Rest in the Czech Republic in 2019 &# 8211; why and where to go what to bring?

Czech Republic like me for a special atmosphere &# 8211; In this European country, there is some kind of unique spirit that charges a good mood. Here everything is measured, calmly, but at the same time &# 8211; Dynamic and misfortune, in a word, ideal for tourists who plan a rich program with the benefit of the soul.

Rest in the Czech Republic &# 8211; The main advantages

You can praise the Czech Republic infinitely for a long time, but believe me, it is worth only to come here, as all the advantages go to the background, and for you will open their advantages &# 8211; Unique and unique. For what I loved the Czech Republic?

  • A huge number of excursions &# 8211; There are so many historical sites that do not even hope for one visit to visit them all;
  • romance that hovering in the air &# 8211; In the Czech Republic, you can walk around the narrow streets with your loved one, dinner with candles, ride a harness of horses;
  • beautiful architecture &# 8211; Landscapes of cities are great and afternoon, and at night, when an unusual backlight turns on;
  • Vintage castles with an interesting past and a bunch of legends that the guide will tell;
  • Balneological features &# 8211; In the Czech Republic, you can fix health, local resorts were a favorite destination of the nobles and noble Pers
  • Excellent ski slopes &# 8211; Ideally, in winter to do an active holiday, there are routes for children, and for beginners, and for pros.

And also the Czech Republic &# 8211; It is a famous beer and no less beautiful kitchen, so I strongly recommend visiting local restaurants, optionally in tourist areas, where many pathos, better in the outback, there is everything at home easier, but also tastier, while prices are lower.

Rest in the Czech Republic in 2019; why and where to go what to bring

Where to go to the Czech Republic?

I thought for a long time about what cities are called the most beautiful in the Czech Republic and advise tourists, but it came to the conclusion that in this country everything is surprising and deserving attention, wherever you go, everywhere will be great. I also liked the classic &# 8211; Those cities of the Czech Republic with which the absolute majority of tourists are enthusiastic:

  1. Prague &# 8211; Czech heart, the most beautiful city of Europe. Cathedral of St. Vita, Valdshtein Garden, Charles Bridge, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Town Hall. 30 km from the city &# 8211; The legendary castle of Karlstein, where tourists are always a lot even in no-season.
  2. Czech krumlov &# 8211; City on the border with Austria, he is small, but cozy. Attention deserves a luxurious Gothic castle, in the architecture of which there are elements of the Renaissance. However, the attractions here are literally on every street.
  3. Brno &# 8211; Capital of Moravia and a popular city for European tourists. The Church of St. Jacob was made to me a strong impression with a huge coster under it, Lednitsky-Valtitsky Park, Temple Diana, Moravian Cars with caves. The objects of history are well preserved here.
  4. Karlovy Vary &# 8211; It is worth going here if you have health problems and need to fix them. This will help healing sources and professional medicine, from the advantages &# 8211; abundance of shops, but there are practically no attractions.
  5. Deep over the authority &# 8211; The town itself is not particularly interesting, but the local white castle is used popularity, like Disney cartoons. Nearby &# 8211; Big Park, inside &# 8211; Tapestry collection and magnificent decoration. I advise you to climb the tower to feel yourself a medieval knight or beautiful princess.

In general, in the Czech Republic many and other no less interesting cities &# 8211; Czech Bujedovice, Pilsen, Ostrava, Litomyšl. You just need to choose what is more like it, and go towards adventure.

What is the weather in the Czech Republic?

Tourists from Central Russia in Prague will feel at home &# 8211; The weather is very similar to the domestic medium strip climate. In the summer, warm and sunny, about +26 degrees, in the winter the thermometer column is often lowered to a minus. When it is better to go?

  • Spring &# 8211; Nature flourishes, everything is beautiful, but prices increase significantly;
  • summer &# 8211; Pretty many tourists, all museums are open, the cost of tours is also high, it can be fucked, especially with children;
  • in autumn &# 8211; Comfortable time of year, best in September and October;
  • Winter &# 8211; Good time to go skiing, drink mulled wine, participate in christmas festivities.

Every season is good in its own way, so choose time to visit, based on goals. Tourist feedback confirm that spring and autumn fits better for excursions.

What to bring from the Czech Republic?

I will tell you what gifts from the Czech Republic can be brought to yourself, your friends and acquaintances. In the first place, it is natural Glass and crystal products. In the era of the Renaissance, copying the Venetian masters, the glasswers of Bohemia achieved amazing results. Later, in the baroque era, a Czech crystal appeared, which has become a cheapest alternative to expensive mountain crystal. Once a year in the Reserve "Czech paradise" in the north of the country is held a holiday. Any guest of the festival can under the guidance of experienced masters make yourself or your loved ones. Grenades – semi-precious stones, which in the Czech Republic are mined from time immemorial, many romantic stories are associated with grenades. Evidence of one of them, is a pomegranate headset, which consists of necklaces, two bracelets, buckles, perverse and two servants, this kit is located in the city museum. Czech jewelers manufactured it from 460 stones. That’s why Pieces from precious stones have deep historical roots in the Czech Republic and are considered one of the best jewelry works in the world. Lace City can be called Zhamberk, located 150 kilometers from Prague. The traditions of weave lace are supported about 400 years. Today in the city besides the Museum of Lace, there is the only school in the Czech Republic, where the lace craft is taught as a specialty. If you are in love with the Czech Republic and you want to bring a part of this country home, Buy lace products &# 8211; They will become beautiful and inexpensive souvenir for loved ones.

Czech &# 8211; Tours and prices 2019

What amount will be going to the Czech Republic, if you buy a ready-made batch tour with already included excursions, tickets and accommodation?

  • Prague for 5 days &# 8211; about 10 000 rubles. per person;
  • Karlovy Vary for 8 days &# 8211; 43 000 USD;
  • Prague + Dresden + Vienna &# 8211; 16,000 for 6 days;
  • Mariana Lazne &# 8211; 72,000 in 8 days;
  • Czech krumlov &# 8211; from 15 000 USD For 7 days.

However, there will be no difficulty and in the event that you plan a journey yourself. Book a hotel, buy tickets, look good restaurants nearby, make a detailed travel route and ; Welcome to the Czech Republic! This country is simply impossible not to fall in love with the whole soul!

Rest in the Czech Republic in 2019; why and where to go what to bring

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