Rest in the UAE

Once upon a time the UAE was a lifeless desert. And now this country has become a paradise place for resort holidays. You can relax in the emirations by needs. There are budget travel options, and there are expensive, exclusive holidays in the best hotels in the country with chic service. Rest in the UAE This is a real paradise for those who love Active Shopping, Diving, Relax on the beaches. Emirate beaches are deservedly considered the most pure and attractive for tourists.

Most popular resorts

Most often, tourists go to rest in Dubai – Real heart of the UAE. It is popular with such resort areas like Djmer Bar-Dubai, Deira. There are the best five-star hotels in the country and beaches with snow-white sand. Family couples often Tours in the UAE in Sharjju. You can relax there cheaper, but acts «no alcohol law». No alcohol vile and nightclubs, but there are plenty of beaches and entertainment centers for children.

At all on the approaches to the desert, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is located, on which there is Sir-Bani-Yas Island, famous for its palm trees and quiet turquoise bays. The resort of Ardjaman on Arab standards is quiet and calm, but there is where to raise fans of yacht sports and diving. Cozy, quiet and calmly without a mad pace of megalpolis also in Fujaire and Ras Al-Heimer.

The low season in the UAE falls on the summer months. At this time, the suffocating heat reigns there, the air temperature in the shade can reach 50 degrees Celsius, but Vouchers in the UAE and prices in hotels are reduced to minimum values. Optimal option for rest – This is September, October and November. At this time, the sun is softer and the water temperature is held within a comfortable 26-28 degrees.


Although strict Muslim morals for tourists reign in the UAE, all the conditions have been created to relax not worse than in popular Thailand or Goa. The most interesting sights of the country:

  • Al-Kasba in Sharjah with a unique pedestrian zone and a mass of available entertainment for tourists;
  • Ancient Al-Fahidi Fort with traditional houses of indigenous people;
  • Burj Khalifa, which is the highest and stylish building of the country, the height of the skyscraper is 163 floors;
  • Jumeira Mosque, which is the oldest and large in the UAE;
  • Ferrari World Complex, which is considered one of the largest amusement parks in the world. There are many children’s and adult attractions;
  • The island of Siri-Bani-Yas, which preserved representatives of the animal world of the Arabian Peninsula;
  • Wild Vadi Water Park with a lot of restaurants, cafes, water rides.

As you can see, there is a UAE to see both an experienced and novice tourist.

What to taste

UAE – Muslim country and some types of products there is a taboo. There can not find dishes from pork, and in the holy month of Ramadan, many restaurants open only after sunset. You can try pita (round buns), traditional Arabic Lavash, Manakish with olives, cheese and greens.

Guests in the restaurant can treat Falafel from chickpeas, shaverm, beef dishes and birds with fragrant spices (chili, sesame, quinent, turmeric, cinnamon, coriander).

What to bring from a trip

This country has long been famous for its cosmetics and oil perfumes on natural essential oils, so it is necessary to buy Arab perfume. Of course, it is impossible to do without fragrant oriental spices, a set of sweets in the form of shrimbet, patchlava, chocolate, nougat. You can also buy fragrant Arabic coffee, honey and nuts. Many are sent to the UAE on the shopping tours for fur, the quality of which is at the highest level. In the country you can buy fur manto cheaper than in Europe.


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Rest in the UAE

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Rest in the UAE

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