Rest in Sharm El Sheich in summer

The past summer season was the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh unusually successful. Charter to the resort raised by Russian companies three years ago, for the first time loaded almost completely throughout the season. It happened due to the increase of interest in Sharm el-Sheikh, and only due to the fact that firms managed this year to offer customers competitive prices.

The Scherm El Sheikh resort was opened for Russian tourists not so long ago, about three years ago. This resort is generally considered to be relatively young, the first foreign tourists began to relax here ten years ago. Compared to Hurghada, Sham-El Sheikh – more expensive and prestigious resort. True, as noted in travel agencies, a relatively high level of prices is fully justified: the service in local hotels is distinguished by high quality. Sharm el-Sheikh has other advantages. Lovers of diving are happy to rest here, as it is possible to drink underwater swimming right from the shore. The resort is also rich in coral gardens. And a few kilometers from him there is a one-of-a-kind National Marine Reserve of Ras Mohamed, where unique samples of flora and the fauna of the Red Sea are presented. Despite the hot climate, in Sharm el-Sheikh, as in all Egypt, is very dry, which makes it easy to carry heat.

Despite the obvious advantages of Sharm el-Sheikh, so far there were relatively few Russian tourists here, compared to the same Hurghada. Some experts associate it with a high level of prices, others – with the fact that the resort is still little known in the Russian market. In the current summer season, according to the overall assessment, the situation has changed for the better.

According to the general manager of the company "Olympia" Irina Nosova, first of all, this happened due to a serious reduction in prices as a result of the opening of a large number of new hotels. New hotels are constantly being built on the resort. 2000 in this respect has become perhaps a record.

Rest in Sharm El Sheich in summer

More than twenty new hotels in the first line opened in Sharm El Sheikh. In addition, a large number of small and inexpensive hotels were built here. In October-November, several more hotels will open. As a result, the total number of places in hotels has increased dramatically. Previously, Russian travel agencies could not always book the necessary number: most places were employed by foreign tourists. Italians who have chosen this resort completely "captured" Some hotels, turning them into their holiday clubs. In this regard, some hotels have been not available for a long time for Russians. This year, many Italian tourists moved to new hotels, freeing the place in some hotels, where Russian tourists could not get. At the same time, not all of the newly open hotels were fully loaded. In this regard, their owners reduced the prices of accommodation, developed for Russian agencies of special offers. In some cases, prices have fallen almost twice as compared with last year. If in 1999 a weekly tour with accommodation at the hotel 5 * cost $ 500-600, then this summer such a travel agencies offered for $ 299. According to the executive director of VKO TRAVEL Kirill Piskov, the popularity of Sharm el-Sheikh is also explained by the increase in interest among Russian tourists to this resort. According to him, this is the great merit of the Egyptian representative office on tourism, which actively advertises its country in the Russian market. According to Mr. Pischov, the slogan representation "Egypt all year round" worked. Already, many Russian tourists are ready to visit the country in the summer month, in connection with which the flow of Russians in Sharm el-Sheik.

Three years ago VKO Travel and "Olympia" Raised charter to Sharm el-Sheikh. He enjoyed good demand among tourists from early September to mid-July. Summer travel agencies could not fill the plane. This year, for the first time charter was performed throughout the summer season. According to Kirill Piskov, the loading of the aircraft sometimes reached 90%. According to Irina nasal, there are several factors for this. First, lower prices in hotels of Sharm el-Sheikh. Secondly, flight consolidators, wanting to hold it throughout the season, reduced prices for flights: flight to both end cost approximately $ 175-185. As noted by the representatives of both travel agencies, it is only the beginning, and at the next summer season the flow of Russian tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh should still increase.

Rest in Sharm El Sheich in summer

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