Rest in places of delusion and vision

These countries and cities can be told infinitely for a long time, because they are able to charm, delight, mislead you, relax and surprise with their immediacy. Do not believe exclusively all coming there &# 8211; how many people there are so many opinions. And better if you go to these places yourself, and make sure that so much is told and said.

Mysterious Tunisia

For you, exciting tours in Tunisia from a professional travel agency will be the best time and the most pleasant acquaintance with this amazing piece of paradise.

After a trip to Tunisia, you will become a completely different person, and you can answer almost all questions about this country. What guides will tell you will remain in your memory for a long time. How was the history of this country, and how the world map changed – one of the most exciting narratives.

Gathering in Tunisia, prepare in advance to meet the sea. Wide golden-sandy beaches, crystal clear water and mild climate will impress even the most experienced tourist. But it’s not all that can please you Tunisia. Green gardens and olive groves &# 8211; One of the main doors of this country.

But where exactly do you want to relax – the choice is just huge.

Sousse – Ancient city in which the resort life is boil and flooded with light night city. Elegant embankment, shops, cafes and the old fortress are quite impressed by your idea about this city.

Old City Hammamet will delight tourists with citrus gardens and olive groves. Here it will seem to you that the time as if stopped, but it only at first glance so seems. You will see how time is mercilessly rushing and customizes you as much as you can see.

Shanghai surprise

No, we will discuss at all about the famous film "Shanghai Surprise" of the famous director Jim Goddard, but about an amazing journey to China’s largest city – Shanghai.

The most famous sights of Shanghai make this city with original and memorable, and the embankment is a meeting place for the Chinese and foreigners who walk with a leisurely step and look at street fun artists or mortar traders.

Shanghai is a kind of city-legend. And if you want to spend more time in this city and familiarize yourself with all its sights, then Shanghai hotels will provide you with the opportunity to relax and after long journeys, and walks.

Rest in places of delusion and vision

Cambodia – Travel to the Lost World

Cambodia is very often called Lost Miode. And rightly so, because so exotic you just will not see anywhere else. Cambodia is real reserved trails in the jungle, which have not had time to flood curious tourists.

Here you will not see pompousness and stripping. In this place The main place was taken by only temples, unique sculptures and bas-reliefs, But they all represent historical value. And to see in this noticeable world there is something.

What was built in the impassable jungle for the sixth centuries, now appears before the eyes of tourists and is equal only to the importance of Egyptian pyramids. In order for you to really find and inspected all the sights, you will need a Cambodia map in Russian, where all important values ​​are indicated.

And if you are lucky enough to visit and learn this lost world a little, be sure to appreciate the beauty Temple Ta-Prom, Which with its powerful roots enveloped huge trees, bow the symbol of the church of Cambodia Angkor Wat and take a picture of an amazing building in the form of heaps of stones – Temple Bayon.

Naturally, to appreciate this beauty to dignify, you will need a visa to Cambodia. You only need to decide what kind of visa you most suitable &# 8211; Transit, short-term or national. And find out all the nuances of it. And believe only then your dream will come.

It is said that a good rest &# 8211; It is always a guarantee of success and inspiration. And perhaps these trips will be enthusiastic for your further creative plans, at least virtually.

Rest in places of delusion and vision

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