Rest in Turkey

Tours to Turkey Over the years, Russians have been very popular with Russians. Reasons why tourists choose rest in Turkey a lot. First, tourist infrastructure and high level of service are well developed in here. Secondly, short-time direct flight, which is well tolerated and adults and children. Thirdly, it does not need a visa to enter Turkey. In addition, Russian-speaking staff employs in Turkish hotels, there is animation in Russian, children’s clubs with Russian-speaking employees work.

Advice: Popular system «All inclusive» (Ai or UAI) eliminates the tourist from the need to spend additional funds for food, snacks and drinks – everything you need at the hotel and is included in the price of the tour.

Trips to Turkey – An excellent opportunity to be in a country with a richest history located both geographically and historically at the intersection of the East and West.

Advice: Buy cheap tours to Turkey Beach resorts at the beginning and at the end of the season. Tours to Turkey with departure in July and August, like tours for May to Turkey, always enjoy in high demand, so book them better in advance, especially if you are considering a popular hotel. And burning tours to Turkey on May quickly disagree.

Most popular resorts

Rest in Turkey – Year-round direction with pronounced seasonality, which allows, depending on the time of year, choose a view of the rest to its taste. In Turkey, in each region there are many monuments of the ancient and early Christian epoch.

In the coastal areas of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas climate subtropical, with hot summer and soft winter. Even in the cold winter months, the temperature is rarely lowered below the zero mark.

In the summer, tourists willingly fill the beach resorts on the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. Bathing season on the Mediterranean coast –

  • Antalya
  • Kemer
  • Belek
  • Side
  • Alanya

lasts a little longer than on the Aegean Sea, from May to November. But on the resorts of the Aegean coast –

  • Marmaris
  • Bodrum
  • Fethiye

Even in the hottest months of July and August there is no exhausting heat.

In winter, the ski season begins in Turkey. Popular Ski Resort Palandoken is located in the east of Turkey. The ski slopes in Palandokes are suitable for both experienced skiers and those who are only getting skiing. Distinctive feature of Bandasken hotels – Many of them work on the system «All inclusive», What is a rarity for ski resorts.


Travel in Turkey, get acquainted with its attractions you can go all year round. The most visited by tourists city of Turkey – Istanbul, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire. Monuments of the Byzantine era are preserved in the city: Ayia Sofia, a former Sophia Cathedral, an area of ​​the hippodrome, the Basilica Tank. Monuments of the Ottoman era – Old Sultansky Palace Topkapi, New Dolmabach’s Palace, Blue Mosque, Romehel Fortress, Big Bazaar and many others.

What to taste

Turkish cuisine is diverse, rich in meat and vegetable dishes. They are prepared with fragrant spices and are complemented by olive oil, lemon juice, yogurts or sauces. Classic dishes of Turkish cuisine: Boe – Puff pastry with a variety of fillings, Sarma – Cabbages wrapped in grape leaves, kebab – chopped meat kebab, cooked on an open fire, donadurma – a treat that is called the pulp ice cream, Balyk Emec – Fish Burger, which is prepared right in the fish markets.

What to bring from a trip

Chief souvenir – These are Eastern sweets: Rakhat-Lukum, Pakhlava and Halva. Bought sweets, of course, Turkish coffee. In Turkey, as in any eastern country, Tkut beautiful carpets. And tourists acquire products from leather and fur in Turkish shopping centers, as well as inexpensive textiles similar to the models of famous global brands.


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Rest in Turkey

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Rest in Turkey

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