuting rocket as Pogaunotel.

Unusual projects were conceived by architects specifically for aliens.

Room in the hotel in North Korea

Today, fashion for such tourist facilities has passed. For tourists more lifetime in the hotel Coroo, Dzhanggacdo.

Coming more interested in the island, where hotels are actually located. From any room opens just a wonderful panorama, stunning views.

But, Alone without a guide tourists on the streets to go banned, What also brings some inconveniences. All people punctual, order in the country – all.

Order cheap transfer ; Taxi in Korea

What tours include?

  1. If you fly, for example, from Moscow to the cost of the tour included payment for honey insurance, Cutting excursions with Russian-speaking guide, hotel accommodation 4 stars, full pension conditions.
  2. You can visit museums for free, Attractions Pyongyana.
  3. Regardless of the type of tour and city of departure in Russia, the cost of a visa and airfare is not included in the voucher, This is paid separately.
  4. When buying a trip, operators offer check-in in a spacious luxury room With a pompous interior who have witnessed Soviet times with the presentation of comfort in those times, but also prices for tours will be appropriately higher.

Food in North Korea

Korea to this day remains poor state. External sanctions in the country prevent the importation of the goods in full, many products – deficit.

You will not be served a cup of tea, and the Koreans themselves brew one bag to several people in order to save the same tea.

Expensive in the country fruits, vegetables but meat and cereals can be bought at a reasonable price.

Korean national food

Kitchen Korean original, in the diet include: seafood, meat, soups, rice, soy, legumes, vegetables.

With different sauces served raw crab, chicken legs, acute paste of seafood soups, Korean kebabs.

Guests can dine in the café, restaurant, mostly Korean national, or European cuisine.

Rice is considered a separate dish, served in bowls.

Select your route

Trip to socialism can become truly unique. Impressions are incomparable to other places.

Tours are offered different.

  1. 8 days you can go in the winter and enjoy the snow-capped mountains Mehangorod, Phenyanom, Namo port. Winter trip allowed all foreigners.
  2. 12 days Grand -tur issued, to meet with Korea can be more thoroughly, also with its cultural, historical, natural, ideological values.
  3. 15 days full of program, you can relax on the beach Mazon, visit the East Sea, on the Diamond Mountains, the resort Rengan. This is probably the best tour option.
  4. 15 days It invited to the grand tour. Among other things, you can see the sacred mountain Paektu Paektu volcano to visit at home, Kim Jong Il, to spend the night in a hotel near the Mount Kumgang Kumgang, visit the town of Sariwon, mountains Kouvola.
  5. 8 days make a photo tour at Diamond Mountain offers a new hotel, located among the most beautiful of the mountains.
  6. For 5 days you can take a tour with a visit to the pioneer camp Sondovon, visit the Giant snow-white beach surrounded by forest.
  7. 34 days you can buy a tour of the North Korean city, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, to visit 10 countries in Asia, see the famous Halong Bay Vietnam, Borneo island, the temple complex of Angkor Wat.

How to pave the route yourself?

Book a route and the hotel yourself. But entering North Korea is currently permitted only as part of an officially organized group.

The visa is drawn up only on the group.

When buying a trip of a tour operator, the whole trip will be under the guidance of two guides, which will also live with you in one hotel.

Journalists cannot enter the visa tour.

You can get to the republic via China, but in advance it is necessary to issue a visa first for China, then for the DPRK. Being in Beijing without a visa you can not more than three days.

It should be borne in mind that in the DPRK you can not get from South Korea, as well as. Allowed to rest foreigners in Specialsone Rason, in Amazon and near Lake Sudjung.

If you are going to go to the country, get ready for time to lose touch with the whole world, There is no Internet anywhere in the republic, only intranet.

Where to stay in North Korea?

Pyongyang takes guests with a proposal of two hotels: Yangacdo and 4 stars, You can choose any.

The first hotel is located on the island of Yangaku River Tedon, Panorama Of course, from the windows of the hotel is very beautiful.

The hotel is equipped with three restaurants, a casino, a bar, without a guide you can walk along the embankment.

Today, Hotel Jianssan 5 stars is open, where conditions are much better than steel hotels.

With an independent trip, you can stay near the Japanese Sea. Namely near the razon zone, in Mahjon, on the beach of Lake Sudjungso, the famous mud.

You can visit the Mubon recreation area near the highest mountain Packtusan.

Popular Resort Radon, South Pyongyana, Solvolsan Mountains Resort.

Trip cost to North Korea

Go for 6 days to soak on the best beaches you can 1200 $ .

In the country, the main currency is euro, therefore, on average, a tour of 5 – 10 days will cost up to 1500 euros , rent a day 200 euros .

Consider what expensive food, car rental and aircraft.

Tourist reviews and trips reports

Tourist reviews are very different:

  1. ;Was in Korea, I advise you to go. The sea is clean, ecology is not spoiled by people, people are slightly naive, but children are talented. The country is better to go from Vladivostok and at the end of the summer, for 10 days 16000 rubles. Quite enough. You can buy tickets in a travel agency Berkut, Dalienist, in Biennes – Mosaic. Country of the DPRK is just fabulous, I want to go again. ;
  2. ;Places are environmentally friendly, But the problems in hotels with water, the sanitary requirements are not respected in the streets, the food in the hotel offers the same, tasteless. View Attractions Selflessly, only with a guide, the rooms are listening, in general, there are many restrictions, we are not accustomed to such. Why go, only for clean places? ;
  3. ;Tired bows of man-made monuments In this communist country, not everyone will endure this, the country is exotic, an amateur. Although this real in our country I would not want. We have long and far away from the Soviet past and thank God, it’s great. ;
  4. ;Really liked Korean cuisine, nature, Diamond Mountains, Breeds are unique, there are no more anywhere else. Water in rivers crystal clear, unmatched waterfalls, canyons. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get to the Korean Peninsula, Mount Packt, Motherland Kim Jong Ira. Lucky with the guide, talkative, respectful, but the cult of personality just shocked. Wildness to bow leaders, statues that cost everywhere, even in small villages. History about leaders heard at every step. Locals are sainted in the leader, as in God. There is not enough energy in the country, cars ride firewood. DPRK, of course, an amateur. But, nature there is a unique place just unique, you won’t see such mountains anywhere else. People are clean, which speaks of hotels and beaches, cleanliness around. ;

Get ready for a trip thoroughly, consider all the country’s features. Want you do not want, but the order and mentality must be observed.

Discipline in the republic, the organizational level does not matter equal.

Try to get on official holidays. See many mass events with dancing, festivals, folk games, performances of famous artists.

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