Rest in the village of South, Tuapse

South, like many neighboring settlements, such as Deaderk and Gisell, is located in the gorge between two mountains, and it can be divided into 3 parts:

First – The southern boarding house, located closest to the beach, immediately behind the railway, consists of a main six-story building, two sports fields, dining room and several more buildings. The main building of the boarding house was recently renovated, inside everything is rather civilized and beautiful. Everything else around the main building is a pitched, but nature around the picturesque. Prices for accommodation with three-time meals from 800 to 3000 rubles per day.

Second – six-storey residential building and several residential buildings, including a hull where yoga live. As I understood the South this is the main yoga center on the coast, it is here that there is a toss yoga from all over our country. The six-storey case, when it was also a boarding house, but then it was sold to apartments. There is an elevator and concierge in it. Most of the tenants live here only in the summer season, the rest of the time is low here. I lived in it, in general, it’s not bad, the truth did not like their concierges, at 23 o’clock the entrance doors are closed in the building and go to bed, and if you come at the night of the night, then you meet you with a dissatisfied grimace, because you have to open the door. Residents have tablets to open the door, but they do not work. In general, tin, I even died there once because of this, because on vacation to limit the time of my return home just nonsense, I’m not in the student hostel.

Third – residential buildings of locals and three shops. Ordinary houses, standing in touch with each other, because of the lack of land, still the gorge is very narrow (on average 100-200 meters width). Some of them have room for accommodation, information about it is posted on pillars and stops. Local shops – small pavilions, with a scant assortment of products. Pharmacies No, at least we did not find. In the pharmacy and normal stores need to go to Tuapse (10 minutes).

Tuapse can be reached by train in 10 minutes (14 rubles) or by bus, also for 14 rubles. But on the train much more convenient and more interesting, because the view of her window is simply a chic – the sea, and the bus is driving along a mountain winding road, and often get into the congestion.

For all the time staying in the area, we were in Tuapse three times: we went to the local markets for fruits, homemade cottage cheese and hot lava, walked around the streets of this portowo-resort town and bought all sorts of necessary things in local stores, there, by the way, very much many. Call Tuapse a full-fledged beach resort is certainly difficult, because the city is a large port, a huge refineries and other industrial enterprises.

In general, the South is the perfect place for lovers of relaxing holidays and fans of yoga (for them there are free classes), since in general there are few people here, in comparison with many neighboring villages. True, in the summer months, a children’s camp carries to the boarding house, well, children are sometimes noisy, but it does not interfere with rest.

In addition to swimming in the sea, there are two sports grounds in the village, where you can play in big tennis, volleyball and mini football, also a couple of cafes, the truth is "normal" food I did not notice there because they are focused on yoga, and there Vegetarian food. We fed at or at home, or went to the nearby village of deterkoy, where many cafes. You can dine in the deterkoy for 200-300 rubles, as a whole, fed well.

In the nearby deterkoy, we went almost every day, there are fun, a lot of cafes, including on the beach (in the southern on the beach there is no cafe). There is also a mini market where you can buy homemade wine, fruits, souvenirs and a variety of beach facilities.

Weather 11 out of 15 days was excellent, but 4 days went rain, including a very powerful shower, in the result of which mountain streams became rivers and flooded half the village. As a result, water flows demolished the fence, cut off the village from the main entrance to the beach, and painted the coastal waters of the sea in a beige color. Swim two days in the dirty sea was just not possible.

Mobile and Internet in South

There are difficulties with a mobile network and the Internet in South. MTS, MegaFon in the village itself do not work, catch only on the beach. Beeline sometimes works in the southern one, sometimes only works on the beach. The only operator working without interruption is body 2, the truth of the Internet they have a full G – barely working. Mobile Internet works best at Biline, guaranteed on the beach at the railway. There are in southern and free Wi Fi near the administration building, it is near the dining room. Password to access it can be taken in the administration, they do not refuse anyone. Password (July 2014) – Omshanti

Beaches in South

Directly opposite the southern are the main beaches (they can be accessed through the tunnel in the photo above), there are several of them – very large pebbles and concrete platforms. It was uncomfortable to swim with the main beaches. Personally, I was uncomfortable, the platforms are very very and covered with a thin layer of sticky algae, and the entrance to the sea from pebbles is not entirely comfortable, there are large stones in water, it is possible to hit, especially if the sea is not calm and not visible.

There is a pier from which you can jump into the water, with three ladders for descent. Two stairs are suitable for the descent of older people and children, and one very cool, not everyone can climb. Personally, I bought from this pier.

On the beach on duty, rescuers, they have even their own booth. They periodically create visibility, if not drunk, which is followed by the safety of holidaymakers, and also give the beds for rent (it seems 200 rubles a day). Personally, we strained the fact that some of them were very noisy chasing on the ragless zhiguli in southern and on the beach. That is, they cut the music to the whole coil, windows with a lap, and chase, including at night, having slept to sleep. However, loud music from the windows of cars is found there on the coast of the Krasnodar Territory, as we have seen later, very often.

If you want to relax on the beach with shallow pebbles and convenient entrance to the sea, you need to walk the meters 400 towards the deterkoy. We often bathed there and sunbathe, there are really comfortable beaches, especially for recreation with children. On the shore to them, it is unrealistic, you need to go on the railway, and go down to them through a small tunnel. In the dark, pass through this tunnel can be dangerous for life, because he is half littered with stones, boulders and there flows the stream.

Sea is quite clean sometimes, but 5 days in a row was the invasion of jellyfish, because of what was swimming, it was very unpleasant, it looks like swimming in compote. They don’t seem to be hugged, but when they hide when bathing, feelings are not the best.

Rest in the village of South, Tuapse

Periodically sailed garbage, sometimes it was so much that even jellyfish milked. In general, people of course our such assholes, already plastic glasses and packs from under chips can be removed in the garbage urn, not difficult.

By the way about the main beaches of the southern. Please note that the beach is directly opposite the exit of the tunnel and the rescue booth, not very clean, as it is here that the river flows, carrying wastewater from all southern to the sea.

And yet, you probably noticed that on the pictures of the beaches in the area of ​​the South everywhere there are concrete waveres, walking in the sea. Without them, there is no way if they were not, the Black Sea coast has long been waited for the sea, and the railway has long sailed somewhere.

In addition to these breaks, it is especially for the protection of the railway all the mountains along which it passes, covered with protective nets that protect it from stonepads.

And on top of the mountains are arranged concrete waterproof.


In general, I liked it in South – cozy, calm, beautiful picturesque nature around, you can climb into the surrounding village of Mountain – there are stairs specifically for this. We lazilized there a couple of times, a wonderful view of the sea and tankers, waiting for unloading in Tuapse.

Sometimes of course it was boring, but this also has its advantages, you can sit by the sea and reflecting about life.

And even the darkest day here you can stumble upon the hedgehog or for a big snail. In general, beauty)))

There are, of course, the moments that did not like. First of all, this is a service, ranging from the rude conductor in the train and ending with sellers in stores and in the markets. Second – tourists constantly want to blow, highlight prices and TP. The third is not always the clean sea, and you can still close your eyes on jellyfish, but household garbage in the water, it is tin.

Rest in the village of South, Tuapse

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