Rest in Turkey with children: five places and scripts

Turkey — One of the most popular destinations for Russians with children. We decided to help all those who drive into a request «Holidays with a child in Turkey» In the search engine, and collect information in one place, answering sacramental questions: how to choose a suitable resort and hotel to be interested in both children and adults?

Parents have the main condition for searching: to be good for the child, and we — not boring. Criteria for choosing an ideal place simple: clean warm sea with a comfortable approach and moderate depth, a cozy beach, preferably sand, heated swimming pools with a gaming area, well-kept green area of ​​the hotel with children’s venues, daily animation, clubs for children of different ages, free game room, Children’s menu, no handsome music at night. It would be nice to have a Russian-speaking nanny so that you can calmly go on a tour or enjoy a night walk with the second half. Fortunately, in Turkey there is a huge selection of hotels for family holidays that satisfy all these criteria. If the budget allows, it is better to stop in the hotels of category HV-1 (individual bungalows on the coast, a large territory, developed infrastructure) or classical 5 * (hulls). «My planet» It is recommended to settle in the hotels of the family type near the goal of the most interesting sights to not spend precious time on the road.

Kusadasi: history ruins

Things to do?

Take a walk on the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, to examine the reconstructed Celsius library, built in the II century. NS., Large and Small Theater with a semicircular amphitheater, an ancient public house and all that remains from one of the seven wonders of the world — Artemis Temple, go to the house of the Virgin.

What place?

Kusadasi — Former fishing village in the Gulf of the Aegean Sea. The beaches are mostly sand, there are tiled, sea clean, in the vicinity of two water park, National Park «Dick» with excellent beaches and clean sea, thermal sources of Balchov. Get from Izmir airport — 99 km.

Where to live?

Kustur Club Holiday Village 5 *

Location: 4 km from Kusadasi, to Ephesus — 15 km, on the coast of the Aegean Sea (underground go to the beach).

Advantages: Sandy beach, big green area (170,000 m 2), food «all inclusive» (AI).

For kids: playground, mini zoo, water slides, swimming pool, for children from 4 to 12 years old mini club, animators (in English).

approximate price: from 72,000 rubles. For 7 nights. Child up to 2 years old is free on the baby bed. Child up to 12 years old — on the existing bed.

Minus: There is no Russian-language nanny, you can find an additional fee.

You can also see Surmeli Efes hotels and Sealight Resort.

Fethiye: Enjoying Nature

Things to do?

Walk in the national park «Saklier», To climb the gorge in the same name, take a cruise around the 12 islands of the Bay of Fethiye, go to the skipping beach in Dalyon and on Lake Caidgegiz (the road will take about an hour) to walk along the amber forest, or take rowing, surfing, sailing, polit crabs or just admire Cove of Oludeniz (about half an hour) on the border of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. In 45 km from Fethiye, the most ancient Lycian city of Tlos, founded in the 20th century BC: You can see the amphitheater, urban northeastern gates, the ruins of the stadium, the ruins of the Roman gymnasium, city bathing, necropolis, the ruins of the Ottoman Fortress and other attractions. Finally, to do diving, rafting, ride on quad bikes and horses, wake up on a yacht in the valley of butterflies.

What place?

Fethiye — A small town on the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by mountains and partially covered with pine and cedar forests, which makes the air especially clean and healing. Convenient to get from Dalaman Airport, located 44 km.

Where to live?

Liberty Hotels Lykia 5 *

Location: on the seashore 3 km from the village of Oludeniz.

Advantages: Sand-pebble beach, large green area (36 hectares), food «all inclusive» With beverages in unlimited quantity (UAI).

For kids: Complex «Children’s Rai» (22 000 m 2) with ten pools, caves and children’s theater, children’s clubs for children of different ages from 6 months. up to 17 years, playground, children’s menu, free on request — baby carriage. The staff speaks Russian, nanny — at extra charge.

approximate price: from 156,000 rubles. a week for two adults. When placing one child under 6 years old on existing beds accommodation, he is provided free. Children from 7 to 12 years 50% discount.

Another variant: Club & Hotel Letoonia.

Alanya: Healing Caves

Things to do?

Go to the cave Alanya, which are famous for an unusual climate — There all year round warmth and wet: air temperature 22–23 °C, humidity 90–98%. Especially recommended for children suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases. One cave is located in the city — Damlatash: It was found randomly by the port builders in 1948, inside the ancient stalagmites and stalactites, which are 15,000 years old. More spacious cave — Dim is 12 km from Alanya, it became available to tourists only since 1998, although it was discovered in 1986. Here is somewhat colder (18–19 °C), but more interesting: along the entire length — 410 M — The cave is equipped with tracks, inside you can spend a whole day, and even with a carriage. And of course, visit the water park «Sialanya», Incoming the top three in the world of marine parks (20 km from Alanya): There you can swim with dolphins and sea lions, dive with the mask among tropical fish in the coral reef lagoon, stroke and feed the skates and even immerse yourself in a cage to the shark pool.

What place?

Alanya — Popular and crowded resort, where families and children come, and young people come. Get more convenient from Gazipasa Airport — 44 km. Compared to other coastal recreation areas, it is cheaper and focused on Russian tourists. Here are snow-white beaches, fine gentle sand, rocky landscapes, the whole range of water entertainment. Main landmark — Medieval fortress Kyzyl-kule. It is better to choose hotels not in the city itself, but in the distance where more calm.

Where to live?


Location: 15 km from Harbor Alanya, close to the ancient city of Shedra. The hotel located on the rock offers a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. On the beach can be descended on the elevator either on transport, which runs every 15 minutes.

Advantages: Green territory, Russian-speaking staff, surcharge — nanny.

For kids: Three children’s pools with water park and slides, playground, game room, animation, children’s club for children from 4 to 12 years.

Approximate price: Two room from 60,000 rubles. For a week, children under 11 free free beds.

Option: Hotel Delphin Botanik.

Tekirova: Adventures in the mountains

Things to do?

Rest in Turkey with children Five places and scripts

In Tekirova, you can explore the ruins of the ancient ancient city of Lycia Faisis (ancient amphitheater, street remnants, city baths, a water pipe, the tombs of necropolis and much more), climb the mountain Takhtalydag to a height of 2365 m along the cable car (in Tecirova), go to the ecopark where There are botanical garden and reptile park. In neighboring Kemer I wonder: Go to Kemer «Park Yuek», dedicated to life and life of Turkish nomads to visit the Lunar Light Park, climb on the Beldibi cave, in which people from wild animals were hiding in the Paleolithic Epoch. If the children are already big or have to leave with anyone, be sure to arrange an adventure hike: get to the ancient ruins of Olympos and personally check their wonderful acoustics, and late in the evening, we will take care of the lanterns on the hill of Chimera: the only mountain from which natural gas is broken, lighting the surroundings Bright flame. This is one of the most romantic and mysterious places in Turkey.

What place?

Temovo — Village 12 km from the popular resort Kemer on the Mediterranean coast. Here are beautiful nature: pines, large sand and pebbles, pure water. Tecirova is on the edge of the National Park «Olympos», to chimera — 45 km. Convenient to get from Antalya Airport — 70 km.

Where to live?

Location: On the coast, 10 minutes from the ruins of Falesis, 17 km from Kemer, to Antalya — 60 km.

Advantages: Located in Pine Bor (1600 pines), has many awards, including clean territory, food «all inclusive».

For kids: strollers, children’s pool, clubs for children from 4 to 17 years old, children’s computer center, nanny (charge), games, competitions, drawing lessons, tennis, show programs, cartoons.

Approximate price: from 75,000 rubles. a week for two adults. Child up to 2 years — Free bed. Up to 6 years old — Accommodation for free on existing beds, up to 12 years — 50% discount.

Minus: No Russian language.

Option: Amara Dolce Vita.

Kekova: Romance of Privacy

Things to do?

An option for grown children and parents-adventurers: to stay in the village of cripples built on the ruins of the Lycian city of Symemina, in a hard-to-reach hotel on a hill, near the ruins of the destroyed earthquake and partly left under the water of the ancient city of Dolichist. Swim on the boat near Kekov Island and view through transparent water what remained from an ancient city, visit the castle on top of a hill built by Knights of the Maltese Order, lunch outdoor in a restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. To authority to go on a yacht on a fascinating route Demre — Mira — Kekova to inspect the churches of St. Nicholas in the city of the world and unusual Lycian tombs carved in the rocks in the demre.

What place?

Painter — Remote village opposite Kekova Island. This island, on which no one lives, survived the two strongest earthquakes in the II and VII centuries. As a result, part of the island went under water, four ancient cities were injured: Dolihist, Aperlai, Teymoussa (nowadays) and Symemina (now cripples). Now this is the place of boat tours and paradise for divers: some parts of the ruins can be seen through transparent water, some parts of the houses stick out over the water. Antalya Airport Distance — 180 km.

Where to live?

Guest House Mehtap Pansiyon 2 *

Location: can only be reached by boat or doing a long way on foot.

Advantages: Beautiful place, restaurant overlooking the sea and Kekova Island, free boat message with the village of participants, the ability to swim near the Lycian tomb went under water, admire sunsets.

For kids: Romance and adventure.

Approximate price: from 23 781 USD during the week. Children under 2 years old are provided free bed, children under 6 years old accommodation for free on existing beds.

Rest in Turkey with children Five places and scripts

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