Rest in the Czech Republic: 12 unforgettable pleasures

Czech Republic – country of endless surprises and attractions for any traveler, loving actively spending time, Picnic lovers in the garden, delicious kitchen and delicious wine.

Enjoy the vine: Palaw

Extensive Palava Territory Crossed by Hills, &# 8211; The perfect place to grow grapes. Whatever the cyclist you or pedestrian, go on the journey and try excellent Czech wines produced in this region. They are among the best in the Czech Republic.

Drink beer: Budejevice

One of the most popular brewers in the country is located in Budweezer’s house. Before try Flagship Liquor Budvara, Visit Budvar Brewery. Learn about the history of this place and brewing secrets. When after tasting and dinner at the local restaurant, I will want something for the soul, go to the market in Budejevice. There you can Undoubted the planning of the city And stroll through perfectly square square, one hectare size is the largest square in Europe.

Go crazy at the Music Festival: Dolny Vitkovice

Colores of Ostrava – the International Multi-Roise Festival, which is held in Ostrava since 2002. Four years ago, he was moved to the complex Dolni Vitkovice, who attracts visitors a unique musical atmosphere. Ticket price for 4 days will be about 8,000 rubles

Take care of your body: Karlovy Vary, Frantichkov Lazne, Mariana Lazni

During vacation, you can finally find time for yourself and take care of your body, establish a mental balance that was so lacking during the working year. Visiting the Czech Republic, be sure to stop in one of the most famous resorts. Feel like kings, aristocrats, artists or writers of previous epochs. After all, Karl IV, Goethe, Chopin, Wagner, Kafka and Mark Twain stayed here. Admire local architecture and feel a pleasant aftertaste of healing waters.

Ride in the footsteps of the Inquisition: Yesenik

Witch burning – The infamous moment in the history of Moravia. This was practiced in other countries. Take a bike trip along the Moravian Inquisition path, which begins with a pointer with a witch. You will see many memorial boards and monuments to hundreds of dead women.

Play Golf: South Czech Republic

South Czech Republic, famous for his hills, lakes and blooming meadows. In these places, the best golf courses that have already appreciated the greatest enthusiasts in this sport. Surrounded by forests of golf courses – Present pleasure For advanced players and beginners.

Breathe fresh air: Czech Switzerland

Country of ravines, sandstones, all sorts of rock formations, unique nature and rare animals – all that can be seen in Czech Switzerland. There You can ride a boat or stroll through canyons. Leave sultry cities, raise fresh air and admire the unique fauna and flora.

Admire the views of the "Little Eiffel Tower": Petrshin

Rest in the Czech Republic 12 unforgettable pleasures

If you are planning to visit Prague, do not forget about Petrshin. At the top of the hill in Petrshin is the "Little Eiffel Tower". From the observation deck you can admire the charm of the city, View from above on Charles Bridge, Gready and Towers of the Old Town. The best view opens at night when the sleeping city is lit by thousands of lights.

Feel the spirit of the ancestors: Olomouc

Olomouc – a city built in the Baroque style. It is located in the central part of Moravia. Over the centuries, Olomouc was Residence of the Czech Dynasty of Priseumsov. He was always the cultural and spiritual center of the Czech Republic with the University and the Cathedral. The column of the Holy Trinity rises above the city. She happens to be Strictly protected object, AMESCO National Heritage List.

Get visual pleasure: Lednitsky-Valtitsky complex

Lednitsky-Valtitsky complex – the most Global complex In the world with a territory of the total area of ​​more than 300 km2. Plan and go to a picnic to one of the gardens of the Liechtenstein Palace, admire the variety of buildings that are a totality of architectural styles, or swim in the lake.

Learn about Czech Culinary Traditions: Znochmo, Pardubice, Ivanchitsa

Czechs are definitely a social nation that likes to spend time surrounded by good people. Czech cuisine is simple, but brought to perfection. Fruit dumplings, sweet and salty potato pancakes, sauerkraut, cheese and ripening wines. This is Czech dishes that you must try by visiting this wonderful country.

Walk along the path of the castles of the Central Czech Republic: Cryption, Kutna Mountain, Konopiste Castle

Castles of the Central Czech Republic are standing in order to highlight the time to visit them. You are a fan of medieval architecture, cool walls and gloomy history? Visit Krshivoklat Castle. You will return for several centuries ago and plunge into Amazing story. If you are interested in the history of the Czech kingdom, be sure to devaway from the route and visit Kutna Mount. Konopista Castle – Residence of Ertzgezzog Ferdinanda. There you Feel like a real aristocrat.

Rest in the Czech Republic 12 unforgettable pleasures

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