Alone or with travel agencies?

Rest in Thailand is always new impressions, the sea is exotic and unforgettable impressions. And then you faces the question of choosing: an independent trip or contact a travel agency? And in that, and in other cases there are pros and cons. Let’s talk about them.

If you are traveling not only for the first time in Thailand, but for the first time abroad, it is better to ask for help in the agency or go to the company knowing people. Already after purchasing some travel experience with travel agency, it is worth thinking about independent trips to Thailand. Recently, going to relax in Thailand, more and more tourists prefer independent rest. But to find the right decision, let’s consider all the pros and cons of organized and independent tourism.

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The most important advantage of independent travel is, of course, the choice of any route and independence from standard tours. For lovers to travel in Thai towns, where the leg of an organized tourist did not go, this is a real chance to see the originality of the people, interesting architectural monuments, untouched primitive jungle in national parks and feel the unique neglence atmosphere of Thailand. You are not tied to the standard tour program and yourself can plan than and when you do, what sights will be inspected today, and where will go tomorrow. You can get closer to get acquainted with locals, their customs, tongue. You can freely move around the country, in the most interesting corners and towns, taking renting a car, aircraft, train or by regular buses.

Material side and safety

It is impossible to answer uniquely to the question "What is cheaper: independent travel or travel with travel agencies?" Everything will depend only on your imagination and recreation requirements. Often buy an organized tour to Pattaya and other seaside resorts to do cheaper purchase tickets to Bangkok. But if you are interested in a tour of several regions of Thailand, especially non-unrest, then the prices will be more expensive on individual tours than an independent trip.

Traveling with a tourist company is safe in terms of material aspect: you give some specific amount and get services – flights, transfers, insurance, stay with breakfast, some excursions and support of the host. Even if you have money, the hotel and other paid services for any reason on vacation.

In an independent trip, it is very difficult to calculate the exact amount of expenses, unforeseen spending always appear, and money is flying away at the speed of light. It is impossible to predict what situation you can get. To protect yourself and your capital in independent travel, you should act according to the plan of an organized tourist.

A very important point that, unfortunately, neglect some independent tourists – registration of medical insurance in order to protect themselves from unforeseen expenses for medical services. Part of the money is better to store on the map. The experienced travelers advise to take advantage of the 50-50 formula for storing money, that is, evenly distribute capital to the bank card and cash. Ensure a permanent connection with relatives by phone: either put a large amount of money at the expense of a mobile phone, or stockplays of a local SIM card. Then in any emergency cases, you can contact your relatives and agree on the transfer of money Western Union, which can be obtained in any branch of Bank of Ayudhya for an hour.

Information deficiency and complexity

The undoubted advantages in organized travels in Thailand should include saved time and effort. Travel option to Thailand with a tourist firm allows you to not pay special attention to the planning of the trip, it is enough to choose the region and the hotel you like, everything else will do a travel agency. It is convenient for those who have no time to prepare for the journey. At the resort you will be met, take away the hotel, the receiving company’s guide in Russian will tell about interesting places that you can visit, recommends the places where you can have delicious dinner, and in any situation you will have to contact.

Rest in Thailand - independently or with travel agencies, pros and cons of Phuket Guide

When choosing an independent travel, you need to think through all the points of your holiday, starting on booking tickets to communication methods with the local population. Most websites about Thailand that you need are written in English and Thai. Information in Russian, obtained in the World Wide Web, in guidebooks or from friends and acquaintances, is subjective and may not always correspond to reality. After all, it is beautiful and unique for some, no interest for others. In the conditions of a constantly changing world, it may also be irrelevant. For example, the hotel you like could close, and the guide was written much earlier.

In an unfamiliar country, initially it will be difficult to navigate, so you should thoroughly study every little thing in all points of your trip so as not to lose precious time. If such information you do not have, you will easily become a hostage to enterprising, but not always useful, services and people who will travel by taxi for transcendental prices, for money to give useless tips, offer expensive hotels, shops and restaurants where they give them a commission. As a result, a lot of strength and money will go to the decision of secondary questions.

Make an approximate plan of the day, learn hours and days of work of interest to you. Find out what way you can get to them, consider all options. The more it will be planned in advance, the less unpleasant surprises during the trip. It is reasonably evaluating your strength, you should not try to visit several cities in one day, leave time on vacation, food and unforeseen situations. In advance, find where the offices of the tourist tourism association in Thailand are located, you can get the most reliable information about the city and take free maps. The most detailed maps of Thailand and guidebooks can be purchased in bookstores. And better order a guide to Russian. Be sure to write down all the numbers of emergency telephones, the embassy of your country or representative.

During the journey, you can use your laptop or smartphone in hotels, restaurants and large shopping centers. To communicate with Thais, enough English, Thai is very complex, so capture with you on the russian-English dictionary or use the Google translator in my instruction. It should be noted that English in Thailand is far from perfect, you will often have to be explained by gestures.

Depending on your experience of independent travel and planning programs, it takes from several days to several months. Always remember, the more time you spend on recreation planning, the less problematic situations you will have, the more opportunity to know the beauty of Thailand, get acquainted with culture and history and communicate with interesting people.

No matter how you plan to go on your own or using travel agency, exotic and nothing transmitted by the beauty of Thailand will allow you to deduct from gray office everyday days and feel the real charm of the paradise corner. But if you do not want to overpay for rest with a travel agency, ride in the bake of tourist life, depend on the big groups and your guide, you want freedom and independence, the opportunity to choose what you like, – We recommend that you go on an independent trip.

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