Rest in Sweden: Best Attractions

Royal Residence DrotningHolm on the island of Louven

Not far from Stockholm, in the country Lake Melaren, located Luven Island. Right here King Yuhan III in the XVI century Decided to build for his spouse lock. A century he burned down, but was reconstructed and discouraged the fame of the Northern Versailal. This European residence is not hiding behind the gloomy walls and weapons towers. Around her, the Gardens in the English style and the style of French baroque were broken, fountains are installed, and antique sculptures and masterpieces of landscape design are decisions. In the depths of the park you can see Chinese Pavilion XVIII century, Court theater and church with the authority of 1730.

Amusement Park "Lizeberg"

V Gothenburg located One of the largest amusement parks in Europe, B-founded 1923. Visitors are waiting for attractions for any age – from carousels to American slides. The park open the doors of numerous restaurants offering traditional Swedish dishes. Even in winter "Lizeberg" Waiting for guests, turning into a real Christmas fairy tale (however, most attractions do not work, but a large rink is poured).

Lake Sturshen

Resting in the city Ostersund, Located on Lake Sturshen, You can use the opportunity and go to search "Swedish Nesssey" &# 8211; Storsjöodjuret Storsjöodjuret. For the first time it is mentioned in XVII century in a fairy tale, and at the turn XX-XXI centuries The monster was even photographed, but not caught as Nesseli From the lake Loch-Ness.


On Gotland Island There is a Swedish city Visby, in which annually in August is held Week Middle Ages, Like the time machine carrying local residents and guests of the city in the distant past. Festival lasts 8 days, At this time, it’s easy to meet on the streets knights and beautiful ladies, And if you wish, you can apply in the medieval outfit.


On Far North Sweden located Village Hammelstad, Educated by more B XIII century. He is perfectly preserved church town, which in Sweden used to have many. Church cities were centers of extensive parishes – believers could stay in the village for the night, if you did not have time to visit the church and on the same day go home because of the long distance. Main building Hammelstad is an Stone Lutheran Church of the XV century, Surrounded by more than 400 wooden houses painted in Red color. The planning of the village does not change Since the days of Middle Ages. In the summer, here you can meet many parishioners who come to confirm.


Get acquainted with how mined copper At one of the largest deposits in Europe, it is possible near the city Falun. It is often called simply – "Big Copper Mountain". Having ordered a tour, tourists descend on the elevator or the stairs to the depth 55 meters, Guide for the extent Almost 600 meters tells them about hard life Rudokopov, conducted under the ground 12 hours a day, introduces how ore in the Middle Ages was delivered to the surface. Dress and shoes for inspection of the field need comfortable because the mines are pretty cool, raw and slippery.

Stockholm Archipelago

Rest in Sweden Best Attractions

Sweden is famous for its islands, among which you can allocate Islands, rocks and islands of the Stockholm archipelago (their more than 24,000!). Tourists here attract picturesque landscapes, sightseeing routes and water entertainment. Islands – Great place where you can escape from fuss and noise to enjoy white nights on the sea coast.

Village Yukkasyarvi

Every year B Small village of Yukkasyarvi Building Ice Hotel, Ready to check for the strength of romantics and extremals, resolved for overnight in unusual conditions. From cold at the hotel where Even the beds are made of ice, Save only Reindeer skins and sleeping bags on fur or fluff. In the morning the rest is offered mulled wine. Walking is popular as an active holiday – on a dog harness or aerial.


Gotland Island It is considered one of the richest from cultural point of view. There is here churches, funeral monuments, grave hills, ruins of fortresses. Swedes are often called him Island churches And this is quite deserved – in any other part of Sweden (and in general in the territory of Northern Europe) there is no such accumulation of churches The epochs of the Middle Ages, most of which are valid.


This region can be bolder Paradise for ecotourists. Here merged together 4 National Park and passes Royal trail – Popular tourist route running near Mountains Kebnekayse. V Laponia You can meet S Byet Saamov, Save the traditional nomadic lifestyle based on reindeer herding.

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