Rest on a million: favorite resorts of the richest people in the world

Below is a list of the most favorite resorts of millionaires, politicians, Stars of Hollywood – those whose names are found in the lists of the richest people in the world.

Caribbean (Caribbean)

«Millionaire Islands» – Such a name today firmly fixed the caribbeans. And not enough, because it is one of the favorite places for resting rich. Sometime in these places Millionaires love to buy, build luxury villas or small bungalows for enjoying silence and nature. Today, most of the rich tourists prefer simply come here to relax. However, the prestige of the islands did not become below.


The main island has relatively small sizes. Its area is only 21 square meters. KM. However, he once visited the world famous banker Rockefeller. He elevated here hunting «house» unimaginable sizes performed in the Norman style. Here the billionaire came regularly for rest.

Next owner «Piece of land» On the island there was a competitor banker – Rothschild. It followed the whole chain of purchases of land plots on Saint-Bartelemi. Rose and the number of millionaire tourists who just wanted to relax in these places. The most frequent guests of the exotic place are representatives of the Ford family, Russian oligarchs, in particular Abramovich.

Here sometimes a prince of Monaco appears with his retinue. To famous guests it is convenient to get to the island on their own yachts, a gorgeous marina is equipped here.

Antigua and Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda)

Another popular among millionaires is the island state of Antigua and Barbuda. Not so long ago, he was inconspicuous. There were no crowds of tourists and did not bother the mansions rich people did not borrow. But soon the situation has changed dramatically. The island is landscaped, he transformed, his nature sowed new paints and many places appeared for a comfortable and interesting holiday. Today is the island love to visit Celabriti – Timothy Dalton, Oprah Winfri, Giorgio Armani.


Nember – one of the smallest «Slices» Sushi in the Caribbean, is part of the British Virgin Islands. Its length is 1.2 km, and the width – 200 M. The island has owner. This is a famous billionander Richard Branson.

It was he who once began to breed here the unique Flamingo birds, which today are the main highlight of this place. Various creative personalities are often coming to enjoy local beauties, including Meraia Keri and Opra Winfrey.

Mustic (Mustique)

This island is part of the Archipelago and Island State of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Previously, there was an exceptionally royal family. It was a place for their privacy and relaxation. The fact is that nature in this part of the world amazes saturation. The whole island is seated by forests, through which it is difficult to get to getting up and it is impossible to consider anything. Nic «unnecessary eyes» It’s not worth waiting.

Soon, the vendensious people chose another place for relaxing, having ceased to visit Musyik, But he quickly found new adherents. They became David Bowie and Mick Jager. They are observed on this island almost every summer.

Saint Lucia (Saint Lucia)

This island state is located in the eastern part of the Caribbean. It was a favorite holiday location famous singer Amy Winehouse. Often here you can see TV presenter Vanessas Lashe together with my husband singer nickname.

One of the raisins of recreation at Saint Lucia resorts is that the use of televisions and other techniques is not welcome. So they come here those who want to completely retire, distract from the outside world, enjoy freedom and immerse themselves.


Jamaica has already attracted a very long time to his resorts of stars and millionaires. Here is unique nature and many interesting places to visit. However, guests often manit another – Movement of Rastafari, which provides for the use of marijuana in rules. That is why Jamaica is often ahead of other islands in terms of the number of tourists, and also hesitates in the songs in the style of Rggie.

Among the frequent guests on the island, such personalities can be noted like Naomi Campbell, Gwen Stephanie, Christina Aguilera and Spike Lee. In addition, Jamaica is home to some celebrities, the most famous of which is Bob Marley.


This name is assigned to a unique place in France. On the coast, you can truly enjoy the delights of the sea, sunset, unique nature. Here are bright turquoise waves, snow-white sand. The whole shore is seated in incredible beauty with flowers.

Rest on a million favorite resorts of the richest people in the world

In addition to the landscapes, everything is necessary for the tourist, – Many entertainment and resting places. Especially the coast love millionaires from European countries, they can visit it at any convenient moment, on a private aircraft in a couple of hours.

Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo)

This place can be rightfully called the city of luxury. Everything glitters and shines, air is saturated with wealth and chic. Do not take place and fun – Here are common space for gambling. And not in vain, because the oldest casino operating in Europe is placed here.

Saint-Tropez (Saint-Tropez)

This small town in the south-east of France in the Provence region – Alps – Cote d’Azur is a sought-after resort among millionaires. He striking the number of places to relax, which accommodated its territory. These hotels, cafes, restaurants and many nightclubs for all tastes.

Everything is done here in such a way as to increase the number of institutions where you can quickly spend money. Especially this place is loved by Russian oligarchs. They often arrange noisy and grand parties.

Dubai (Dubai)

United Arab Emirates – Favorite holiday destination Million people with great prosperity. Once here, you can enjoy a real fairy tale – Luxury hotels affecting design and equipping. They are equipped according to the principle «Smart home», Their guests get a personal butler, parking for helicopters, private beach and many privileges.

Here the tourist will not have to worry about anything. If he wants to spend his holidays in placenta in millions, he will receive long-awaited attention. But if his goal – Calm secluded rest, everyone here will do everything so that no soul disturbs him.

Greenland (Greenland)

It would seem that this place can not be called extremely popular. Rest here is expensive, but few of the rich chooses it. However, the person prefers to relax in Greenland, once the leading Forbes, and now occupies the second line, – Bill Gates. On the snowy island, it will prevent meditation and relaxation from everyday rich life.

This is not a complete list of places that love to visit millionaires and billionaires from different countries. Tastes are rich are strange, as well as favorite resorts.

Rest on a million favorite resorts of the richest people in the world

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