Rest in Pitsunde

The famous Pitsunda climatic resort (Bichwinta) lies on the same cape only 5 km south-east of the mouth of the Bzyb River and 15 km south of Gagra (roads – about 25 km). This is one of the most unique corners of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, known primarily by its well-kept small and semi-adhesive beaches, as well as an array of a long-haired Pitsund Pine and Samsite, which is part of the Pitsundo-Mussers.

Why go to Pitsundu

The extensive peninsula formed for many millennia by the Nanos of the Bzib River, forms here very unusual for Abkhazia Recreation Conditions. First, it is plain, the nearest mountain slope from the resort center is almost 3 km, so you can move without much voltage. Secondly, an array of sushi-outstanding array changes significantly changes the nature of the coastal currents, and the sea off the coast of Pitsunda is very calm and clean. And thirdly – the famous Pitsundsky Forest, whose lively breathing satums air phytoncides and creates a unique atmosphere, especially in the summer.

It also contributes to the popularity of Pitsunda, the abundance of sanatoriums built back in Soviet times – it is the multi-storey "Tower" Pension Complex "Pitsunda resort" ("Lighthouse", "Amara", "Amra", "Colchida", "The Golden Fleece", "BZBY" and "Apsns") and form a well-recognizable outline of the coast.

Sights of Picunds

The resort area is rich in historical monuments that will be interested in examining both adults and children. In the very center of the town rises the famous Pitsundsky Cathedral in honor of the Apostle Andrei First Called – the largest random-medieval temple of Abkhazia. Currently, it is part of the historical and architectural complex "Great Pitian", In which the remnants of the ancient fortress and a small chapel are also included. Presumably VI-X centuries. In addition, Pitzunda is easy to go to the Valley of the Bzibu River with its numerous natural monuments (Gegian Waterfall, Yupshchar Gate, Blue Lake, Waterfall "Girls tears", "Men’s tears" and so on) and rice lake.

Popular seats of the resort are the historical and architectural complex "Great Pitian", Dolmen on the territory of the temple, the resort hall and water rides on the territory of the complexes of the complex "Pitsunda resort", The inner harbor of the ancient colony was a small lake Inkit, a private museum of the history and ethnography of the peoples of the Caucasus named after George Hetzuriani ("Old mill") in Lidzava, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants.

Rest in Pitsunde in the summer

Rest in Pitsunde

In the summer, Pitsunda is considered the best place to relax with children in Abkhazia – mostly calm sea, a wide black room (almost sandy) beach, lack of flows and always warm water in the sun-heated bay. The total length of the beaches of the resort is about 7 km. At the same time, the West Bank of the Peninsula is considered "wild" and stretches at all before the mouth of the Bzibe River, the central beach belongs to the complex "Pitsunda resort" and noticeably more well-groomed than many shores of the country, and in the northern part, the village of Lidzava (Ledza), the shore is noticeably narrowed, but it remains very comfortable for recreation. Only behind the mouth of the Riapsh River, he narrows and turns into a picturesque rocky coast, popular at fans of a solitary rest.

Rest in Pitsunda in winter, spring and autumn

Rest in Pitsunda in winter does not differ in variety. Pitsundskaya Pine Pine and Samsite Therapeutic Air even in the cool period continues to provide its beneficial effect in the cool period, so in the offseason, it is quite possible to pass a full course of treatment or just walk through the unique forest and the seashore. In addition, during this period, a trip to the Valley of the Bzyb River Valley, to Rica Lake or New Athos, since a low temperature makes the way less tedious. However, not all holiday homes and hotels in Pitsunda are suitable for a comfortable stay during this period, so you should carefully choose the placement.

Vacation in Pitsunda in spring and autumn is more interesting – walks through green alleys of a pine-sump grove can be combined with wellness procedures in the open in most of its boarding houses and sanatoriums, excursions to Rutza Lake and Natural Monuments of the Bzyb River Valley are perfectly combined with trips to numerous historical places of the coast. which during this period are especially picturesque, and low rates are capable of compensating for some household inconveniences. In addition, at the beginning of the middle of autumn, in the Pitsunda Bay, it is still quite possible to swim, and in the late autumn and at the beginning of winter the abundance of fruits is capable of more than compensated sometimes very non-permanent weather.

Rest in Pitsunde

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