Rest on Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands Lying B South Atlantic, At a distance near 500 km from South America. They consist of two main and several hundred minor Islands.

It is believed that for the first time the Europeans saw the archipelago in 1592, But the first landing on the islands took place almost through 100 years – in 1690. The first settlement was founded by the French only in 1764. Since then, the islands served as the subject of territorial disputes &# 8211; first between England and Spain, And later between Great Britain and Argentina. Last 200 years Islands are under British Control.

In April 1982 of the year Great Britain and Argentina The open conflict began. Argentina landed his landing on the islands, and after 7 weeks the British delivered here his expeditionary forces here. After 2 months, the Argentines were forced to surrender. But to this day, the country’s government replacing each other continue to qualify for sovereignty over the archipelago.

A hilly landscape with swamps and rocks prevails on the islands of the archipelago. Found here peat, Because of which prolonged fires often happen. Deeply rugged coast provides good natural harbor. The highest point on the islands – Mount Usborn Height 705 meters, Named in honor Assistant Darwin.

Climate on Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands are in the zone Moderate climate. Often here blows strong western winds. The southeastern part of the archipelago receives much more precipitation than the remote Western Islands. It’s pretty cool here: the average annual temperature is approximately +5-6c, Changes from +9С in the summer months (January and February) and to + 2s In winter (June – July). In winter, it is often snowing, although it is quite quickly melting.

Economy of Falkland Islands

The basis of the island economy today is Fishing and issuing licenses Foreign fishing vessels. In addition, the islands export High quality wool. Annually increases the number of tourists, mainly due to passengers of cruise ships.

On the islands lives approximately 3000 people, Moreover 2000 They live in "Capital" archipelago – Stanley.

Residents Gather in Stanley, Falkland Islands on Monday, During A Referendum Intended to SHOW THE World That Want to Stay British Amid Increasingly Tense Relations With Argentina.


Most international flights arrive at the airport Mount Pleasant, Being also British military base. Use it only international carriers, for example, Lanchile For a weekly flight (from Santiago de Chile), Rio Gallegos (from Argentina) and British company Royal Air Force. Most arriving must have Visa, as well as a ticket for reverse flight and evidence of living and necessary money. This does not concern passengers of cruises – during the day they can go ashore, and should sleep on the ship.

Rest on Falkland Islands

Better time to visit Falkland archipelago Called period C November to Mart. Tourists come here to see their richest nature, the preservation of which here is very worried. Falkland islands inhabited by numerous birds and types of marine animals. Several species live here penguins and albatrosov, ducks, geese, hawks, falcons, dolphins, whales and sea pigs.


Opportunities for active rest large enough – these are hiking, allowing to see the beauty of nature, look at Farm, Where the locals are engaged in sheepship, produce a variety of cheeses, products from wool. In addition, you can try yourself in rock climbing, windsurfing, make a walk on horses, go fishing and try to catch a huge tuna, play golf on endless fields. The observation of the world of birds is especially popular – excursions are organized for nestings, during which you can make many unique photos.

Lovers of history will be interested in seeing various memorials, because the Falkland Islands were the place of armed conflicts between the two powers – Argentina and United Kingdom.

Kitchen on Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands mainly prevail dishes Traditional British cuisine &# 8211; Fish and Potatoes Free (Fish and Chips), Fried beef, lamb and tea. Some Spanish influence, for example, the chops are popular here Milanese And thick broth Kasuela.

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