Rest in the UAE with children

Holidays, together with children, there are always nuances, and in the case of the UAE Nuances even more. What to foresee? What to buy in advance and take with you? What you need to know in advance? Read the answers in our article – 12 moments you need to know and do not forget.

Prices and other information in this article are relevant on February 4, 2021. On the rules of COVID security in the UAE (including for children), read the article on the link above. Over the past year, serious change is only one. The police began to actively fined for the lack of children’s chairs, so you have to catch a taxi to tourists with children has become more difficult. Details below in this article.

Moment 1. Rules crossing the border

From June 1, 2018, clear and stringent rules of entry into the UAE of children under 18 .

First. For entry into the territory of the Arab Emirates, the child must have its own abroad passport. If the child "entered" in the passport of parents, then it will not be empty in the UAE. We wrote about this in the article "Visa in the UAE".

Second. The child should take the border with the parent with the same name. Otherwise, you need to have a document confirming the relationship. Certificate of birth with translation into English. In practice, our tourists are quietly entering the original certificate in Russian. But if you want to be reinforced, then it is better to make a translation, the price of the service – 500-1000 rubles.

Third. If the child crosses the border with third parties, then the birth certificate is needed with the translation and permission from parents. There is no clear form of this resolution in the UAE. Parents write such permission in their understanding. But remember that those who trust the child should be indicated in the resolution.

Remember these rules, and you can pass migration control without problems. We remind you that now for Russians in the UAE there is a visa-free regime – the period of stay is 90 days.

Moment 2. Who in the UAE is considered a child who’s no

We have an age framework clear – 18 years. In Arab countries, the situation is more complicated. Part of the rules and laws are applied from 18 years, part of 12 years.

For example, for children there is no dress code in public places and on the beaches, but only up to 12 years. As soon as the child turned 12, he is obliged to dress modestly. We talked about the rules of dress code, we talked in the article "What is impossible to the UAE".

For children, the rules of the sacred month of Ramadan are not operating, but only up to 12 years. As soon as 12 years old, the child becomes forbidden to eat and drink in public places in Ramadan. Read details in our article "Ramadan in the UAE".

In Dubai Metro, a male baby under 12 may be with a mother in the female part of the car. From 12 years no longer – go to the common car. The same applies to women’s places in buses and trams.

Sitting in the car in the front seat can also be as long as 12 years.

You can use alcohol from 21 years old (Emirates Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm El Caivine, Ras Al-Khaima). In the Emirate of Sharjah, drinking is generally prohibited at any age. In the UAE, strict laws about alcohol, we were told about them in detail in the article "Alcohol in the UAE". If you caught a minor about drinking alcohol, then his parents are waiting for huge troubles.

Moment 3. The sun is dangerous

If you relax in the UAE in the winter months, then the sun can not be afraid. But if in summer, then get a sunny or heat blow is very likely. And the more child, who or does not know the rules of behavior in such conditions, or quite small. I read our article "Weather in the UAE for months".

Explain the child the rules of behavior in the heat and when scorching the sun.

Headdress wearing necessarily. Shoulders better close to not burn. If possible, be in the shade. In the first days, it is better to limit your stay under the sun to give the skin to quietly adapt to new conditions.

Attention! Leave in hot weather a child in the car is strictly prohibited by law. By law No. 6 of 2016 (the law on the protection of children), if you leave the child in the heat in the car locked, then the punishment is a fine of 5,000 to 1,000,000 dirhams and (or) imprisonment for a period of 10 years. Actual course of the Emirate Currency, see our article "Dirham UAE".

Moment 4. Is it safe to the UAE?

It is quite safe. In the security rank of the city of Numbeo, the Safety Index indicator: Dubai – 83.52, Abu Dhabi – 88,22. These are very high security performance. For comparison, Moscow – 61.28, in St. Petersburg – 60.63 (figures of February 2021).

Many tourists say this: "How can it be safe here? Here most of the population – Hindus, Pakistanis, Iranians!".

And indeed, most of the Population of the UAE is a visit to workers from India, Iran, Pakistan, what we talked in detail in the article "Population of the UAE". However, these are select industries, selected Iranians and selected Pakistanis.

We are accustomed that migrants come to work when they themselves want, and that anyone can come. So accepted with us. But everything is different in the UAE. Migrant here can not come just so. They are invited to companies in the UAE to work, this system is called "Kafala". Invite only those who need the economy of the country, and so many people as needed. At the same time, candidates check. If the Indian or Pakistani in his homeland had a conviction, then it will never be allowed in the UAE.

You can not worry about security.

Moment 5. Baby can be lost

This is possible, especially in large shopping centers, such as Dubai Mall or Mall of Emirates. What to do in this case?

Of course, you can buy an "anti-liking" as a photo next, click on the photo to enlarge. But it is very uncomfortable.

If you know English, contact the police or to guard employees. They will help you find a child. Recall that everything in the UAE speak in English, although the official language of the country is classic Arabic, the truth in everyday life they speak their dialect "Arab Gulf". We told in detail in the article "In which language is spoken in the UAE".

Our advice! Suppose the child with a piece of paper on which Latin letters will be written: His name and surname, names and family names of parents, the hotel in which they live.

If you bought a local SIM card, then specify your phone number. But even if you use connections in roaming, then specify the Russian number. How to buy some SIM, we talked in the articles "Internet in the UAE" and "How to call from the UAE".

So the chances of finding the child will quickly be maximum. Explain the child that if he is lost, then let it fit with this piece of paper to the first policeman. Police in the UAE can be trusted.

This method works not only in the Arab Emirates, but in general in any civilized country. If the police or security service found and returned the child, then you do not need to give money or run to buy "Magarych". Not accepted here. Do not forget to thank orally.

Moment 6. Nutrition and hygiene facilities for the smallest

There are no problems with child nutrition, diapers or other means of hygiene for kids, in Arab Emirates. There is everything, and even in a larger assortment than we. You can buy in supermarkets, children’s stores Babyshop, Mothercare, Mamas & Papas and others.

But prices! For example, a jar of apple puree 120 grams costs 6 dirhams. At the time of the actualization of this article (February 2021) is 122 rubles. For comparison, in Moscow you can buy a jar of apple purea Agusha or Fruntian for 35 rubles. With diapers and hygienic means the situation is not so terrible, but still expensive.

Therefore, if not afraid to spend money, then take the stock for 1-2 days. Then you will find a local shopping center and buy everything you need there. If you want to save, take full stock for all vacation. Baby food can be imported almost without restrictions. Read our article "What can not and can be imported into the UAE".

Forget about cottage cheese, kefir and other dairy products that require storage in chilled. They will not survive. From Moscow to the UAE to fly 4 hours, and from other cities even longer, what we talked about the article "How much to fly to the UAE". Plus, travel from home will be 4-5 hours before departure. Plus you need time to pass control after landing and get to the hotel. During this time, dairy products can be spoiled and become dangerous for the child.

However, the milk is necessary. Therefore, take or pasteurized baby milk, or dry baby milk, or milk porridge (photo).

Moment 7. Trees due to baby food

Many tourists who take with them a full stock of baby food face the problem of baggage. This problem is solved.

The greatest part is glass jars with meat, vegetable and fruit puree. For example, a jar of puree 100 grams of Frutonian weighs 207 grams. That is, there is glass even more than the puree! If you do not believe, then weigh yourself.

Take vegetable and fruit purees in plastic bags (photo). With meat puree, the situation is more difficult, since they are now in plastic packaging are not released. You can take meat mashed potatoes in tin jars, for example, the brand "Tyoma", so already save the weight (photo).

Tin and plastic packaging more convenient cans, as they do not break.

Baby porridge pack in hermetic bags, and these packages put in cardboard boxes. If you want to save the volume in the suitcase, then take a package with you, not a box. (Photo)

If you are accustomed to dry porridge, take a boiler with you to brew them. Far from each hotel have in rooms. Fortunately, a small boiler can now be bought for 200 rubles, it weighs about 100 grams.

Moment 8. Nutrition for older children

In United Arab Emirates there are restaurants, cafes and fast foods of almost all the kitchens of the world. However, the child is not suitable for any food. Any new ingredients, sauces, spices can cause an unpredictable reaction.

Cheap cafes, eaters and Street Fudies in the UAE are focused on expata from India, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia. Here the food is always with spices, almost always acute and spicy. Here you do not recommend children.

The first solution to the problem is to eat at the hotel’s restaurant, and not necessarily your own, you can and the neighboring. The hotel’s hotel restaurants have long adapted to prepare dishes for European taste – without spice and spices.

The second option – look for cafes and eaters with familiar food. There are quite a lot of pizzerias in the UAE, there are usual fast foods: McDonalds, CFS, Burger King and others. Fit there, there will be no problems.

You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables from the supermarket. You can do sandwiches from bread (cakes), cheese, oil and sausages from the supermarket. Of course, the last option is not the most useful for health, but but safe. About prices for basic foods Read our detailed review of "Prices for products in the UAE".

Rest in the UAE with children

Moment 9. Water water

Water from the tap in the UAE is suitable for drinking. She is a little brane, as it is a desalinated marine water.

However, among expatoves in Dubai there is an opinion that local water leads to hair loss, leather drying, premature aging. This is only an opinion that is no proven.

We express the opinion of Dr. T-shirt Ryan, who lives in Dubai. He spent several clinical trials of Dubai water and says:

"Science does not know such a mechanism that local water could cause hair loss. Just many people come to live in the UAE, and after 12-18 months they have problems with hair, they bind it with water. Most likely the problem causes other factors: food, arid climate, stress ".

Who is right? Who is not? Let the doctors decide themselves. In the meantime, they are dealing with this problem, we advise you to give children water only from bottles, do not drink tap water. In this question it is better to be renewed.

And even more so, the bottle of water is not so expensive – 2 dirhams for 1.5 liters.

Moment 10. Children’s chairs in the car

In 2017, new federal road safety rules were introduced. According to these rules, a child of 4 years old or younger should be in a car in a children’s car seat.

Previously, for the lack of children’s chairs, they were not particularly fined. But in 2020 the police began to actively follow and fine. Fine – 400 dirhams and possible deprivation of driver’s license. In August 2020, the police stated, then for the year fined 4,700 drivers who took children to ages under 10 years old on the front seat or without a car seat.

This rule may cause inconvenience for tourists. After all, if you relax with children, you will have to look for a taxi with a car seat.

Morally get ready to hear from the taxi driver the phrase "Sorry, No Baby Seat" ("Sorry, Nou Baby Sit", "Sorry, no children’s armchair") or similar. Then you will have to look for another driver, or then the third, or fourth.

If you have got a local SIM card and order a taxi by phone, do not forget to tell the phrase "Baby Sit" to come a taxi with a children’s chair. If you order through the application or through the site, do not forget to specify the "Baby Seat" checkbox.

Also now there is one more complexity. According to the rules of COVID security in a taxi there are no more than two adult passengers + one child up to 15 years. For example, if you relax in the composition of two parents + two children, you will have to take two taxis at once. There are special taxis on four passengers, what we talked about the article "Taxi in the UAE".

Moment 11. Movement with baby carriage

Move on the UAE with a baby carriage comfortable.

On most metro stations Dubai have elevators and travolors. However, often in the wagons a lot of people and little space. If you listen to the experience of expatures, they recommend buying a Gold map to go to the "Golden Car", there is usually free. About tariffs and price difference between "Gold" and "Silver" Read in our article "Dubai Metro".

And we do not advise ride on weekdays in peak hours, when all the metro wagons will be filled with "under the string". The same Council concerns buses and trams.

However, the best option is a web backpack, they are also called "Kengorushka". In this case, there will be no problems in transport in general. However, this option is not suitable for everyone, not all health and physical form allow.

Do not forget that most often baby carriages are made of synthetic fabric. In the heat in such a stroller, child sweats in the back area. When from the heat you get into the air-conditioned room, that is, a serious risk of getting sick. be careful.

Moment 12. Hazards in the sea

Shark on the UAE beaches can not be afraid, they do not swim to the beaches and do not attack people. Over all the observations, only 3 cases of sharks attacks on people were recorded, and all 3 without death. In detail about all this we told in the article "Sharks in the Arab Emirates".

Real danger can represent other marine inhabitants. For example, jellyfish that may hurt. Nautical hedgehogs are crawling on the beaches, which do not attack, but they can accidentally come and get wound with needles.

In coastal waters, there are many poisonous fish, which they themselves do not swim to the beaches, but sometimes it brings to the beach by trees and tide. It rarely happens that even the beach winrs are found.

To avoid these hazards, better while swimming in the sea is located next to the child. Or at least explain to him that it is impossible to touch marine inhabitants. Remember that the Persian Bay is not the Black Sea. Dangerous livery here much more.

Entertainment for children in the UAE

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