Rest in Orlando in the winter and autumn period

The most important thing is that there is a beach vacation . The climate allows you to swim in the ocean waves all year round. Therefore, the resort is popular with surfers from around the world. There are entertainment here and for older tourists, and for those who just want to relax from the ordinary bustle, bring a tan and a lot of impressions. You can dress easily.

Ski Resort Pelion Sunrise

Americans are known for their maximalism, giantomania and skill globally think. It means that everything in the world is trying to make universal, even resting. In 2012, an idea arose to build a ski in Florida Resort Pelion Sunrise. The longest route was planned with a length of 800 meters. But the idea is still not embodied. So while we suggest having fun more familiar to these places. After all, the sun in Florida shines more than three thousand hours a year.

Beach season all year round in Orlando

If you want to get a high-quality modern and diverse rest, it is better from all Florida cities to choose Orlando. This is a city without a rich history, but already in the twentieth century it was created as a center for entertainment, and now it is. Beaches here, as well as on the whole coast Florida, Clean and pleasant. Temperature keeps about thirty degrees all year. In addition to ordinary beach cases, you can do diving, surfing, windsurfing – everything that is enough fantasies and skills.

Waterpark Laguna Typhunov

Sometimes I want not only to relax on the outdoor beach and swim in boring familiar waves. Then best move to the water park. Especially Waterpark Laguna Typhunov – one of the best in the world. Disney Typhoon Lagoon takes a considerable territory and amusement spectrum striking. There is a Stater Mountain, imitation of the alloy on a steep mountain river, turns, many pools. It is no coincidence that the park is called the name of water water films. The head of this wealth of entertainment and experiments will be spinning from any. The most important thing is all roller, crackers and swimming pools are absolutely safe.

Orlando – city parks

For those who are tired of swimming and sunbathing, best to visit the park. V Orlando there are many of them, including a lot of amusement parks. One of them will like all fans Harry Potter. Which fans did not want to visit Hogwarts. And such an opportunity is! Used super-modern multimedia.
Another plus: Megaatractation Created by the hands of artists and designers who worked with the movie-efficiency. There are even real speaker portraits. You can fully immerse yourself in the universe of enemies, friends and adventures Harry, created by the writer Joan Rowling. She herself put her hand to the creation of this magic complex.
There is a chance to buy a magic wand in "Ollivander shop store". And if after the excursion it will want to sit down, visit "Three Brooms". Then you will learn the taste of authentic cream beer. The world of magical adventures is embodied up to the smallest details.

Kennedy Space Center

Rest in Orlando in the winter and autumn period

Near the city on Cape Canaveral there is a real acting cosmodrome. There is also a database of preparation. It is clear that visiting these places is not for everyone. Thus, it is interesting that the Multimedia Space Center Kennedy is there.
Exact science and conquest of the universe, the ability to feel like a hero and immersion in the orbital station – all this is available and children and adults. Not so often you can watch the launch of the missile "straight from the mine itself" or stroll through the park rocket. This is not some kind of boring museum from the past, where tubes with food and space safts are shown. There are many interactive games and exhibits here.

Walt Disney World

Go to Orlando and not to visit Disneyland – a crime. Perhaps it can even be taken to the Civil Code of each country. Indeed, here is one of the magical worlds Walt Disney. Who does not want to walk by the handle with Mickey Mouse or visit the castle Mermaid, And also to see the beauty and monster? This park was created as a copy of what is located in Los Angeles. But now this option is supplemented, the park is wider, more interesting and much more complete.

National Museum of War in Vietnam

Many entertainment trips may be bored. Then welcome to National Museum of War in Vietnam – This exposure is exactly serious. What can you see here? First, this is a museum who entered the top five best museums Orlando. Every room is devoted to one stage of America War with Vietnam. Halls are located in chronological order. The controversial war, but learn the true attitude of the Americans to everything worth it.

So, B Orlando can be tanned, improve health, have fun perfectly, and even think about it and sink. And it will definitely want to come again, because it is impossible to cover the whole world at once. And you can come in the eternal summer and in the fall, and in winter.

Rest in Orlando in the winter and autumn period

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