Rest in Sweden

Recreation in landscaped Sweden Cannot be called budgetary pleasure. However, the high cost of services provided is justified by the beauty of local Spots, high level of infrastructure development, Set attractions, Rally cuisine and chic ski slopes.

Resorts and regions

The capital of this fabulous country is Stockholm. He is adjacent to S Baltic Sea and reservoir Melogen. Megapolis Forms 14 islands, which are connected to each other by almost 60 bridges.
Those who wish to admire Attraction The epochs of the Middle Ages expect Old Town of Gamla Stan. Still worth walking along Knight’s island Riddarholmene. Try not to forget about Nobel Museum, Cathedral, Royal Palace, as well as an ancient church dedicated to St. Nikolai. If bright parties are seduced, then you should go to Studen. Elite clothes are invited to purchase Estermalm, And excellent background for photo shoots will be able to find in Sedermalm. The sophisticated agents must necessarily visit Local museums, in which masterpieces in the field of art.
Seaport Gothenburg still called "Little London"Due to the mixing and diversity of cultural motives and customs. Once in these places lived English merchants. Here Mass of parks, Comfortable beaches and Amazing museums. Special demand enjoys strict Elvesborg fortress, Amusement Park "Lisurg", as well as elegant Castle Gunnebe and Gothenburg Opera.
Town Malmoney has small size, but in sufficient quantity has Parks and Beach. The central attractions include skyscraper "Turning torso", Shopping center "Emporia" and Erezunsky Bridge, protruding link between Dania and Sweden.
Fans Ski resort will be interested in such directions as San, Ore and Idre.


It refers to a moderate type passing from sea ​​climate To Continental climate. Winter The air temperature usually does not fall below &# 8211;16 °C. V Northern regions The air temperature may decrease to -22 °C. V Summer time The temperature of the air masses is usually not rising above +22 °C. V Mountains There is no warmer +17 °C. V Stockholm Thermometer column marks usually do not fall Below zero values even in The coldest winter months.
Nearness Baltic Sea and North Atlantic often causes changeable weather combined with winds and precipitation. Beach season in Sweden Mimolethen and lasts only with The second half of June up to The recent numbers of August.
But lovers Ski resorts More opportunities to enjoy local snow-covered slopes. Such a rest here is possible in the period from November to April.
Autumn here is rain and windy, which affects the decrease in the tourist flux. Spring is also free. Melting of snow is celebrated in Marta, And with the arrival April Start a blossom of meadows.

Cash units

The official currency is recognized Swedish crowns (SEK). One crown equivalent 100 Eram. Currency exchange is more profitable in Exchange points. In banks is enough High percentage of loss when converting currencies.


The generally accepted classification of hotels is missing. However, some Tour operators themselves distribute institutions by degree Starry. This is only their subjective perception. Here are represented Standard Scandinavian Complexes, providing temporary accommodation on its territory guests. These hotels Practical, Lained Excessive Paphos, Neat, Wellkered and Square. WITH 16:30 Cost on beverages and Food Reduced by ten%.
Everywhere in Sweden Presented hotels Deluxe. In the depths these are objects refurbished in hotels from the former noble and royal estates. Price tag for services in them is quite high.
Hotels and apartments Ski resorts, Made B Alpine style. The overwhelming part has saunas. Also in Sweden represented Hotels major world brands.

What is worth considering going to Sweden?

Rest in Sweden

In terms of Crime Development Sweden recognized one of the steady countries in the world. Still beware Pockets worth it here.
Litter on the streets forbidden. Fine only for one abandoned paper reaches 1,000 kroons. At local Pretty attitude To environment. After resting on nature, everything will be required Carefully remove and leave everything as it was Before your arrival.
Void Smokers v Sweden Also necessary not sweet. For violation ban on smoking in public places, including Restaurants, We have to pay up to 5,000 Kron. Only in some catering items there is for this Specially reserved zones, in which food and drink can not be able to get.
Restrictions regarding Alcohol expressed yet stronger. Alcohol sold only in specialized stores, working in Saturdays with Ten to lunch. Though beer can be purchased in The usual supermarkets. High modulated alcohol Release only persons from 20 years. However, in some restaurants and bars, this plank is reduced to 18 years.

Ski resorts

Swedish Nature Just created for riding on ski slopes. Pleasant climate, clean air, delightful landscapes, charming snow-covered vertices pretty Many tourists. Raisin of these places – Grand Height differences and Wide range of entertainment services.
Sweden Do not pretend to be The highest level of service. In this regard, it loses Finland. However, such minor little things as possible absence pointers or Lifts, early cease, It is unlikely that you can overstate your holiday as a whole.
The greatest attractiveness has Resort Ore. He disintegrates on Four settlements v luxury part Northern Europe. This direction is equipped with extensive chic Runs, as well as the required system Lifts. However, this is not limited to the choice of places for classes Active recreation.


Traditional buffet received recognition worldwide. Want to enjoy National dishes and feel local flavor, go to this wonderful country.
And you would like to get acquainted with this resort direction Even closer?

Rest in Sweden

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