Rest in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea &# 8211; East Half Country New Guinea and several smaller nearby islands in Pacific Ocean. Archaeological evidence suggests that people appeared in New Guinea yet 35 thousand years ago. Up to the beginning of the colonization of the island, the Stone Age reigned here, and the local population – Papuans and Melanesians – mined food hunting and collecting. New Guinea was opened by Portuguese yet in XVI century, But the development of its Europeans began only at the end XIX century. A considerable role in the study of the island and its inhabitants was played by the Russian traveler Nikolay Miklukho-Maclay. Territory modern Papua New Guinea at the end of the XIX – early XX The century belonged at the beginning Great Britain and Germany, and later she was transferred Australia. During World War II She was occupied Japanese troops. Independent country became in 1975. After that, there were no insurgents here, as well as the partisan war – Bougainville Island Tried to get independence.


Papua New Guinea lies south of the equator and has Tropical climate – hot and wet. The temperature during the year almost does not change and equal +26-27C, But in the mountains is much cooler (at the height More than 2500 meters There is no warmer +10C). Daughters season in coastal areas lasts approximately From December to March, and in the mountains the small rain almost does not stop.

New Guinea Lies in Seismically active zone, Therefore, here are often here Earthquake, Sometimes accompanied by tsunami. There are several acting volcanoes in the country.


Getting to Papua New Guinea Can be placed. Jacksons Airport Takes flights from Australia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines and T.D. There are no direct flights from Moscow, the most convenient to fly by the company Singapore Airlines. Citizens of Russia Visa is needed, You can get it in Consulate of Australia in Moscow.

In the country the easiest way to move local buses PMV. Roads in the country are bad. Almost all major settlements are associated with flights – there are 2 airlines in the country Air Niugini and Airlines PNG. Between the islands you can also move on boats or ferries (go 2-3 times in Week).

One of the official languages ​​of the country is considered English – Rather his local version. In addition, there are more in the country 820 languages (almost every village has its own language).

Landscape and interesting places

Central mountainous part of the island was not applied to cards to 30s of the XX century. Until now, there are unexplored places in it, periodically open new types of plants and animals. Here you can still find people who can tell about their first meeting with metal guns. Papua New Guinea – Unique Country: Less than 150 years ago people lived here in the Stone Age, and today there is an Internet. This country is real Live and dynamically developing museum. Papua New Guinea can be called Modern Terra Incognita – And this is what it is attractive for tourists, but tourists experienced, not newcomers. It suits them unreal Beautiful nature, unique Flora and Fauna, Non-turntable Coral reefs and traces of shipwrecks of the World War II.

North Coast of the country (Mandang) Great for diving – Local reefs are home to a variety of rare fish species, can also be seen under water Wheels of Japanese fighters with weapons and cargoes. Tracking lovers like Active volcanoes and forests near Madga. Many artisans live in the city.

In the southern part of the island is Cokeoda tract – almost 100-kilometer road, for which battle was carried between the Japanese and Australians in 1942. This path takes place in very difficult conditions of relief and climate, therefore is popular with lovers of complex hikes. Fans of tracking, as well as rafting will like and Central mountainous part of the country.

Rest in Papua New Guinea

Island New Britain offers wonderful snorkeling, as well as mountain trekking. There are here I Thermal sources. Oriental Bougainville Island It is famous for the wealth of nature and world-class diving, as well as excellent trekking conditions. There are here I Japanese relics of the Second World War.

Papua New Guinea – This is the most suitable place to observe luxurious birds (including the country’s emblem – Paradise bird) and sea fishing (here are found Tuna, Mackerel, Black and Blue Marlin and T.D.).

Kitchen and overnight

Local dishes do not differ in special diversity &# 8211; As a rule, it is rice or potatoes with meat. Spices are used a bit, but they prepare all this in the underground furnace. Basic Drinks – water (It is recommended to use only bottled) and local beer.

Hotels in the country a little (only in major cities and major tourist areas, for example, in Port Moresby), and they are very expensive. Many villages have more accessible Guest Houses. Often, locals can offer overnight and even for goodbye to give the address of their relatives in another settlement.

Be sure to remember that Papua New Guinea Not included in the list of the safest countries of the world. Crime level is quite high, Therefore, you need to follow safety rules. But in general, people are very friendly here and are always ready to help.

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