Rest in Vietnam in 2021: Is it worth going to this country?

In recent years, the tourist flow from Russia in Vietnam increased markedly, and this despite the many hours of flight capable of tiring even adults. Russians do not stop and high prices for flights &# 8211; The benefits of rest are still outweigh. If you want exotic, beach holidays and elegant service &# 8211; Welcome to Vietnam, where I have been repeatedly and, I confess, never was disappointed!

Is it worth going to Vietnam?

My opinion: Definitely, it is worth it, because this country is able to give a sea of ​​classroom sensations and unforgettable impressions. In Vietnam, you can find everything you need to see the cracked tourist. Here are beautiful beaches with a wide line of the shore, and developed infrastructure, and picturesque landscapes. The service is at a decent level even in hotels with three stars. Halong Bay is a real pearl of rest. It can be satisted in one of the hotels or dissect the surface of the sea, joining some cruise.

If you go to relax in Vietnam, be sure to order local excursions. They are very exciting. Here you can see everything:

  • ancient pagodas;
  • Buddhist temples;
  • Palaces of the era of emperors;
  • exquisite mansions;
  • Picturesque parks;
  • Unique statues and much more.

There are no problems in this Asian country and with entertainment. So, in Vietnam, they love to come divers. For them here is a real space. Coral reefs, a variety of fish &# 8211; All this attracts tourists. The Vietnamese themselves belong to the Russians very friendly and loyally.

You can go to Vietnam via a ticket, and you can plan an independent trip. In the second case will have a little more difficult. If you decide to go to Vietnam yourself, plan the route in advance. Also decide what kind of transport you are going to travel.

Rest in Vietnam in 2021 is it worth going to this country

Prices in Vietnam 2021

I’ll tell you about average prices in Vietnam to be easier to navigate when planning a rest budget. Vietnam local currency &# 8211; Dong, translate them into rubles is quite simple. If you see the price, throw three scratch from it and multiply on 3. For example, 15,000 dong = 15 * 3 = 45 rubles. So prices in Vietnam in 2021:

  • The cost of the flight from Moscow to Nha Trang &# 8211; from 24,000 rubles., There and back again &# 8211; from 33 000 rubles.;
  • Dinner in a popular restaurant will cost 1500-2200 rubles.;
  • Lost in a local cafe &# 8211; from 150 rubles.;
  • Excursion to the South Islands &# 8211; from 500 rubles.;
  • Diving or trip to Dalat &# 8211; from 1000 rubles.;
  • Massage in the cabin (not at the hotel, here is more expensive) &# 8211; from 350 rubles. in an hour;
  • Accommodation in the hotel &# 8211; in the area 800-1500 rubles., But not on the first line.

For the night of the hotel 5 * near the sea will have to give from 4 500 rubles. During the day, more fashionable establishments have a price tag 2 times more expensive. But I would not be able to chase at the price &# 8211; There is a lot of decent hotels and for a very moderate fee. In the end, in the hotel you will come to only spend the night.

National Kitchen Vietnam

Vietnam a variety of cuisine. During his travel on the streets you can see a lot of shops where food is for sale. If you visit the cafe, you can be sure that you will be served fresh dishes. None of the cafes or restaurant in this country do not offer food, which remained from yesterday. I do not like Vietnam tours with power on, preferring to eat in different places, trying all new and appetizing. However, you can only solve you!

Cafes here are evening and morning. The first work from 13-14 hours and until 20-21 hours. The second is open at 6 am, and finish their work at about lunch. Food is preparing immediately after order. So nothing is stored and does not deteriorate in refrigerators. If you doubt as a meal, you can add pepper into it, which is always present on the tables. He disinfects. It is difficult to choose, but (!) consider that Vietnamese food is unusual for our stomach, so I advise you to lean on delicacies in the first days &# 8211; Risk Earn short-term digestive problems.

In Vietnam, a large number of private cafes that can be found literally at every step. Food in them is cheap. Although, of course, no difference is varied. But for a little money here you can nourish well. Tourists are often visited by such cafes.

What to wait for tourists in Vietnam in 2021? + advice

In 2021, Russians Not required visa to Vietnam &# 8211; You can enter without this document for up to 15 days. Consider what to go from the country and will not come back &# 8211; A visa-free visit is possible only if the last time you left Vietnam more than a month ago. However, we will throw formalities and let’s go to useful advice that will be accurately visible on vacation. I recommend:

  • give preference to cash &# 8211; Cards accept only restaurants and supermarkets;
  • to bargain &# 8211; price can be hit a couple of times;
  • Do not pay attention to annoying sellers, taxi drivers, guides;
  • High Prices in cafes and restaurants &# 8211; Not a symbol of quality dishes, they only indicate the level of service and location of the institution;
  • always keep values ​​in sight &# 8211; Pocket theft is still distributed;
  • If you drive in the rainy season, necessarily Take a remedy for mosquitoes, They are annoying.

What exactly will not be problems &# 8211; So it’s with hygiene, Vietnamese, in contrast to the inhabitants of India or Thailand, very reverently belong to the quality of food and water, the seats of microbes are not here.

Rest in Vietnam in 2021 &# 8211; Beautiful choice for fans of exotic and beaches. Excursions, beautiful nature and attractions are a bit diverse vacation so that the journey is guaranteed to be unforgettable. I think you will enjoy in this sunny country with a welcoming population, which refers to travelers from around the world!

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Rest in Vietnam in 2021 is it worth going to this country

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