Rest on the sea in November. Dominican Republic

Republic of Dominican Located in the East Islands Haiti, Which is washed Atlantic Ocean with Caribbean Sea. The name country received from Palm trees, in the middle of which is a green peak. Local residents are proud of this attraction. Airport in Dominican Republic is open from all sides. As long as visas, passengers admire local beauties. The coast occupies five-star hotels, drowning in greenery, where Peacocks and Flamingo are walking.

Honeymoon in Punta Cana Dominican Republic

November weather

The tourist season in Dominican Republic opens in November. Rains, hurricanes go. Rest prices rise. Temperature day 27-31 ° C. Do not stand unbearable heat, air humidity levels.

Lovers of waves

Many rains in Puerto Plata, Cap-Cana, La Roman, Punta Kane. And in general, the weather on the Atlantic coast is often overcast.
In November, there is a tropical winter on the island. The difference in temperatures at night and day is 10 ° C, it goes down to 21 ° C. Tourists take warm things on the trip.
This time for surficists. The wave height reaches 3-6 m. Not far from the airport, in 15 minutes of the way, there is a small town of Cabarete. In the first half of the day, the waves are small here, you can swim, in the second – surfing.
Not far from Cabarete is a young ell choco reserve. With the help of a guide you can get to the caves with underground pools.
Despite the sky tighted by clouds, it is necessary to use sunscreen. The sun here is cunning and burning in its apparent absence. The weather on the island has a sudden start and ending rain.

Beach rest

Sunny weather stands on south coast of the Caribbean. Water temperature 27-29 ° C. Children like smoking on small waves. This place in November is suitable for family holidays.
Shallow beaches and low prices will delight families with Children at the resort in Boca Chik. And here you can do diving and yachting.


  • November opens in November Flower festival, which amazes the beauty of orchids.
  • Rest on the sea in November. Dominican Republic
  • The day of the Constitution Dominicans celebrate November 6. This holiday buffet breaks from all sorts of yoke. In hotels are held concerts, contests.

Paradise travel to Sana Island

This excursion is the most beloved and popular among tourists. On the way you can walk to the city Artists Altos, wander around the streets, visit the amphitheater for 5000 places in the open sky. In the city fountain throw a peso, make sure desires. Artists live here, who for free holidays give the city 1 or 2 of their paintings.
The bus is lucky tourists to the bay, in shallow water. Transparent water reaches only a belt. Offers boats local rum with cola. In two hours of tourists will be taken to the island Saon. Here you will have a sun bed and a bar. Offer lobs and pineapples, inside which mixed with alcohol. On the beach, prices for crayfish increase by 2-3 times, so it is more profitable to include a purchase in the cost of a ticket.
On Saon is a waterfall. It is believed to be at the water in the water of El Lemon, will be rich.
On the way back, tourists are brought to shallow water, they give out flippers and a circle that put on the waist. Under water travelers, they meet the statues of the Inca, surrounded by algae, fish flocks. Bay with marine stars is waiting for tourists at another stop. While traveling by sea, things are better to keep in waterproof bags.

Flights and Sayimiri

Favorite children’s excursion – Monkey Land. 2 trips are combined in it: on Zip Lines and to monkeys. Children over 7 years old are allowed to the cable car.

  • Employees issue travelers equipment and hard hat. At the end offer an attraction of free fall.
  • Then lunch. Show how natural coffee is cooking how vanilla grows.
  • Only healthy people allow monkeys. With temperature and runny nose input is prohibited.

SIMIRI (monkeys) – Friendly and sociable, weigh about 800 grams. Beliche monkeys love to grasp head, shoulders or hands of people. Animals can even be treated with delicacy.

November holiday in Dominican Republic suits people with pulmonary, heart, vascular diseases. Well feel asthms and allergies.

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