Rest in the UAE: Myths and Tips

United Arab Emirates – Far and mysterious country to which every year our compatriots show more and more interest. Cancellation of visas for citizens of the Russian Federation only spurred curiosity, which already heated numerous rumors about the UAE. What should the traveler be known to become a long-awaited adventure, and not expensive disappointment?

First of all, we will focus on the 3 most common myths that are transmitted from the mouth to the mouth, and then tell about the simple and easy-to-make recommendations for the visit to the UAE.

Myth 1

With a visa state Israel entry into the UAE closed

Emirates – Country in which an income article «tourism» Soon will be competed with mining mining. That is why for several years ago the state refused to practice «Research» traveler passports for a stamp on visiting land promised.

Myth 2

Alcohol is prohibited in the UAE

For tourists visiting this Muslim country, there are special rules that allow alcohol consumption. Stiff drinks can be purchased at Duty Free on the way on vacation, or order in bars / restaurants / nightclubs that have licensed. Usually they are in hotels. In stores alcohol is not for sale. The only 100% non-alcoholic emirate for everyone is Sharjah.

Myth 3

Unmarried couples and lonely girls in the UAE do not get

Another popular error concerns the selection of companion on the trip. Statistics argue with rumored rumors that, without a stamp in a passport, the hotel settles with his beloved only in different rooms, and the girl without a spouse will not be allowed on the threshold.

5 tips for a good holiday in the UAE

Rest in the UAE Myths and Tips

1.Know religious canons
Entrance to the mosque for representatives of other denominations is strictly prohibited. The exceptions are tourist visits to the Grand Mosque Mosque in Abu Dhabi in the designated clock and the Jumeirah Mosque Mosque.

2. Be careful to the photographing process
Of course, if you do local attractions, then the locals in the lens will fall, but purposefully take photos of citizens, and especially the UAE citizens is prohibited.

3. Take care of the wardrobe
This item is more appropriate for female people. Visiting a bar or a nightclub, the tourist will not notice the great differences in the resorts of the UAE from other countries, but if you are a guest of less tourist zones – The streets of the city or the family shopping center, the clothes should be more modest than the apparent on your star outlet dress. At the same time notorious «Parandji» and skirts to the floor are a strong exaggeration – enough to cover shoulders and knees. The only strict ban on clothes, or rather its absence, refers to the beaches. Topless recreation in the UAE is prohibited, as well as visiting in a swimsuit of other places except the beach.

4. Respect Local Traditions
Tula – far from the only place where you should not go with your samovar. Being a guest of the country with a different cultural code: religion, a mentality, a lifestyle, there is no need to confront it with it, because you arrived on vacation, and not to finish the revolution. If local canons prescribe restraint in the manifestation of feelings in public (both positive and negative), why violate them?

5. Remember the punishment
If you do not want to obey local rules, but they are not going to abandon the visit to the UAE, it should be remembered that ignorance of laws does not exempt from their responsibility. For example, on a drunk street can cost 600 dirhams or 2 years in prison, foul language and offensive gestures in crowded places – Penalty or up to 7 years in prison.

And finally, I would like to say that many «strictness» Emirates are significantly exaggerated, although from all the norms of courtesy and rules of behavior are distinguished only by the severeness of punishment for their violation. For example, in Dubai, and in Paris, and in Kazan intently examine the girls, photographing other people’s wives or to make dubious compliments in the address of unfamiliar women are not considered a good behavior, but only in the Emirates for him can be in prison.

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