Rest in winter in Indonesia – Weather and popular resorts

Relax from gray diverse everyday life, strong frosts or eternal slurry will be able to resorts in Indonesia.

Weather in Indonesia in winter

Winter Indonesia – Places of Resting on Beach, Beautiful Landscapes, Comfortable Weather and Gains Local Residents. At this time of the year, it will be possible to spend the unforgettable New Year holidays, without tormenting from the heat and enjoying the warm sea:

  • December – The resort is hot, and the day of the thermometer column is rarely lowered below the mark at 31 °, at night cool – up to +23, in water – about 26;
  • January – For this time, Jakarta is becoming an ideal resort, but all Indonesia is good, rest in January can be poured rains, which go briefly, the amount of precipitation is higher compared to the other months. The day is still hot – 31 °, at night – 23 °, in water +26;
  • February – Sunny days becomes a little more, swim in the sea comfortably, and on the beaches you can light up without any problems. The thermometer is unchanged – in the afternoon about 31 °, at night – 23, in water – 26.
Rest in winter in Indonesia - Weather and popular resorts

Increased humidity in Indonesia – a familiar phenomenon that does not spoil the rest of tourists. And although in the winter months, it rains often go, they bring with them the morning freshness, thanks to which nature pleases with bright colors and upholstery colors. Day at the resorts is sunny, but if you plan a night walk – it’s worth capturing an umbrella, because the rain can start unexpected.

Indonesia – Places of rest in winter

One of the most sought-after directions from tourists is Indonesia – rest in winter here promises to be unforgettable, and the choice of entertainment is limitless. The most popular resorts are:

  • Jakarta – the capital of the state that pays many mysteries. Beautiful life is right here with poor quarters, so the traveler is better to visit the southern part of the city with landmarks. Be sure to visit the Park "Mini Indonesia", visit National Museums, Taman-Sari, Jince-Yuan Temple;
  • Bali – Let the resorts of Indonesia, the rest of tourists are traditional, and Bali Island is a constant leader. In winter, it is hot here, the tourist infrastructure is flawless, and the formidable volcanoes are adjacent to gorgeous beaches;
  • Kuta – Young people who are distinguished by low prices and active nightlife. On the local beaches, excellent surfing opportunities are created, including – in the winter season;
  • Denpasar and Sanur – These resorts are well suited for family holidays, there are no noisy places here, but many temples, colorful markets and museums. In winter, travelers come here to retire, enjoy silence and measured, serene vacation.

However, you can visit other resorts that are rich in Indonesia. Holidays in winter here will be like everyone, if you choose the right place, take into account my wishes and the features of the local flavor.

Top 5 reasons to go to Indonesia in winter

Winter holidays in Indonesia, when at home there is no snow, and frosts do not allow for a long time to leave the house, it seems a real fairy tale and a dream. Come here want connoisseurs of beautiful, fans of magnificent nature, beach entertainment and serene rest. Reasons to visit Indonesia this winter, several:

  • Beauty wildlife – There are many places that have not yet touch the man’s hand. A popular delicious landmark is Vulcan Krakataau, as well as nearby waterfalls, Wei-Kambas National Park;
  • Surfing – It is difficult to find a country that could compete with Indonesia in terms of the development of this entertainment. Surf school famous athletes famous for the whole world. Even ineptly people experienced instructors put on a board for several classes, which, by the way, are held in Russian;
  • Flawless beaches – snow-white sand, crystal clear water, breathtaking landscapes, opening from the coastal zone – Indonesia loved to tourists precisely for this. Beaches of Lombok and Seminyak on Bali are considered the best places for romantic rest. Divers prefer to visit the beach ampat in Raja, and wildlife fans on the island of Vacatobi;
  • For a trip, you do not need a visa
  • Local temples I am impressive and enchant even visiting travelers – and although in the first place is most popular, still beach holidays, it is worth dedicate at least a day to inspect the religious and architectural attractions of the country. And one more – on the inspection of natural beauty and islands.

For winter holidays, Indonesia is ideal – rest in January or February will be held unforgettable, it will be saturated, and at prices – affordable. If you want to relax on the beach, enjoy silence, calm, or, on the contrary, noisy rest, the local resorts have something to offer.

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