Rest in the Republic of Kiribati

Kiribati &# 8211; small Islands group in Micronesia, Located in Pacific Ocean at the crossroads of the equator and 180th Meridian. This archipelago consists of 33 small atolls. The uniqueness of him is that when the total area of ​​the islands is only about 810 km², territorial waters of the state occupy in the ocean almost 3.5 million km². In addition, this is the only country on Earth lying in all four hemispheres at the same time.

These islands were populated yet For 2000 years Before the appearance of Europeans. As a British colony, they were known as Gilbert Islands. Islands gained independence in 1979, But are part British Commonwealth.

Little remote islands group more than once witnessed fierce battles. V 1943 The year was held here Battle for Tarara between American and Japanese Forces. Kiribati more than once protested against the resumption France Nuclear Tests on the Murururo Atoll, and offered to take action against the USA, refused to sign Kyoto Protocol.


On the islands located almost at the equator, reigns a very warm and wet equatorial climate. The temperature changes little during the year, its indicators ranges within +26-33C. The hottest period of the year continues From September to November. The most precipitates falls from October until April. In general, the climate here resembles a pair. Sometimes there are drought.

As part of the archipelago, 3 district stands out: Gilbert Islands In the West (most of the population lives here and the capital of the Tarawa), Islands Line in northern I Phoenix (almost completely uninhabited).


Residents Russia To enter Kiribati need a visa, which should be obtained in Consulate of Great Britain in Moscow. You can get to Kiribati by plane through Fiji. There is also flights between the islands, tickets are pretty cheap.

The official language of the republic is English.

There are several beautiful beaches on the islands, it is a great place to skate or yachts. Many atolls are interested in studying on foot or on a bike – Stunning lagoons, white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees represent completely cards. On remote external islands you can find Remains of traditional culture. Locals are usually, very friendly and friend. They will be happy to invite guests to participate in their holidays, if one is lucky enough to be nearby at this moment. Islands are paradise and for lovers to watch birds and underwater life, which is practically intact.

But many tourists attract more Tragic Military Islands History. Certificates of the suffered brutal battles can still be seen on the island of Taraw and some others. Bunkers, dots, remnants of guns and tanks, traces of shipwrecks visible off the coast of the shoe and butaritaries, especially during the low tide.

Rest in the Republic of Kiribati

Kiribati is very popular among divers, due to availability wreckage of ships of the time of World War II In waters near South Tarala.

On the islands you can buy very interesting products of local crafts, and they make them mostly women on Gilbert Islands. Almost in all stores you can pay Only cash.


The main products on the islands are Fish, rice and coconuts. Lands suitable for agriculture are very small, so almost all products are imported. Due to the islands of the islands and the small number of the court population with products and other necessary things come not very often. Especially lacking for Kiribati Vegetables and fruit. The familiar food for Europeans can be found only in two hotels of the island of Tarawa.

The most popular local drink – Sweet Punch, cooked Juice coconut palm by fermentation. Love on the islands and Kawa, Cooked out Pepper roots.

At Kiribati Total 2 hotels – in the southern part of the island of Tarava. On other islands there are so-called guest houses with elementary amenities provided by rural communities. As a rule, they are located in the most picturesque part of each island.

Rest in the Republic of Kiribati

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