Rest on the sea in January 2020

January – the first month of the new year and the middle month of winter.

The first half of the month is saturated with holidays: New Year, Christmas, Old New Year. Next go more youth holidays – For example, the student’s day.

Usually January can not please good weather, it is snow or rain, cold or frost. But what to do if so want to warm? Output one – go to the sea!

Where to relax on the sea in january?

What to do when you want to sea? Take tickets and go? And where to? Options are actually many, it all depends on your goals and financial opportunities.

Conditionally beach vacation in January can be divided into several categories:

  • Asia;
  • Africa;
  • Near East;
  • Islands.

Asia is suitable for fans inexpensive exotic abroad.

There are many attractions and a lot of variety of resorts, on which everyone can find a lesson in the soul.

Most countries can not boast of cleanliness and hygiene, so it is recommended to stock hygiene in advance.

The most popular Asian direction is Thailand, then Sri Lanka and Vietnam go.

For more well-friendly tourists, holidays in Indonesia, Malaysia or Philippines are suitable.

Africa should also be sent to those who want exotic, color. However, nature here is more deserted, although there are exceptions in all rules.

Africa includes the island of Mauritius, now popularity is gaining Tanzania and its island Zanzibar, and South Africa and Morocco are considered to be a classic African direction.

Middle East is the world of luxury and wealth. The main Middle Eastern Direction is United Arab Emirates.

The country looks like a mirage in the desert, sheikh dreams to be the best in everything, so the most expensive hotels in the world, the highest and most unusual buildings are built here.

Islands can be both in Indian and in the Atlantic Ocean. It can also be the islands located in the Caribbean, for example:

  • On the caribilities of tourists attracts Dominican, Next comes Cuba, Jamaica and Saint-Martin.
  • In the Indian Ocean, the most popular islands are Maldives and Seychelles. The first are a paradise place for the honeymoon, it is necessary to come here in order to enjoy each other’s society. Sights There are no, actually like entertainment. On Seychelles there are something to do, there are live giant land turtles here, there are natural bays and reserves. It is noteworthy, however, the Matriarchate reigns in the Seychelles.

From the Snow Kingdom to Sea Paradise

Going out in January at sea, it should be remembered that you are leaving a snow country in warm countries. Accordingly, the climate change and the acclimatization period awaits you.

Before traveling, it is recommended to learn how you will board the aircraft:

  • In cases where landing on board is carried out through the sleeve, It is recommended to pack your winter things in advance in a suitcase, and the plane is sitting in a spring dressed.
  • If you drive you to Skybas, it is recommended to take a package or some bag where you put your warm things.

In addition to the upper clothes, you should take care in advance about shoes.

For example, in Emirates, Mexico or Sri Lanka at the end of December ; January air temperature about 25-30 degrees. Respectively, on arrival you will be very hot, and you fly in very warm boots on the aircraft in very warm boots.

Issue tourist medical insurance

Holidays on marine and ocean beaches

Rest in January to the sea – this is not only bathing, but also lying on the beaches. Depending on your preferences, it is worth choosing which beach vacation interests you.

It is worth understanding that, depending on a particular resort, countries and the region you can expect absolutely different beaches. For example, Sri Lanka is the ocean coast, but not all local beaches you will be able to sunbathe and buy.

One of the best beaches of the world – Unawatuna Located in Sri Lanka, water in the Bay of Turquoise, Sand Golden, however, a strong current that prevents bother.

Most of the beaches on the Caribbean islands are covered with white sand, and local coastal waters boast rich flora and fauna.

Where better to rest with a child abroad?

Holidays with a child in January at sea – this is a difficult question. Countries where enough short flight can not offer the warm sea and high air temperature.

Therefore, one option should be considered as:

  • Dominican;
  • Thailand;
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Rest on the sea in January 2020
  • Almost all Dominican Republic hotels operate on the concept of "all inclusive". The territory of hotels is large enough, some of them have their own water park.
  • If we talk about Thailand, that is, it makes sense to pay attention to the local islands, Where will be the clean sea and a higher level of service. From the entertainment that exist in the country for children is a variety of entertainment parks, monkey island and elephant show.
  • Sri Lanka is a place for animal lovers. Virtually the territory of all hotels live bugs, which are very familiar with children, they can be fed with nuts.
  • Arriving on Ceylon should go to Pinavel, To ride in elephants, it also has the opportunity to feed these animals. There are parks on the island, in which monkeys, exotic birds and other rare animals can be seen.

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And where the most affordable prices?

Over the years in January, it was cheaper to relax in Egypt, this year was an exception.

Many tour operators revised priorities and in certain events new, relatively budgetary priorities were formed:

  • Sri Lanka;
  • Vietnam;
  • Thailand.

Winter holidays for "cool" tourists

Previously it was believed that only wealthy people can rest on the sea.

Times change, there are relatively available directions, and this world’s strengths find themselves new opportunities for recreation.

Where are the secured people on vacation:

  • Dubai (UAE);
  • Seychelles;
  • Caribs;
  • Mauritius;
  • Maldives;
  • Indonesia.

Dubai leader becomes leader. After all, it was in January that a great sale season takes place, during which fashion and fashionista storm all shopping centers and boutiques.

The truth should be understood that Dubyski sales – this is a relative thing, the prices are high here even with discounts. The bulk of tourists is resting on a palm island or in hotels in the area of ​​Jumeira.

Following the oaks go a variety of islands. Seychelles, Mauritius and Maldives prefer romantic and solitude lovers.

In Indonesia, those who, in addition to the beach recreation, are interesting to the local history in combination with an unusually interesting culture and exoticism of Asia.

Caribbean Islands can also offer to their tourists:

  • Cuba is known due to its colors;
  • Jamaica manits reggae rhythms;
  • Dominican Republic is famous for beaches with snow-white sand;
  • Saint Martin is considered a place to rest VIP tourists.

Island exotic in the middle of winter

January is the perfect time to relax on the islands.

Some of the most popular islands are Thailand Islands.

Next comes Ceylon, better known to us as Sri Lanka.

From romantic seats should be noted Mauritius, Seychelles Maldives. As well as the islands of the Caribbean: Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica.

African adventures

Recently, tourists pay attention to new directions, one of which is Africa.

African tourist countries include:

  • Egypt;
  • Morocco;
  • Tanzania;
  • Mauritius;
  • South Africa.
  • Egypt – the cheapest winter direction. This comes here with the purpose of diving, snorkeling and inspection of local attractions.
  • Morocco – Colorite direction. It combines elements of the East and Africa, as well as European service. Marrakesh and Casablanca are rich in the sights, there is a beautiful architecture, the inner decoration of hotels and houses is just amazing.
  • Tanzania and South Africa is classical Africa. Here, tourists can offer real African safari. In Tanzania, both the mainland and the island of Zanzibar are coming.
  • The more luxury African direction is the island of Mauritius, Located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. The islands can be attributed to the Islands of the Indian Ocean, however, in most guidebooks, it belongs to the African direction.

Generous and Comfortable Middle East

Middle East in winter is represented by several countries:

  • UAE;
  • Jordan;
  • Israel.
  1. The main and most popular destination are of course the United Arab Emirates. This country can offer the most comfortable conditions for your holiday. However, it should be understood that the luxury is expensive, as well as rest in one of the Emirates. The cost of a ticket for two may not be too high. However, optional We will have to pay for a visa . In some emirates there is still a tourist accommodation tax, the size of which depends on the hotel’s stars. Expenses on the territory of the country are also rather big. Food is very expensive, similar situation with trips, entertainment and shopping.
  2. The second direction of the Middle East is Jordan. A country with a rich historical heritage and weight attractions, most of which are religious. Holidays in Jordan is represented by both the Red Sea – Aqaba and the resorts located on the shores of the Dead Sea.
  3. Third Direction is Israel. True, the otds to the sea here in winter is not the subjective. On the shore of the Mediterranean Sea at this time of the year is cold enough, although people come here to breathe fresh air. More popular to relax in Eilat, which is located on the shores of the Red Sea, the last direction – the resorts of the metering sea.
  4. There is another rest direction in the Middle East – these are cruises. However, this direction is just beginning to gain momentum and is not so popular among our compatriots.

On the shores of Thailand

Long period of time Thailand is considered a classic Asian direction.

Here, tourists have the opportunity to see a mass of sights, to eat delicious fruits, as well as sense the free morals of this country.

Pattaya considered the center of Thai life. Here the streets there are a lot of transvestites and other people who are interested in the charms of nightlife.

In the heart of the ocean

Another place where it is good to relax in January, there will be a variety of islands located in one of the world’s oceans.

For example, Philippines annually attract freelancers coming here to wintering.

Seychelles and Mauritius are in the Indian Ocean. In January there is warm, shining sunshine and there is a lot of opportunities for a good rest.

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