Rest in Vietnam &# 8211; Tips for tourists how to protect against fraudsters?

Immediately it is worth noting the fact that fraudsters in this country work without the use of force, and they are more often small and, so to speak, tolerant. You can buy some thing in exorbitant price for it, pay a few dollars for an unnecessary service, overpay in the restaurant and t.D. It is in an inexpensive Vietnam from a tourist who is trying to get extra money for non-existent services, and in ingenuity to local residents are difficult to refuse. Someone quickly understands that he was deceived, and someone to this day I am sure that I could visit Vietnam and not be in the role of the victim.

How not to become a victim of deception in Vietnam?

Going to rest to any country, be extremely careful &# 8211; You fall into an unfamiliar environment, do not know local customs and traditions, you can accidentally get into the area where local residents are afraid to care. So everywhere, Vietnam &# 8211; not an exception. Observe several rules:

  • Of course, the main thing is to be attentive. Forewarned is forearmed;
  • If you notice that you are deceived, you should not be silent and dishwashed: "Well, this is just a couple of dollars". Next time maybe more. As a rule, if the tourist noticed the deception and demands a refund, he is going to meet;
  • The price must always be discussed in advance, as well as the services or the goods you will receive for this money. You can even write numbers on paper.

If you think that knowledge of English is enough to establish contact with sellers, you are waiting for disappointment &# 8211; Language barrier immediately arises from local traders, if you start demanding with them to pass it out or sniffed in deception. Although before this is quite nice talked, so my advice &# 8211; Do not give them large bills in the hands, divorced.

Most Popular Fraud in Vietnam

I repeatedly talked about the fact that Vietnamese &# 8211; The people are welcoming and hospitable, not inclined to pretend on travelers. Yes, it is so, but only in rural areas, at the tourist resorts there are reverse situations, so consider several nuances:

Rest in Vietnam; Tips for tourists how to protect against fraudsters
  • Vietnamese are very loved in restaurants or agencies when paying a card to shoot without warning a commission for a transaction, so it’s worth paying the commission before paying, whether there is a commission. Its size can reach up to 10% of the payment amount.
  • Also popular dual write-off of money from the card – follow SMS alerts!
  • Do not take pictures with something on the street. If you make photos offer persistent locals – then you will have to pay for it. Even for the passage for some bridges, enterprising Vietnamese can collect money!
  • Keep off the bills – they are often replaced, and it may well be that instead of 100,000 dongs they gave you a similar color bill at 10,000 and t.D.
  • The price for travel with a velaikash and a taxi driver is also needed to stipulate in advance. If you are going to ask about it at the exit from the car, be prepared that you will call the amount for which you could get to Cambodia. Either make sure that the taxi driver has turned on the meter when landing.
  • Parking money, public transport or for a visit to the toilet is better to give without surrender – you will most likely not give out, and they will say that the service is more expensive for foreigners.
  • Be careful during excursions – often input tickets are already included in the price, but guides may try to collect a fee once again.

In Vietnam, the scam with merchants flourishes in full swing, they love to slip bills of smaller denominations than necessary, and it becomes very difficult to prove the opposite. Many tourists even throw this idea, preferring to part with ; blood earned ;.

Tips for tourists on vacation in Vietnam &# 8211; how else to protect yourself?

So that nothing spoil rest, read in advance and a few more tips that will help adapt to Vietnam and not to be a victim of thieves, scammers, diluted:

  • Do not leave Motobike in the glide &# 8211; buried even smelting;
  • Dame bags carry in front of them, and better give up them &# 8211; often cut off;
  • Beware of motorbikers &# 8211; They love to pull things out of the hands and die into the sunset;
  • Do not take with you nothing valuable on the beach &# 8211; here and so everything is clear;
  • Discard the idea to buy something from local jewelers &# 8211; Those more charlatans;
  • Be vigilant and when traveling by public transport &# 8211; Controllers are not averse to contemporary from tourist.

Also I advise you to carefully approach the hotel’s selection to stop &# 8211; in many institutions steal, so give preference to hotels from 3 *, and very unequal places are better to go around the party so as not to nor the problems.

Horrible Vietnam &# 8211; 5 reasons do not go to rest

Well, I completely fought you by stories about thieves and fraudsters in Vietnam? In order to still thicken the paint, I will share the top 5 with the reasons why you should not go to this country, of course, provided that my arguments are meaningful for you:

  • Antisanitaria &# 8211; Vietnamese do not pay due attention to cleanliness and cleaning even in a cafe, what to say about the streets;
  • PDD is not respected &# 8211; everyone go so that it seems &# 8211; Now they will ask or tender, the police like to stop tourists even for small provinces;
  • Many insects &# 8211; The ants are found even in fashionable hotels, so do not leave food and crumbs so as not to attract living creatures;
  • On the streets too noisy &# 8211; The Vietnamese yells, signal, try to shout each other, from this, the head quickly falls ill;
  • not everywhere perfect beaches &# 8211; Weakly developed infrastructure, many garbage or tourists, good places &# 8211; in removal, here for a long time to get.

However, be that as it may, Vietnam &# 8211; This is a real paradise corner on Earth, where tourists are waiting for exotic, sea, wild beaches and a calm measured rest. Go here 100% stands, and no arguments will kill me in the fact that there is a referral of Southeast Asia. It is really a fairy tale, almost the same as Tour operators tell us in advertising booklets. The presence of thieves and deceivers &# 8211; no exception for any country. Just be on guard, watch your property, do not trust anyone and yawn less &# 8211; then exactly Vietnam will not disappoint.

Rest in Vietnam; Tips for tourists how to protect against fraudsters

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