Rest on Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet. Until now, scientists argue about his depth. Many tourists dream of visiting this reservoir. And not in vain. Located lake on the lands of Siberia. On his shores is Many tourist bases, Each of which has its own recreation program.

Each season has their own types of rest. In the warm season, tourists attract Fishing on the lake, as well as on rivers flowing into it. Only in this region can be caught some types of fish. Also available to visit Attraction, To which in winter it is not to get. In winter, tourists are waiting for skiing Dog sledding, ski race, Nerpos observation.

Thanks to the climate, already at the end of September you can see the first snow, while in other regions there is a summer heat. Summer on Baikal Roast, which will allow all rest to enjoy sunny days.

Choosing a place

Most popular places are considered Olkhon Island, Gorychkinsk, Latvyanka, Arshan.

Latvyanka – A small village, located in an hour drive from g. Irkutsk. In the village there is a nerpinarium, visiting which can be observed for the nerves. Also on the Virtual Batiskfe, you can go down the bottom of the lake, submitting themselves to the depths researcher. In the telescope, you can consider the most remote stars, which are a great set in the sky.

Arshan We love tourists as a medical settlement. In its surroundings, you can watch breathable mud volcanoes, visit the waterfall on the river. In the village come to undergo a course of treatment with thermal waters and clay mud. These procedures help get rid of diseases of the respiratory organs, the urogenital system.

Gorychkinsk Known mineral sources. There is a resort of Goryachinsk on the territory of the village, which is famous for the effective methods of treatment of respiratory organs, spine, skin, nervous system.

Olkhon Island is the most beautiful place on Baikal. Located this island between the lake and the Small Sea. The Small Sea is a shallow strait of the lake within the National Park. Summer tourists are available relatively warm water, catamarans, fishing, hiking and cycling.

In the winter season, tourists are offered a huge selection Ski resorts, as around the lake a lot of sobes and mountains covered with snow. Similar entertainment are available both professional athletes and beginners. Experienced instructors will help master the Aza skiing, snowboarding.

Types of relaxation on the lake

Rest on Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal attracts people with their Natural monuments, amazing grotts, caves, museums. Lovers of scuba diving can fall under the water and to observe the life of the inhabitants of the depths. For visiting there are a variety of attractions. Local guides are organized by the most interesting excursions that will allow the maximum of beautiful memorable places over a short time.

Routes are built in such a way that the most famous places of the lake are captured. Available and water droplets on the heaters, allowing to appreciate the beauty of the coastal area from water. During when Baikal ships ice, visitors are offered to ride on its surface on a boat on an air cushion. Impressions unforgettable. Such an excursion will not leave anyone indifferent.

Those who wish can rent one of numerous yachts and all the journey to spend on the ship. For customers offered fishing, which is included in the rental price, cozy cabin, full nutrition. There is an opportunity to adjust to any place to choose a client. Professional team will provide complete safety.

Along the western shore, which is more gentle, can be stopped and savages. Great places to relax with children on the shore of the lake. If desired, you can rent a room, hotel room or recreation. But the best time to book housing in the spring, as it will be almost impossible to find the place of residence in the holiday season even in the most remote settlements. When choosing a rest with children, it is necessary to take into account that the time on the road to the destination will be considerable. On the lake there is a children’s camp located on Olkhone. Children are in depth of foreign languages ​​and walk tourist routes on the island.

When choosing a vacation spot on Baikal, it is advisable to book rooms at the recreation bases in advance. On the sites of rest houses posted detailed information about living conditions. There are photos with which a potential client can familiarize. It is also advisable to get acquainted with the reviews of people who have already been in one or another room.

Baikal every year attracts an increasing number of vacationers. The development of internal tourism has a positive effect on the development of rest on the most beautiful lake on the planet.

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